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The Pros and Cons Truth: Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Honest Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire
Price: $37 per month + upsells
Owners: Anthony Trister
Overall Rank: 6 out of 10 points.

If you’re searching for a solid online business opportunity and perhaps came across the Coffee Shop Millionaire, read on to gain an honest pros and cons comprehensive review of what you actually be in store if you sign up with this home-based business. At Pure Residuals, we review any and all of the top affiliate programs available. And, we were enticed to review CSM having seen their marketing and at the request of a few readers. So, let’s dig into the review and see how CSM stacks up against the others.

The Coffee Shop Millionaire Product

Coffee Shop Millionaire is the brain child of Anthony Trister. He is a fantastic salesman no doubt, but a fantastic salesman doesn’t always make for a good business manager or online marketer and this is definitely one of those cases. First of all, as the name indicates, the idea is to become a millionaire, which is already setting up members for failure. Regardless, the basics of the membership is to teach individuals how to build an online marketing business from the ground up. While this is indeed a good basis, please read on to check out the product in-depth in my comprehensive Coffee Shop Millionaire review where I reveal the good and the bad from our testing.

Okay, first we’ll list the Pros and Cons that we discovered and then go over each one in more detail:

Pros and Cons


  • Definitely a relative low initial investment to join (per month)
  • The introduction to the program is fairly upfront about the amount of effort and work involved to succeed


  • Most of the positive reviews we discovered are the key results of a major GURU launch promoting the program
  • The normal online business expenses needed in addition to what CSM provides is rather hidden or simply not mentioned
  • The name Coffee Shop Millionaire infers the average earnings of membership and is way off base even for a pro marketer
  • Zero real support or mentoring programs offered
  • Several complaints can be found all over the Internet
  • Provided training is not keeping up with online marketing trends
  • After initial monthly payment there are a series of upsells

Who is the Coffee Shop Millionaire Intended for?

CSM is promoted to any serious online marketer at any level. And, the videos are available to be reviewed over and over again until it sinks in or you finally “get it”. While this is good, it’s a hands-off model of training that will leave beginners in a total rut. There are no tutorials or real lessons to teach what you need to learn to succeed online. Understanding videos is one thing, but putting the learning into action is totally another.

There is no real support with the program and the forum for the members is weak at best. Again, if you’re a newbie to online marketing and need some real help, you’ll likely be totally frustrated with the support. So, if you’re a complete newbie to a home-based or online marketing business, this program is not for you. An advanced marketer can definitely earn some money, but by only enlisted other intermediate or advanced marketers into the program.

What Training and Tools are Included in the CSM Business?

Upfront, you’ll have access to about a dozen videos providing instruction on how to get started. Beyond that, there are a few additional videos on the forums and the CSM community and how to “ask” questions.

Anthony Trister VideoOne of the initial promotions about DMS indicates receiving an all-encompassing “cheats sheet” with a step-by-step process in which you’ll discover how you can earn $21,000 within a couple of weeks without any product of your own or a subscription list. Anyone that has setup an online business knows that this is simply unrealistic by any stretch of the imagination. That is unless you know a ton of network gurus and foot the bill for an extravagant launch promoting huge contest cash earnings for those that bring in the most affiliates. (In which the cost of the launch will yield a huge considerable expense, so how much are you really making?)

There is a considerable about of valid information on good solid marketing techniques in a section referred to as “Cash Machines” such as video marketing, email marketing automation and autoresponders and local business marketing. But, while these are solid business tactics for any online marketing affiliate, the information provided is revealed in a very general approach and no specific step-by-steps provided. So, again, rather useless for the newbie marketer. A solid marketing campaign will provide step-by-step how to information and even give you examples to learn from.

The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review – Support Availability

While CSM does offer the standard phone and helpdesk email support, they assert that they have a set of active and knowledgeable affiliate marketing forums communities that can answer most questions quickly. However, we discovered that the most basic questions from troubled members go unanswered and those that submitted emails to the helpdesk were lucky if ever a response was received.

Additionally, you can check the Facebook CSM club page and there are tons of complaints. While every business will have a small amount of complaints from individuals not following instructions correctly, this leads us to believe there is very limited support at all.

The Price of Joining Coffee Shop Millionaire – $37/mo plus Upsells

The promoted initial price of joining CSM is $37 per month with some training and as we have indicated limited support. Immediately subsequent to initial signup we were asked to upgrade to the “Six Figure Success Club” at the tune of $300. (Well, $297, but come on, seriously?) Several so-called gurus like to use this type of upsell tactic to entice you to promote the company and get people in at a low monthly fee and then line their pockets with several upsells. So, with CSM the first payment ends up costing you a total of $334 before you even enter the members area and get started.

Coffee Shop Millionaire InitialBut, that’s not all – there’s more…..

After shelling out over $300, you have yet to acquire a domain name, hosting and website creation which is going to cost you a minimum of $100, depending on the hosting package you choose and if you pay annually or monthly. So, now you’re into the hole over $400 before you have even finished training or in a position to sell anything and earn any revenue. Therefore, if you’re not a fan of sleazy upsell tactics then Coffee Shop Millionaire is definitely not for you. And, obviously, this model of promotion is going to have a huge attrition rate as not many beginners can afford this kind of upfront money to start a new online business.

The Final Verdict – Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

At first glimpse of this online business program, you’ll see many positive reviews. This is a guru tactic where many big-time marketers get together are give reviews of each others products never having begun a membership just to promote each other and make it look good. They simply help line each others pockets from newbie marketers or those on the “outside”. This type of business model is not at all designed to really help people like you succeed. The training is inadequate and they simply want you to promote the company itself and keep it afloat. We don’t see this lasting much longer and Anthony Trister and his crew will move onto the next project.

Nearly every search online about this program will lead you to a long video which will either put you to sleep or leave you with a bunch of hype and unanswered questions. If you are still swayed by the hype in the video, you’ll sign up and then get hit with a bunch of upsells and still not finished shelling out money to simply get started. The training in and of itself isn’t all bad, but much of it is updated and lacking of the actual steps involved to being earning revenue in online marketing. Additionally, one of the most touted elements of the promotion is the online community forums which are weak at best.

The final verdict is borderline scam with hidden upsells and ruthless marketing tactics.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam

Do you have personal experience with Coffee Shop Millionaire? Please provide your honest opinion, good or bad about this business venture and allow readers to decide on their own. The more information you can provide the better for everyone to make an honest determination. Thank you very much!

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