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What is PPC ? – Key Elements Needed to Bank Affiliate Commissions

What is PPC (pay per click) Advertising?

What is PPC?

PPC or Pay per Click is one of the finest advertising systems offered by the search Engine. In this process, the advertisers pay for every click of the advert. Pay per Click adverts can be demonstrated on the pages of search engine results and also on the content websites. It is now the fastest growing segments in the world of advertising that includes online or the traditional media both. For the functioning of PPC advertising, PPC management is quite essential now. It is now really important to determine first to pick up the right PPC campaign management program that suits the advertiser’s criteria.

PPC campaign management and its necessities

PPC campaign management optimizes numerous options for accurate management of a system of PPC advertising. A huge number of agencies and organizations are specializing in this specific sector and they offer strategic tips and guidance for useful management of PPC campaign. They provide comprehensive campaign management program to secure a high return on every investment and saves the costs too. Not only has that, these types of programs cover the several PPC advertising models and support the small search engines.

what is ppc - pay per click advertising

PPC management includes formulating the affiliated programs of PPC and PPC banners creation by ensuring the enhanced sign ups and click through rates. PPC management guarantees a huge number of visitors to the particular website of the advertiser at the per click lowest possible rate. This entire method is done by the terms of listing that suited perfectly with the products and services that offered by that advertiser. It also allied to enhance the conversion ratio by converting the traffic into paying customers for the advertiser’s site by creating the landing pages to sell.

Management Campaigning for PPC is also very important as it analyzes the advertiser’s website for the purposes of usability related matters and suggests some effective tips and changes to form a customized script of PPC. It also eliminates the participation of the site in the war of keyword bidding with other competitors.

Generally, the advertiser advised for a good research about PPC advertising campaign before having the service from any trusted and specialized organization. The Internet and the solution for any quires are now very prominent and various websites offer decrypted, detailed and necessary information about that services. This is actually a trusted and more convenient way to know more about the PPC campaign management service that you actually need before hiring one for your requirement.

PPC advertisements

PPC adverts mostly exhibited the top position, bottom or at the right-hand side of SERPs. The position of the advert on a page is determined by the bidding system only.

War of bidding

Your position will determine according to the bidding money that you have invested, higher money means higher position. But this is not true for all the search engines, some of the search engines consider some other factors to give the rank of adverts. most popular search engines of today use the “quality score” that consider the CTR or the click through rate and also the ad text relevance to both the landing page of the website and the key words of course. Your quality score can determine your CPC or the cost per click too.  If your landing page and advert is not relevant you have to pay more to have your top position at the display section.

What is PPC - Bidding

There also the bidding price for the keyword that very much variable most of the time. General two words keywords such as “car rental” are quite expensive and that helps you to gather more impression than the phrases of keywords like, “cheap rental car in the USA’. More and more companies are now adopting the PPC marketing and so the prices of keyword bidding are increasing high. Now the advert positioning is also becoming more difficult and competitive. It is very much important to focus more on your specific budget to attract right traffic to your website by creating a good PPC strategy.

PPC strategy:

Initial programs

To run your PPC campaign properly you need to consider some important points but consider outlining your strategies first before going to jump in the sea.

Strategies of PPC campaigning, initial planning

To run your PPC campaign successfully, you need to outline your strategy first by outlining all the important matter that boost up your campaign.

Before starting the campaign research more like other marketing implementation. Go for a complete offline and online analysis of the business and the current demand and growth in the industry with your customer demographics. With considering all, know more about the strong and weak points of your competitors too. Market analyzing is very much important to set up your own brand, your own identity and a unique and apparent selling point.

Classify you goal firsts

What you actually want to achieve through your PPC campaign? Draw that first. The golden rule of PPC campaign is just defining your goal first. You can increase the awareness of your site or can attract more people to it. In many cases, the adverts focused more on delivering the conversions with a process of inquiry form fill up or by purchasing a particular product.

If your aim is to make some money from your PPC campaign as most of the people do that actually you need to follow different pathways to get best of returns from your investment. You can also increase your profit with a right PPC program.  There must be many reasons but you have to choose your one. Getting the top most position for branding or for a specific keyword and having a good ROI at a time is not possible always.

