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What is Pure Residuals All About?

Thank you for visiting Pure Residuals. We strive to offer the best reviews and information on the best Residual income business opportunities on the Internet.

My name is P.j. Germain.  I’m a serial Entrepreneur, webmaster, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert, Author, Blogger, Copywriter and more.  I have been successfully earning money online for the past 12 years. I’m based in Pensacola, FL – the Northwest – also known as the “panhandle”.

My dad is former military, so we traveled quite a bit when I was young. I have a younger brother and an older sister and yes, I suffer the “middle-child” syndrome.  After college, I did a stint in law enforcement before working for the government.  I’m a certified personal trainer, webmaster and security professional.  Basically, I’m a true geek!

This site was created to help you quickly get information about the top recurring income opportunities available.  I’m all about doing things once and getting paid again and again.

Why work for one-time payments, 10-30%, when you can gain recurring payments that pay you monthly, over and over again, for life.  The programs I investigate and later promote are NOT get-rich quick schemes. Forget the hype and strong-arm marketing tactics.  Those programs are scams and simply won’t last.

I tediously investigate the long-term approach, viability and ease of duplication.  If other can’t duplicate what you’re doing, then eventually the business will fail.  Long-term residual recurring income has to be easy on the budget, eye-catching, problem-solving and marketable.

Be passionate about your websites and enjoy what you’re doing and you’ll succeed.

If you have any questions, be sure to drop me a line with my contact form or reach me on Skype. Join my team and begin the end of your financial struggles.

Stay Motivated!  To YOUR success,



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Your site is packed with great ideas and products! If someone is serious about growing an online business, they need to stop here. In fact, I already have a friend in mind to recommend it to. I’m still in the newbie stage, but will definitely be checking back!


Really enjoyed your website PJ. Great information and I will be back soon.


Very nice website you have here, like the look and feel that say welcome.

Pj Germain

Thanks very much Melvin and thanks for stopping by!

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