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Pure Leverage Review

Pure Leverage Review

Pure Leverage by Joel Therien Review

Pure Leverage Reviews

Product Name:  Pure Leverage
Joel Therien
Overall Rank: 
15 out of 100
Verdict:  SCAM!

Pure Leverage, like a pyramid scheme?

Like it was called as the “complete” solution everyone will want, the Pure Leverage was revealed in the market with an introductory price of about $24.95. It was less than in comparison with other MLM schemes being offered. It was just a mixture of different theories and plans.

The mentioned promising support tools and services were not complete before the product came into market. The developer Joel Therian put the product on sale and started getting payments for an incomplete work. As Pure Leverage was associated with Global Venture Opportunities, so many different initiators faced a major issue with the incomplete product. GVO is a parent company that was launched around 1999 and do business in the sector of autoresponder tools and hosting services.

GVO provides facilitation to resell their tools easily i.e. buy from them to make a further sale. The major tools they sell include a facility for video conferencing, lead capture systems, video email services and auto-responders. The basic idea behind these products are workable and do not have any negative issue. However, the network through which company makes a sale creates an unnecessary requirement of the products. They are of even less quality as compared to other in the market.

This is not the end and there are many other issues related to this structure, I will be describing in depth.

Pros vs. Cons

There are only a few better points and more negative issues related to the Pure Leverage program.


  • A complete model for the study is provided.
  • It will be not a burden on the pocket as compared to other high price programs.


  • It gives a guarantee of a 100% commission payment whereas it is limited to a certain time period and this offer can be availed by top level commissions. This is controversial in business.
  • The upselling techniques and tag lines to buy are not even 1% clear.
  • Various parts are mentioned on the list only but are not given.
  • Affiliate reviews for Pure Leverage provide fake guarantees and utter false lines expressed in annoyed ways.
  • Whenever someone tries to make a critical argument, he replies with a warning to file a suit and other actions.

In reality, the negative points are more in comparison with the positive side of the program. I am going to describe in depth so that you can get an original idea of what is the reality of Pure Leverage. You are just being used for the upselling of the program. This is just like a useless business with no benefit for the buyer.

What is the target of this scheme?

This scheme is only for those marketers who do not know the product and start selling, which is not a correct way to run a real business.

Customers are going to find it useless because these tools are not workable, it’s just like a fake product in the box of real of the real product. Some of money watchers will find the affiliate program workable without a single glimpse of the collection of poor tools. The affiliate thing is not even legit due to complex payout option.

The main “tagline” of this marketing formation is given. You should make other people join acting as an affiliate to fulfill the aim of the program. After this, they promise to make payment of 100% commissions in your account to make you fool by upsell technique. You may even get all the commission after convincing other people to join.

Let us have a look about how payment is divided:

Pure Leverage Payment Structure

From the above illustration, it is clear that the aim to make further sales of the product and form a network market. Through such ways, a fake demand is created in the marketing inspired by various MLM schemes. Their aim is also to make more sale of the product they give you, without any analysis of legitimate features of the product.

Pure Leverage issues with real featured services

Apart from a complete home tutorial guide, some other concepts and instruments are provided which should be extremely interactive

The package of Pure Leverage has these instruments also:

  • Elite Coaching Program – This is basically a marketing tactical program. In short, the whole coaching is around doing the upsell of Pure Leverage among your circle and other people. Instead of being stuck to the benefits and features of the program, the emphasis is on having more people in your network to earn handsome commission. This is the selling line of this program.
  •  Easy Lead Flow Lead Capture System – This is for the people who are lazy and not aware of developing websites. Rather this is a system which makes the operation of lead pages easy. Through this, you can get more leads. Not only this, but it includes already written convincing emails for your new sales strategy. This is only related to the marketing of a one and only program i.e. Pure Leverage.

The lead pages without any traffic are of no use. How can you even sell when you do not have customers?). There is a complete mechanism through which one can get customer traffic through a search engine, which is not included in this program. It only includes how make a network marketing campaign and make the further sale of the program.

easy lead flow pure leverage

  • Authority Blog – It offers you your own blog. The major issue with this blog is its limited focus on the marketing of Pure Leverage. It is difficult to put any other product or content from an entirely different category. So in reality the blog has no other use and worth. They are associated and will never get on top of the search engine. So one has to forget any sort of search engine optimization.