How do PPC and SEO work together?

There actually so many diverse views on the topic that how SEO and PPC can work together for lots of benefits.

PPC and SEO Together

Running the PPC campaign

  • Once you have decided your goal, you need to choose your process to run your campaign successfully by considering such things:
  • Create a right structure for your campaign to ensure that your stats and budgets are focused correctly. That must be according to products, brands or may be the specific geographical markets.
  • Select the keywords carefully that contains a proper balance of relevance and cost and also keep in mind your SEO keyword selection while you are working on the matter.
  • Another important part of your campaign is ad wording, which is very much needed to communicate with the right market and add as many valuable details about your offers with few characters but in a smart way.
  • Now come to the key factor of the strategy, landing pages. This is majorly important to create a good impression to the customers that they have got the right things what they were actually looking for. Landing pages are important to bring more traffic to your site.
  • Last but not the least of this phase is tracking that to ensure that what your customers are thinking about your site and also the movements of the clients. As you have paid for every click so you have the right to know the reason even if a customer exits from the site without converting. Tracking process can give you a glimpse of interesting insights of the customers.

Testing and the optimizing phase

After finishing your campaign settings and tracking, you need to move forward for the vital point of your PPC strategy, which are the phases of testing and optimizing.

Proper management of keywords

At first pick up the priority keywords that convert best to spend time and budget on it. Take a second look at it and if you haven’t explained about the service and your site in the landing pages or advert add more precise points there too. You need to make sure that your advert is displaying for the relevant searches only by the keywords matching.

Advertisement management

Test your adverts properly. Test the wording, tone, structure, display URLs and also your offer details. It is quite necessary to test the conversion rate and the click through rate as these are valuable to enhance the performance of your campaign. This is also a proven way to see that you meeting the expectations of the customers that created by your adverts.

Management of landing page

A small change in your landing page can make big difference for the profit of your campaign. Landing pages are the most important part of your PPC campaign. There are many valuable rules of landing page designing such as:

Design your landing page with keeping the customer’s requirements in mind, what most of the people searched for.


Consult your sales team and cover all the important information that generally a customer needs to know.

If you got enough traffic use the split test and keep the changing method for testing.

This process can keep going with a font change, color change, theme change etc. It is always recommended to do your changes by looking through the customer’s eyes. If you are not well experienced and hands on to create a brilliant design, ask for some expert help. Hire a professional to design your landing page.

Campaign management

Research on PPC Keyword can provide good insight in finding some new ways to market or package your product. For example, if you are running a guest house in New York, you need to see through the keywords research of course as most of the people looking for working stay in New York or honeymoons in New York, so you can offer a romantic and nice honeymoon packages for them along thus you are expanding your specific products.

Advantages of PPC over other mediums

The process is known as Pay per click because you need to pay while someone clicks on your specific adverts. There also the chances that the people who click on your advert, those are interested in your relevant advertising. So here you don’t need to compromise with the marketing budget for advertising because you don’t need to pay for the people who are not interested in your advertising, like the other mediums.

You need to spend according to your budget

In PPC campaigning you just need to pay the amount as per your budget. PPC is actually very cheap and affordable to set up. You can design your budget first that how much you are willing to pay and make the changes immediately if you decide that your journey is going right or vice versa.

Target setting

Set your target audience and don’t put the advert out there for everybody to view. Give your customers a chance to looking for you by searching with the keywords into the search bar. PPC marketing can be targeted to certain countries, languages, region of a country and even on a time of a day or places specifically.


Never set something as too niche or too small

There is no specific limit of your budget for the purpose so the PPC marketing is available for smaller businesses too. You can target specific keywords or location even the niche targeted business can help you to find potential customers for your business.

Fast set up to get immediate results

PPC is more effective as it can set up very fast and can deliver measurable sales or business statistics very fast even within a day, while SEO takes a long time to show the potential results. PPC is ideal for seasonal promotions or the short term promotion.

