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Zukul Ad Network Review

Website Address:
Product Price: $1 to $250
Product Owner: Jeremy Rush and Michael Bloom
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 points

Launched on April 1, 2016 the Zukul Ad Network already had thousands of members join and the number is increasing every day. The owners Jeremy Rush and Michael Bloom have been around and have another well-known site named Zukul and have their experience and good reputations behind them.

This new program is designed for revenue sharing. By creating a bridge for advertisers and publishers it will share income with people who buy their ad packs. While I am not a great fan of these revenue sharing sites because they usually feature lower quality products, in this case ZAN is promoting a genuinely better product. Wealthy Affiliate  remains my first choice for starting an online business.  It has been around 10 plus years with more than 500,000 members and growing.  It offers the best training, tools and support for those who want to start their own home based business..

Ten selections of Ad Packs range in price from $1 to $50, with earning potential of 120% to 150% in revenue from the Ad-Pack purchases and intends to be active for some time to come which is good news for members.

Since Zukul brings in many revenue sources, it is not totally depending on the purchase of Ad Packs and this makes it much more attractive and promising not like a Ponzi scheme method. The multiple income sources will keep supporting this program for years to come.

Earning Money from Zukul Ad Network!

Revenue Sharing – Below are various levels of ad packs that members can purchase as part of their revenue sharing platform.


Level 10 = Ad Packs Cost: $50 = Earnings Ratio: 150%

If you start at level 1 it is suggested that you purchase a minimum of 100 ad packs before moving to the next level.  There is a limit of 200 ad packs for each level until the last one that allows up to 3000 ad packs.

When you enter level 2, then you will pay $3 monthly membership fee, $5 for level 3, $7 for level 4 as you can see above.

Affiliate Commission – There are 10% referral commissions for as many people as you are able to refer who buy products.  That’s a good reward.

If you don’t build your downline by referring customers you can also purchase direct referrals. You can receive two referrals in the Rotator System and this helps you develop your downline automatically, but may take a little longer to do it that way..

From level 2 you can also be part of their three level affiliate program. They are still working out the details for this.  So keep up to date on their progress to see what is offered.

zukul network review

Let’s look at the few examples to understand this concept:

Ad Pack Plan 1: At level 1 with 100 ad packs, your return will be $120. For two referrals who also purchased 100 ad packs that is $10 on each one and with your investment of $100 for ad packs you will profit by $40.


Ad Pack Plan 2: At level 3 with 100 ad pack, your return would be $360 and with two referrals who purchase 100 ad packs, and affiliate commission of $30, $30 ($300 x 10%) on each side. In level two you are entitled to earn 3 level affiliate programs for$1.18. Your total return will be $421.18 and you invested $303 ($300 for ad packs and $3 for a monthly membership fee), so you profit $120.

Based on these examples, I would recommend you have a few hundred dollars to invest to make the most impact and have the best chance for success, but be realistic about your investment.


I hope this helps you understand how this compensation plan works.  A timeline for this model of return was not provided.


Earning Potential

The Zukul Ad Network has excellent earning potential, and a great return on investment for the  advertising packs and you will want to see it grow. In all honesty it’s not the most stable or solid residual income but could be a good short-term opportunity.

Their compensation plan is lucrative, and if you can refer people, it will add greater potential to earn a profit. Revenue sharing platforms depend on the sales of ad packs but ZAN looks for revenue from multiple sources. It may not be perfect, but it is one of better revenue sharing systems on the market. 

Experienced Creator 

Jeremy Rush knows what he is doing and not just experimenting with other people’s money.  He has owned many other good and successful platforms. This type of project is developing every day and is one of the best opportunities around and is supported by more than 50,000 people who joined before the launch date.


A Medium-Term Business Model

Other revenue sharing platforms survive for 3 to 6 months typically and Traffic Monsoon is one that has lasted more than a year, but it is having trouble from PayPal. ZAN is working to improve this model and appears that it can survive for few years if they stick to their plan.

They are adding new revenue features but are still dependent on the sales of ad packs to members and if they aren’t purchased, ZAN would be not be able to maintain the revenue sharing as generously as shown.

Product Issue

Many people like this type of program for the passive income possibilities.  ZAN will need to upgrade their features and prove their product quality to have a good future.

Zukul Ad Network Review: Final Verdict

Zukul Ad Network seems to provide a good revenue sharing opportunity, if you have extra money and are looking for a program such as this, I would not expect too much too soon because there are still issues to be resolved.  If you invest in this you may have to accept that you could lose your investment, so it may not be an ideal long-term project.

Customer comments were mostly positive, praising the company and program.  A few felt they did not get the support or attention they were expecting.  I would recommend that you review these responses before making a commitment.  Every program is not for everyone and you need to determine if this is the type of system that appeals to you and your budget and expectations.

Zukul Ad Network Scam

How to Earn Money Online for Free

For full-time income that’s 10 years strong, please consider my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.  It is not a passive earning or revenue program and does require hard work, but it has a better reward than any other business model and you create your own online business to your specifications.

All business ventures come with a risk and it is smart to find out what they are and how they could impact you and your budget.  As always, do your research and examine the facts and figures and read both positive and negative reviews on any proposal.  Be informed and select the option that most fits with your goals.

Zukul Ad Network Review

  • Ease of Use - 70
  • For Beginners - 50
  • Duplication - 60
  • Product - 40
  • Support - 40
  • Price - 40


Zukul Ad Network Review Summary - much like many programs in the past that rely upon purchases of those under you, Zukul Ad Network is destined to fail. Those in it now can make a few bucks here and there, but it's going to be short-lived. They are trying now to diversify as they realize the current model can't be sustained.

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