Reliability is one of the highlighted factors. There are several reports regarding no website presence, loading speed and uptime with the websites registered with GVO. Some of the issues are explained below:


  • Turbo Traffic Generation – First of all you have to remove confusions regarding content and traffic. Genuine and proper traffic is not possible without complete content and valuable blog. Whereas there are different businesses which are looking to get an increase in the Alexa Rank. It is a surprising fact that Alexa is a separate domain and has no association with ranking of a website.

Pure leverage also considers Alexa Rank as a ranking factor in their program.
Turbo Traffic Generation system was not even released. This incomplete work makes it a useless training for buyers.

alexa rankings don't mean squat


 Video Email Service – After buying the program you will see an interface telling you about every tool which is part of it. Video Email Service is just like any other tool which aids in getting more people towards Pure Leverage Program. It is just another tool to for self-promotion of the program and has got no significant benefit.

There are many people who are already sending videos through Email. It is something very common on old. However, there are many issues with the ratio of delivery in Autoresponder. Without sending a legit response, there is no probability of making a sale.

  • Live Meeting Room – There are already many other services like this with more quality. Google Hangouts is one of the trending services. Most of the MLM programs make use of this because it is free and offer all the same features of the Live Meeting room. The basic aim again is to do re-selling of the product. There is nothing new. Whereas, Google Hangout is a free feature with every Gmail account sign up. It is not some beneficial service to enhance business but only made for promotion of Pure Leverage. It is even less in quality as compared to free tools. There are paid scripts and tools like GoToWebinar, which have got high rating and trust of the users.


You should not ask for support, It will get you into a war.

The Insider’s Club Access is tagged as a primary service and being only provided to members. On such similar forum, a member exposed the problems being faced by the support was then openly ambushed by some member. This shows that a member is not even allowed to make an argument with support.


pure leverage scams


The developer Joel Therien also put himself in a quarrel on multiple forums in comments with people who post negative reviews. The appropriate approach is to make settlements instead of getting harsh with customers. This is not a single case, but many people have made such complaints.

Although they try to be connected to their customers and subscribers but still there are, many issues need to be addressed. The major issue is with useless promotion and upselling techniques through email. If you ever sign up to check their updates, you are going to receive more than one email per day as described below in the comment,

There should be a proper support to develop some infrastructure. Especially when it relates to money making. You should not make an option for such product which has got negative reviews and do not provide proper support in the context of online learning.

The price is far more than just $24.95.. It continues to increase

Another fake attraction of Pure Leverage Program is its less price i.e. $24.95 only. You are going to find a lot of add-ons while signing up for it. They all are useless and optional.

For the starter program, you only have to pay $24.95 each month. If you think that being an affiliate is a better option and start selling the programs you are buying, then be prepared to pay $44.95 which makes a clear addition of $19.95 per month. And there is another option, which is the most elite one. It is the VIP program and promises to provide guidance of all Internet Marketing Professionals along with some built-in projects. It is available with an addition of $97 per month which makes a total of $141.90 per month.


It is not mentioned anywhere on the initial pages that more payment is required for a promoted level. The basic account with small payment limits you’re earning. However, for more earning and unlimited commission you have to go for VIP account.

If you are looking to be on the Top level, you need an amount of $141.90 each month. It is far more than the basic sign up the amount. This type of hidden upselling is found in such programs. In the whole process, you are selling the product you buy again to the people with a fake promise of real product in it.

Last Words of the Program

Pure Leverage is just ________, if you have the idea of what I’m thinking. It has all the fake value due to MLM techniques and pyramid tree marketing structures. The fake guarantee of 100% commission and the false promise of getting all the benefits in just $24.95 which is $141.90 in reality. This is the real game behind this program.

If you have any questions about the program, just be prepared for an attack and warnings from affiliate agents. This is the same case with all the peers who are part of programs like Pure Leverage. So you should be aware of the outcomes.

Pure Leverage is not at all different.

Name:  Pure Leverage
Price: $24.95
Owners:  Joel Therien
Overall Rank: 15 out of 100 points.


Pure Leverage Scam

A Myriad of Upsells, A True “Scheme”, Inferior Products to What is Available,  Support is Typically a Negative Experience

Have you ever tried Pure Leverage Program or you have any questions about the project? Do not worry and express your views/ questions in the comment section and I will be happy to address your issues.

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