Accuracy for tracking

Within a little lag time, PPC marketing can be accurately tracked. You can define that which keywords are more cost effective to bring you more conversations. You can easily track that how much money every keyword brought in and properly work out the ROI. By these statistics, you can focus more on your own strategy and can optimize the PPC campaign to bring a higher level of ROI.

These are your ways to reach your goals for PPC campaigning, logical and simple. Most of the individuals like to do it themselves but if you are not ready for that, you can hire a professional. It is always a wise idea to hire a professional as it doesn’t cost much and help you to figure out all the PPC campaign program accurately even within your required time.

What is better for marketing, PPC or SEO?

  • Online marketing, the term boomed now in the arena of internet. That triggers a hottest battle on whether to use the SEO or the PPC. These two are equally popular now but has different terms of use. Both of them play the vital part in the renowned search engines. As we talk about the effectiveness, SEO can convert 25% of click through rate than the PPC.
  • Though it completely depends on you whether you choose the SEO or the PPC for your marketing strategy. Both of them can bring more hits for your site. But before choosing one it is always advisable to choose one after complete research and understand both of the strategies. PPC comes as a form of the banner for advertising where the site listed by using the chosen keywords. These types of campaigns are projected to get the click through rate that needed basically to switch into sales. Many of the people prefer the PPC as it works best as a marketing strategy for them.
  • On another hand, SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is a very much preferable strategy for many internet marketers to optimize their website. It is also most known one. For an SEO specialist, exposing the website on the first pages of major search engines is really very important. To get top rank, they use more relevant keywords that searched often in major search engine. For the internet marketers work on the SEO format is much easier than the PPC.

Basic differences of PPC and SEO

Pay per click or PPC involves paying for advertising. You need to pay a certain fee for per click that sent to your site. It can engage an investment that can be gamble also. It can be a big money matter for you if you want to learn the process of effective advertising through PPC.  But that doesn’t mean to dissuade you from trying the method.  There are the PPC experts, who are always ready to help you out and they can help you to maximize the potential for your site with minimum investment.



SEO involves more on designing a website instead of paying for specific traffic and following some actions to attract the organic traffic. That organic traffic arrives via keyword search process and is aimed at your website. For most of the website owners, it is one of the best processes because you can do it without paying anything for per visitor. Successful SEO is not always free, it seems like a striking proposition over PPC basis but to get success in SEO you may need to create an investment for tools and resources. You can also go for the professional assistance that can help you to determine a certain approach and to compete against your competitor’s striving. By this way, you can win the attention of the search engines. SEO is actually more competitive business than PPC that requires more efforts and time. But if you touched the success milestones with SEO, it can give you a lot of bangs certainly for the buck.

Potentially potent combo: PPC And SEO

  • Smart website owners of today are very smart they use both the methods PPC and SEO to get great results. These both processes can complement each another and can boost the efficacy of each another also.
  • SEO can drive the success up of PPC campaign. To determine your fees on the PPC Google calculated the elements of a website. If there any reverse standpoint, organic listing gets more awareness than PPC ads often on the result page of the search engine. Having the both method can aid you to dominate the page according to the terms to get the required rank. This could enhance the traffic, online exposure and success rate all.
  • Navigating in the adobe of SEO and PPC can be sometimes dizzying. There actually a number of things to learn and people make lots of mistakes at the starting point. For your own journey, it could be a long road. It is always better to go for the experts of SEO Company and you can also prove your smartness by hiring a PPC consultant.
  • There also the consultancy firms, that offers both of the services at a time. If you have both of marketing policy you will get a phenomenal return of course.
  • The debate about which one is more effective and better between SEO and PPC is still ongoing. In a nutshell, both the SEO and PPC are very much important and very effective in their relevant targets and campaigns. The only vital point is how to use and when to use.

Promoting ascription

The recent studies have proved and points towards the collaboration of two different advertising channels. This is not a noteworthy method at all but the effect is inventive. The advertisers check only the ascription nothing more than that.

Effect on the display

Almost all the advertisers and the agencies measure the campaign on the conventional process of ROI or CTR.  Low rates CTR of the ads makes the advertisers suspicious.

