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The Vemma Nutrition Company Review

Vemma Scam Reviews

Price: $499.95 to $999.95 determined by marketing kit selection
Owners: Brad Wayment – Chief Operating Officer and Yibang Wang, MD. PhD – Chief Scientific Officer
Overall Rank: 3 of 10
Verdict: SCAM!

Is Vemma another Multi-Level-Marketing Wannabe?

The Vemma Nutrition Company markets their product line as health and fitness. They rely upon the age old MLM tactics to entice new marketers and increase their sales force numbers. As with many others, they push both long term and immediate easy income in the standard MLM compensation plans. But, read on to get the full details in this no holds barred Vemma Reviews by Pure Residuals.

The Pros Vs. Cons

After full investigation, which really didn’t require much work, there is a lot of negative about this so-called business opportunity dating way back to inception and very little positive on record. But, we’ll be fair about the reporting.


  • A large variety of products to purchase or promote
  • Intuitive “Backoffice” for each online marketing affiliate and free website
  • A plethora of marketing / advertising media included
  • The compensation plan does provide better than average commissions


  • Expensive initial startup costs
  • Your commissions rely heavily upon the performance of others
  • You are required to maintain a minimum number of sales volume to remain an active member
  • No limits to how many marketers allowed within your area

Who is the Vemma Nutrition Company Best Suited For?

In our Vemma investigation, we were able to get a real feel of what Vemma is all about and who would be best suited for this type of MLM program. Realistically, if you’re already into MLM and know how to work an MLM successfully, you have a chance to be profitable in their system. But, you should be quite familiar with MLM marketing tactics and how to recruit successfully. Also, this type of program requires members to have the financial resources to pay for one of a variety of business marketing packages and make recurring purchases to maintain your compensation level.

The crucial element to keep in mind is that if you’re unable to make a sale within a single month, you’ll have to purchase a product of substantial value in order to maintain the required “points” to remain active and get paid a commission. This can be quite a substantial purchase in light of the fact that Vemma’s MLM compensation structure is based on paying such huge inflated prices to maintain existence.

Vemma Compensation Plan

The Vemma Scam Complaints are Plentiful

As many MLM marketing platforms do, the Vemma Nutrition Company relies heavily upon marketing materials and less on actually online marketing training, basics or otherwise. They do offer an optional training DVD (known as “Driving Force”) with a nice price tag of $50 in addition to the initial membership. Also, you can purchase more DVDs such as “Making the Shift” as well as relying upon the expertise of the other members of your team.

Regardless of these materials, many Vemma recruits are seen complaining about the rumors of compensation payments without any real evidence. This is indicative of many pyramid scams as the leadership is lining their pockets while new recruits are paying out membership fees without any real revenue.

One example of such complaints:

Vemma Recruitment Failure

The marketing tools received upon initial payment include the standard replicated main website with a keyed affiliate link at the end. You are not in control of all the content marketing and unable to fully customize – weakening any SEO elements really needed to enable your content marketing strategy to really stand out and get out what you put in. While there are physical marketing products such as catalogs, window decals, several brochures, etc., this isn’t training and simply more to purchase and eat your advertising budget quickly.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has logged more than 150 complaints about Vemma and it’s pyramid scheme. They were once marketing hard to college and high school students claiming their recruits would have actual “jobs” in the traditional sense and credit cards were being hammered for various charges. Vemma has since retracted this form of marketing, but the FTC has been involved in many investigations as to the ingredients used in Vemma products and consumer complaints. Italy banned the Vemma business and officials of the Austrian and Swiss governments are reported as actually presses charges against the company due to its business structure.

Is There any Real Support Available?

While the Vemma organization does have a forum and community arena, you are expected to be part of your team and contribute. As with many MLM structured businesses, it’s incredibly challenging to obtain support from a leader that knows what they’re actually doing. This is indicated in their own reported payouts:

Vemma Earnings Chart

Nearly 80% of the affiliates that join Vemma never see a dime in earned profit and less than 1% earn enough to actually earn a substantial paycheck. This is a huge issue. With 80% odds of not making any revenue, why would anyone join this program? It’s simply a way to lose money fast!

What is the Price to Join Vemma?

Well, typically with MLM, they’ll push you to entice friends and family with shameless MLM marketing tactics. We discovered a video marketing technique by a member that indicated that he would actually “trick” people in coming over to his residence and then blindside them with a sales pitch. If you want to lose friends fast, that’s one way to do it. What kind of business venture begins with tricking your friends and family to join?

Beyond that, members are enticed to join at a few different levels:

  • Silver Membership: $499.95
  • Gold Membership: $999.95

But, there are additional expenses such as extra training DVDs that will cost you much more. This isn’t too even begin to mention the normal ongoing expenses of running a business and the aforementioned purchases required to remain an active member.

The Vemma business model is riddled with complaints, so if you join, you’re going to take a defensive posture out of the gate – while annoying friends and family.

Here’s just a few complaints from the Better Business Bureau:

Vemma Complaints

You can see where it would be morally difficult to promote a business with so many complaints pouring in.

The Vemma Reviews Final Verdict

The Vemma Nutrition Company has many of the same pros and cons of all the other MLM so-called home business opportunities out there. One of the major problems with this type of model is that areas quickly get saturated because they put no limits on the number of distributors in any geographic location.

What quickly follows in these scenarios is a huge amount of vicious competition that can and often times does turn ugly. Another glaring fallacy in the this MLM is the fact that you don’t truly get rewarded for your personal efforts. You are relying on the performance of each of your team members. This means that not only do you have to track your progress, you have to ensure the success of others because it affects your bottom line.

Quite frankly, if you’re looking for a real online marketing business, Vemma is not the way to go. There are other legit home based business opportunities that are far better to select from.

Vemma is Just Another Pyramid Scheme – just sorta upside down

Vemma Scam

Verdict: SCAM – False nutrition claims, severely over-priced products, true network marketing scheme

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