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Top 10 Ways to Drive Insane Web Traffic to Your Site

Top 10 Ways to Drive an Insane Amount of Web Traffic to Your Site

Nothing is worse than having an amazing attractive website that is not bringing in any web traffic, especially for an internet marketer. Without traffic to websites, it’s hard for an internet marketer to keep their business alive. Without any web traffic, there’s nobody there to buy anything that you are offering. However, there are many different ways to help you to increase website traffic, to bring people in and see what you are offering and to allow your business to thrive.

The Top 10 Ways to Drive Web Traffic to Your Site

High Quality and Engaging Content
One of the main reasons why people search the internet is to obtain information on a subject, not to run into hidden marketing traps. People want to find information that is relevant to what they are searching for. Your website may very well contain the information they are looking for, but there are thousands of other websites that will provide similar information as well. However, the more website content you have, the better your chances are of increasing your traffic. The amount of website content is very important. You can use search engine optimization companies to provide you with keyword articles in order to increase the content of your website.

There are several reasons why more website content increases traffic. One reason is that the content articles typically focus on a specific topic, which means that certain keywords will be used repeatedly. The more often these keywords are repeated, the higher your search engine ranking will go. And who doesn’t want a high search engine ranking? This is just an example of crucial on-page SEO Factors. This determines whether you are first on the list to pop up in a person’s search, or whether you are last. And we all know that not many of us search past the first few pages, let alone thousands of pages. In fact, most people only click on the first ten websites that pop up. So, your search engine ranking is very important and can be increased by increasing your website content which includes frequently used keywords. Not only does this get you closer to the top of the search engine results pages, but it also increases your chances of being indexed by other search engines, which in turn makes it possible for more people than you can imagine seeing your website.

Lastly, more website content increases traffic because the content attracts advertisers and reciprocal link exchangers to your website. The more web content articles or topics you have, the more link exchanges you will have with other websites of similar interests. When other websites attempt to link to your website, it increases your traffic because people will stumble upon your website through these linked sites. So your traffic will grow when people find you on other websites you are linked to as well as through the search engine. And the more traffic you have, the more advertisers you will attract. Advertisers look for sites that have a lot of the customers they want to do business with. They want to get the most bang for their buck.

Any way you put it, more website content can increase your website traffic. The more website content you have, the more keywords you have, which will attract more buzz and more traffic. More traffic equals more customers, which equals more advertisers, which equals more profits for you.

Social Media Platforms
Social marketing sites include places like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and YouTube. These are websites where people go to connect with friends, share silly videos, meet new people and establish relationships-but did you know they also go there for business?

It’s true. When you think of the typical MySpace user, you might picture a teenager with a nose ring and pink hair-and while that might apply to some of their users, it doesn’t apply to the other half. Over half of the users there on MySpace are over 35 years of age. These are well-established adults who are using these social marketing sites to look for products, services, and even business advice, as well as connecting with friends.

The value of posting to these sites and leaving your links is that these are sites with incredibly high page rankings-meaning they get a substantial amount of traffic each day-traffic that will pick up on your links and click on them. You have the opportunity to use these sites to build relationships with potential customers who are searching for the goods and services you can provide for them. You’ll also have the chance to build relationships with these potential customers. Once you’ve established a relationship with them, you’ll need to build your reputation as the expert in your field and build their trust in you. People purchase goods and services from businesses they trust. You can be that person.

Long-Tail Keywords
Have you nailed down your primary keyword for your affiliate site? Then, be sure to target other pages around long-tail keywords so that the search engines know you have supporting pages about your chosen niche.  This gives your authority depth.

I can’t say enough about blogs, but one thing I will say is that search engines love blogs. Acting as your website, your blog can be optimized by using various plugins that blog applications like WordPress offers. Updating your blog daily with relevant content is a powerful way to drive traffic to your website for free.  Don’t have a blog?  Back-end your current website with a blog and link to it.

Advertise Classified Ads on eBay
You may be wondering “how is that search engine optimization?” We’ll have you ever noticed that often times eBay searches come up in Google? That is from eBay auctions that have been keyword optimized! eBay already has an excellent page rank, which means it is considered a highly important website. Take advantage of this!

Press Release
Written an e-book or a course? Publish a press release to spread the word, letting interested people know where they can access it (on your site, of course!). A press release can reach thousands of journalists and get syndicated on major local and national news sites.

Video Marketing for Insane Web Traffic
Make videos and post them on YouTube. They should be informational, not salesy or overtly promotional. Always use good lighting and sound.  Create a YouTube channel.  Within the channel description, give details about your website and your business.  These easily connect to your website “property” within the webmaster tools area of Google.

Also, this is connected to Google +!  Verify ownership and they all work together harmoniously.

Create a series of instructional videos and post on YouTube.  Embed these videos on the web pages of your site or blog.  This is a huge On-Page SEO Factor (having a Youtube video embedded on your web page.)  Gain more backlinks by uploading and linking your videos to your website on other video sites such as Vimeo, Vivo, Dailymotion, Veoh, etc.

Web TrafficA great idea is to repurpose an article as a video – either in PowerPoint form or as a live video.  Remember, Google recently purchased YouTube, so anything on it is ranking high.  Another thing to do is post your video with an accompanying script.  The script is read by the search engines.  Use your keywords sprinkled through it generously.


Converting Articles Into Pdf
Another method of increasing traffic to your website is by converting your articles into a pdf document and submitting them on document sharing websites such as,,,,,,, etc.

You can write these articles yourself and again “brand” yourself as an authority or outsource the writing.  Heck, you can even outsource the posting of the articles to the document sharing sites.  Again, this shows a diversity in your links and something Google is looking for since the recent Penguin and Panda updates.

Pay Per Click Marketing
In PPC, you would make an ad about your business and post them online. Anybody who is looking for the kind of good or service that you are offering would choose to click on your ad which serves as a link that would lead him or her directly to your site. Your site will be highly targeted and will be visited frequently especially if it is highly descriptive of what your business is. However, this good turn-out has to be paid with a high price – literally. It can be very costly, especially if you don’t know how to maximize it.

Aggregate content using RSS feeds:
RSS feeds are a wonderful invention in this Web 2.0 world we live in. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. These feeds are essentially a way for consumers of content to get ongoing updates on items of interest on other sites without having to visit those sites directly.

Once you have several blog posts, these can all be syndicated (posted) to several other sites automatically.  Be sure to have your RSS feed URL posted to the various online RSS sites where webmasters go to look for content to display.  Also, be sure to use “contextual” links within each of your blog posts so that when your posts are syndicated, they have backlinks to your website.

You can even insert advertisements once and a while (don’t overdo this or you won’t get syndicated) and YOUR advertisements appear on other websites.
TAffiliate Marketing Tipsip: Create a “news aggregator” page on your website. Post RSS feeds from other blogs, article sites, etc. What you will be creating is a relevant, useful page on your site about your target niche that will encourage other people to backlink to it. Backlinks not only drive traffic but are also an important element in achieving strong Web rankings.

Top 10 Ways to Drive Web Traffic to Your Site: So what’s your next step?

Choose one of the methods above that lights your fire and master it. Then, move on to the next. Look for information online on how to really execute each method well. Many others have taken the paths before you, so use their experience to create your own roadmap to success online with methods that attract massive web traffic to your site.

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