Conversion of View through received more positive comments generally by trusted agencies. These initially seem very good and did not resolve the ascription’s issues. There also some new additional administrations like Vizu that go past clicks and provide a measurable lift on a brand that focused on the display fight.

Apparatuses and studies have given multi channel knowledge into the conversion and that will help the sponsors to get over the old fashioned and traditional attainments measurements and create the budget presentation more effective.

Effect on the search

Convincing the promoters about a relationship between the search query and the display is just the beginning. Promoter’s reaction matter here the most.

The major thing that everyone concern most is the search is coveting more volume or not.


Reasons for hiring a professional for PPC

Managing and building the PPC campaign for your website accurately is not at all an easy process to execute. Employing proper planning and right techniques is more than essential to run a successful PPC campaign. Even if your aim is to build up your in-house PPC management, you need to give attention on plenty of things. For instance not only you need to pay attention to the keyword selection but there also lots of thing like you need to write the persuasive ad copies, need to create target ad audience or ad group, optimizing the landing page, creating the destination URLs, conversation tracking, bidding of keywords and much more.

By hiring a professional PPC consultant for managing the PPC campaign of your website you will make sure that the entire task is done professionally and also in a right way.

Here are some benefits of hiring the professional for the relevant tasks:

To get rid of the headache of campaigning

While you are hiring a PPC consultant, you can get a relief from all the headache of PPC campaign management, because they take the entire responsibilities from you. they are the experts of this sector and experienced, so they can take care all the things properly with their master skills. They are aware of their responsibilities and focus more on the PPC campaign to extract the maximum value from it.

They come with knowledge, expertise, and experience and industry exposure

These expert professionals are more attentive about the latest industry developments and tools to make your PPC campaign more trendy and effective. So you don’t need to spend longer time to learn the PPC or finding the latest information on the industry trends. There are actually always changes in this sector and the professional PPC consultants dedicate their valuable time and patience to learn the new developments and changes in the industry.

Budget controlling

For an SMB owner, it is more difficult to take time for PPC while they are running their business, whether it is large, medium or small sized business, all have some fixed budget and limitations that they are allocated for the advertising or the marketing needs. A professional PPC consultant has the ability to deliver best ever result in their given budget. With their skill and experience, they set up their own options that fit best within the budget and the objectives of a business and provide quality service at a time.

Commit fewer mistakes

Their talent, skill, and specialization in this particular field prevent them to commit any mistakes. They are actually very much focused on the sector and as they work with lots of experience to work in an organization there are rare chances of mistakes. You can hire an in house consultant only for your firm more accuracy or can go for the out sourcing, but the result will remain same. PPC experts specialize in their particular area and learn a lot from every mistake and avoid those further.

Give you a better result

Every business tries to stay on top of competition by navigation- an SMB with expertise, talented and skilled in PPC will stay on top always. This fact is also true for in house professional or the PPC consultants.

The competition is growing this entire sector with each passing hour or day. Every business now keeps their own website and they always want to get an edge over the competitors in the market. You can choose the option according to your budget but with the help of a professional you will get a better business or better revenue of course and you will have the edge with a positive result.

Knowledge on measurement tools and evaluates the PPC campaign

Professional and experts PPC consultants have the useful tools to execute their tasks and to better manage their campaign for higher out come.  They work with the exclusive measurement tools to measure the different behaviors of the website’s visitors such as where they coming from, how much time they have spent on the page, they have landed on which page and so on. Professional consultants also determine the revenue of total sales that generated from a successful campaign.

Measuring PPC Success

There actually many software firms that offer the PPC service work very hard in a smarter way to make a business better with the help of PPC campaign. They allow for more and better information, simple monitoring and also expand the abilities of a PPC expert. However, there are many tools that need to analyze to be the best tool in the market and you need to pay certain money for the tools. The PPC experts make the tools cost effective by sharing the cost with various clients in a smarter way.

