Empower Network Review

Empower Network Review

Empower Network Reviews

Name:  Empower Network
$25/mth basic, $100/mth inner circle, $19 payment, $500 Costa Rica Intensive, $1,000 15K Formula, $3,500 Master’s Retreat
David Wood & David Sharpe
Overall Rank:
30 out of 100 points

Most times Empower Network (EN) is usually being mistaken as a REAL opportunity due to the effort put into marketing by the people promoting the product. But, there many people that have real experience about Empower Network and are not happy (me included, after losing a ton of money), I will be exposing some of the reasons why most folks end up unhappy. This review will expose what EN really is and at the end you will be able to make a decision if this is your right path to becoming successful online.

But first, let us get something straight. Empower Network is the smallest products I have ever reviewed in term of ranking and you will soon understand why. If you are reading this article, there are chances that someone must have been “shamelessly” marketing EN to you and it is normal. Those types of people are slimy, all they do is promoting products that slimy, and when you decide to join you will then be required to promote the “slimy” product also.
For us to put things into perspective, let us consider how Empower Network compares or doesn’t to the.

Pros vs. Cons

With Empower Network there are just little advantage and so many disadvantage. EN does not have any specific product you are promoting, the product is YOU. The programs goal is to get you to promote same scheme to other folks and start building a downline. This is not like other MLM products where you are given a product to market to customers such as Melaluca, Avon, etc., EN totally lacks this element.

The Pros and Cons of Empower Network program has been broken down below:


  • You are given your personal empowernetwork.com blog


  • Can be likened to a PYRAMID Scheme
  • There is no clear description about the concept of the business, what is needed to be done or the type of interests you require for success.
  • When you become a member, you are going to become a ruthless marketer that promotes Empower Network to other people
  • Characterized with “upsells”
  • For you to become successful, you will need a minimum investment of $140 month
  • You are required to make a payment of $20/month before you will be paid
  • So many online COMPLAINTS about Empower Network
  • You cannot access the owners
  • No free trial

Who is this program made for?

What they will tell you is that everybody will make money, with just a little investment, with little work and on autopilot. And these sounds really enticing like a dream come true. But that is not how the program works.

Anyone is allowed to participate in the product, but it is good for those that can work very hard to build a downline and most of the times they are required to do it in a way that is unethical due to the fact that what you are selling is yourself “No Product”, what you are telling them is that they will be able to sell what you are selling.

The breakdown below illustrates the way compensation model works:

Empower Network Pyramid

Are you still confused? The reason is that the as you go deeper into this product, the more confusing you will actually become. It is just like a pen mail where you send 5 people, and they also send another 5 people. The man at on top of the pyramid is paid the most, compared to ponzi scheme the Empower has levels is unlimited and payouts will be “passed up” to the top people.
Of course YOU are the one not at the top while the owners and some few people that joined early are the ones at the top.

Empower Network is not for you if you are not an aggressive marketer and you don’t know how to sell people on the idea of a scheme.

Empower Network Review: Tools & Training

The different levels of training offered at Empower come with additional fees. The training offered depends on the person you sign-up through in this scheme. Most upline affiliates are going to promise you great support just to be able to become successful by building a successful downline. The program has a very weak material that only focuses on how to promote empower network to others.  There are so many options available that it’s not even funny and the each depends on first purchasing the one prior.

You will also be asked to upgrade immediately you become a member. They call it going “All In”, and you will be encouraged by your sponsors to “go all in” by calling you derogatory terms as “wussy”.

Empower Network Scam

The truth is that if you do not purchase all the training modules in EN, then others won’t be making money through you.

This is the entire concept. You will have to purchase everything worth over $5,000 in total; we will talk much about this later on. And your money is going straight to your uplines and also their uplines. If you don’t buy, then nobody is going to make money off of you, and you can expect to be shunned by those “above” you.

This community may not be for you if want to make money online in an ethical, which can be used in any niche. The only training you get is the method you will be using to promote Empower Network to others.

Does Empower Network Offer ANY Support?

If you are that type that needs a personal support system, then this program is not for you. In this program, you cannot get any extra training or support free of charge. The Inner Circle cost $100/mnth for videos, and the training is not even personal, it is just a series of videos and audios. I will not recommend a program without a personal support and where you cannot get direct access to the owners. There is no way you can directly contact the owner of EN. They are only active in motivating members to promote their product and Empower Network, but they will never help anybody for free.

Empower Network Reviews

Most members of Empower Network do complain that their team leaders normally belittle them if they do not go all in. The term “Going all in” means to buy their entire low-grade products, and this will in turn make, which will only make money for your team leaders and you should be prepared to be called different names if you do not buy the $5,000+ products within your first year.

Empower Network Review: The REAL Costs

$25 per month Fast Start Viral Blogging – There is ZERO special about this.  The truth is that you can start a WordPress blog (the best CMS available) for free on several platforms.  The negative about this one is the limited search engine optimization available. You’re actually restricted and there is nothing at all “viral” about it.

$19 per month E-Wallet – You would think you would get your commission without any fees, but this is actually an add-on you must purchase in order to get paid your due commission.

$100 per month Inner Circle Mastermind Membership – The only thing you are really receiving with this upsell is the ability to make more money selling the Empower Network program. Again, it’s not a real product. You’re just helping your sponsors!

$500 One-Time Payment for Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – Another elaborate name for a set of videos designed with the sole interest of helping you effectively and more aggressively sell Empower Network.  Nothing else of value within it. Cha-Ching!

$1,000 One-Time Payment for 15K Formula – And yet ANOTHER set of videos designed with the only purpose of selling their scheme and nothing else!  Nothing new here, just sell more EN.  Beg, borrow, steal if you have to!

$3,500 One-Time Payment for Masters Retreat – Nope, this doesn’t get you a plush stay in a 5-star resort somewhere, it’s just a series of 41 videos from their “Masters Retreat” get-together that they should be providing for free!  Sure, they are motivational, but so is Anthony Robbins and he’s likely more effective.

Empower Network Review: My Final Verdict

There really is NO product available within Empower Network – at least not after the initial weak website hanging off their main website. Sure, there are a TON of things you can purchase after the initial fee, but all of it is to simply line the pockets of their “compensation model”.  You are guilted into buying the upsells because you won’t get full support from your “sponsors” if you don’t.  And, if you wish to voice any pessimism about the program, be prepared to get bullied to the max.  Don’t rock the boat!

The entire business model is based around YOU promoting the company and their marketing to family, friends and everyone you meet. There are very few members earning any money and that’s because they have built their OWN website by themselves.  The proper way to learn and earn with a successful online business shouldn’t be based solely on EN itself and instead how to develop and/market any product.  The true intent of affiliate marketing.

I would stay as far away as possible from this online scheme. It may sound convincing with a LOT of hype available out there, but there are thousands that have been taken to the cleaners from Empower Network.

Empower Network Scam

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Empower Network Review