Saves the time and efforts of the SMB owners

Managing the PPC campaign is not at all an easy task, it requires more concentration and attention on every detail to get the best return from it. You also need to have the capability to adapt the changing conditions and also the time and ability to analyze the performances of the campaign. Doing it on your own can cause more effort and time for you especially if you are not experienced in this area. So it may shift your focus from the core activities of your business, which is your major concern here.

But if you hire a professional, you can give your entire headache about the PPC campaign to them and you can concentrate more on the other sectors of the business. Hiring a professional is also very beneficial to gather more traffic and bring more potential customers for you. But to hire a responsible and capable consultant for your PPC campaign you need to do more research as there are lots of organizations or firms are available in the market but all of them are not up to the mark. Verify the credentials of your PPC expert before awarding your project to them.

The purpose of PPC advertising

PPC advertising is a new light to get fast responses from the traffics; it is a proven method for the e-commerce sites to get more success in minimum time. But many of the business can’t depend solely on the PPC method for advertising because the bids are quite expensive here. There also some benefits of PPC if you have performed a good campaign with the help of a capable PPC expert.

  1. If you need more return in minimum time, you can go for PPC. For the short term campaign for any new product, PPC is truly effective to generate maximum buzz within a short period of time. You can start the campaign within just 24 to 48 hours and you are always allowed here the text in the campaign mode. You can also spread your messages and motives to your clients with the process too. If your goal is to have more attention of people towards your product or service for a limited period, PPC is the best platform for you.
  2. PPC can be a great tool if you want to offer a particular service or want to sell a product immediately while they arrive at the website via SEO. You understand the method; online stores can be a great example for you. Generally, PPC offers a direct response to your relevant business.
  3. It is also a cost effective method as it provides the bargains if you are looking for the traffic in particular geographical location or highly customized key words or key phrases. For instance, if you don’t want to pay bids for the different key words on “salon services” you can bid for “salon service in the USA”, which is comparatively not very expensive.

Like the other marketing strategies, PPC also has some pros and cons, let’s discuss it.


Instant result:

There may be many companies who offer the immediate ranking in the search engine results and assure you for that. PPC is quite exceptional to the rule. Owing to the PPC ad’s nature, you will get more traffic faster than any other things even more quickly than the organic SEO process.

Don’t need to worry about the updates of Google algorithm

PPC is different from SEO as the ads of PPC never diminish with the search engines algorithm performances.

Monitoring the performance of your ad campaign

PPC advertising allows you to track and monitor the ad campaign of your website so it is very much easy for you then to know which keyword is performing well and which is not. So you can modify it or can bid for another. This facility is not possible with the SEOI marketing techniques. You are allowed on PPC to make any kind of changes into the component of ad include the target audience, keywords and so on. But with the SEO marketing, it is more a time-consuming matter.

Specified target audience

The PPC advertising can be used to target a specific audience or group of clients. Your search engine may permit you here to restrict the ads based on the language, location or other important things. If you have the facility you need to bid for higher too.

Small investment initially

Generally, the search engines don’t allege any money to go for the PPC advertisement. You don’t need to pay any additional charges to create your account for that, you will just pay when anybody clicks on your relevant ads. So initially no charges are applied here to start your marketing campaign.

Control over budget

With the PPC advertising, you have the freedom to set your own budget according to your requirement. You can set your budget as per your sales goal and you will get the top result instantly as on PPC the ranking depends on the marketing strategy on the budget.


Keyword bidding battle

You have to participate in a keyword bidding war to have your relevant keywords and there must be many competitors for the same. When various advertisers are bidding for a specific keyword, having your likewise keyword can be more precious sometimes, more costly indeed.

Pay per click

It is really difficult to run your campaign without a moderate budget as the cost of per click differs with the position and keyword. So need to pay the different cost for several clicks on your advertising.

Chances of click fraud

The major drawback of PPC campaign is clicked fraud. It generally arises while the advertisers barrage the competitors with fraud or the fake clicks from varied IP addresses. They execute these fake clicks with the hope that their competitors will be frustrated by the huge bill of advertisement and will drop their PPC ads and they will achieve all the traffic then.


What is PPC?



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