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What is Google AdWords?

What is Google AdWords?

What is Google Adwords is a HUGE question immediately out of the gate.  The following information will hopefully break down this enormous topic into an easy to understand discussion with images and a few solid tips.

Google AdWords is an auction-based internet marketing program by Google. This is a cost-per-click or pay-per-click way of advertising or affiliate marketing where you make a payment only when your ad is running. You don’t pay any money for showing your adverts on Google result page. You only pay if anyone clicks your adverts and redirected to your site.

With Google AdWords , your ads can be positioned on the TOP of Google Search Results Pages (SERPs) OR on Google’s partners page. Your budget can also be set-up based on your convenience and analysis of the how your ads are performing. You can begin with a small budget and decide stop it whenever you like. You have no limitations (that I’m aware of) on the amount you can spend. It’s an extremely fast way to get visitors (web traffic) to a new website.

What is Google Adwords

Anytime people try to find the keywords associated with the product or service you sell, your adverts show up on the results page in Google. This is a marketplace for internet marketers display their adverts on the result page of Google. It assists you to in across to new buyers and also boosts your business growth.

Advertising on Google is very easy to do. It is possible to create your account and start your campaign very quickly. Registering on this platform is absolutely free. Your ads campaign can also be started through the submission of billing. It’s also possible for you analyze your campaign to see how it is performing and tweak it from time to time for improvements.

What is Google Adwords? – The Basic Elements

The operational strategy of Google AdWords depends factors like:

  1. Keywords
  2. Placement
  3. Ad Rank
  4. Bid
  5. Quality Score


Keywords are the terms or words that visitors make use of to try to find the service or product you offer. Keywords make your adverts to display on Google search page. Targeted key phrases improve the chance that your advert will show-up to the prospective buyers and improve the performance of your ads.

You have the ability control the positioning of your advert on Google’s page or other partnering websites. Precise placement can be bid for. The ads order on Google pages depends on the rank of the ads. Rank of ads is based on two conditions:

Quality Score * Bid = Ad rank

Bid management is essential to improving the rank of your ads. Your budget and the relevancy of your keywords can be used customize your bid. The ads keywords quality score represents the ads quality and relevancy of your opt-in-page. A high quality score signifies low priced and better ad rank.

Google Adwords Quality Score

Anytime a visitor makes a search for your keywords, Google processes the request and implements an auction for each keyword phrase deciding the particular ads that will show-up for that particular search and the particular order. The auction runs several times, and customers locate what they really want. It assists marketers to target prospective clients at the cheapest price.

The total procedure of Google AdWords marketing allows you to advertise your company and increases the popularity of your business. Giving you a good ROI on your business. You can measure, accountable and can be used easily. It is possible to get to the appropriate customers at the right time by utilizing Google AdWords promotion. You have the privilege to target the right people you want and gain more popularity.

What is Google AdWords for Small Businesses ?

These days, almost all business owners are using the internet to market their brand. The most effective methods to advertise on the net are through PPC (Pay-Per-Click) on Google. AdWords by Google is an excellent promotion system used to bring in prospective buyers nearly immediately. It is also an effective PPC tool that displays your adverts on appropriate result on Google.

A lot of businesses that are just starting up believe that marketing through Google AdWords is difficult and costly. But, when the campaign is created properly, they can increase their income and flood their business with prospects/clients/buyers instantly. It is an affordable method for promotion that enables promoters to pay only when their ads is clicked on.

Any time a customer wants something, they explore it on Google. If your ads show up on top the result page then, more prospective buyers will be attracted to your site. Small business owners are contending with lots of established companies to show their ads on the Google’s result first page.

Google Adwords for Small Business

Google AdWords is very useful for small businesses that don’t have an extensive reach and enough traffic to their website. It is possible to set up an account on Google AdWords at no cost and set up ads to display on google result page. You can make use of precise and targeted keywords for your adverts, and make use of automated bidding methods to bid on the keywords you want.

Google AdWords allows small business owners to display their adverts on a primary local platform. You can decide on the keywords that are region specific, it is possible to target interested as well as certain type of buyers. It will save you cash when your ads is not displayed in some places, because this money can be expended on other business needs.

Google AdWords is extremely good for small businesses. It is an inexpensive method to bring in prospects. By implementing the correct technique for your campaign, you will get the right attention from the right people for your brand, bring in a lot more potential prospects, boost your income and effectively expand your business.

It is possible to set your bid rate based on the amount you have in mind going by daily or monthly basis for Pay per click. It assists you in saving so much time and money. It gives you different automatic programs which are beneficial for the achievements of your company. Making use of the geo-targeting features of Google AdWords allows you to target the ideal customers at the right time. You can also promote in your ads in some area or worldwide, bringing in more visitors to your sites.

Google Adwords Geotargeting

With Google Analytics, you are able to evaluate how effective your ads is doing, in case you have any challenges, you are able to resolve quickly fix them. You may also reach a lot more clients by making use of device targeting and adverts scheduling techniques. It allows you to manage your budget. It is simple to monitor the effectiveness by knowing ROI, product sales and rate of conversion.

Selecting the appropriate Keywords for your ads

Keywords are the basis for any Google AdWords promotion. Choosing the proper keywords is an essential factor that should be handled cautiously. Searchable and good keywords give you a very high click-through-rate and high quality score to acquire greater conversion rates for your adverts.

Keywords are the phrases or words that make your ads to show on Google page. Your ads will only show up on Google page if your keywords match the search query. Selecting the appropriate keywords is very essential for promotion with Google AdWords. Keywords with high search volumes will give you top quality leads.

Google Adwords Keywords

Some important rules must be followed when setting up your ads campaign. For examples, keywords cannot be more than 80 characters and 10 words, they are not case sensitive, commas, Full-Stops, hyphens will be treated as spaces, symbols like (%^@*()=;~`<>?|) cannot be used in keywords, also accent marks seen as special characters , and they can be used in keywords.

What is Google Adwords? – Keyword Research

Some strategies for choosing the most appropriate keywords for your ad campaign are:

  • Think like a buyer and analyze keywords that customers can make use of when searching for the product or service you are selling. Categorize all keywords into various groups and create different campaigns.
  • Choose the keywords that are a lot more targeted and connected with the product or service you are offering. Use some keywords and confirm if they are giving good outcome to get to your target clients.
  • Group keywords that are related into themes. It is going to assist you in organizing various ad groups according to your product or services and display your adverts to prospective buyers.
  • Select the best amount of keywords for your ads that is relevant to your grouped theme. Keywords that are well targeted will generate more leads for you company.
  • Make use of keyword planner tool in Google AdWords to locate the best keywords that will be more effective and generate more visitors to your site.
  • Include a few negative keywords that your ad is not going to be shown on Google result page. These negative keywords let you show your ads just for the keywords you choose. It cuts down expense and increases CTR.
  • Make use of the search term report to evaluate the efficiency of your keyword phrase. It provides you up-to-date info about the keywords that were utilized in the search query anytime visitors clicked on your adverts. It allows you to know keywords that are negative.
  • The best keyword match type should be used. It doesn’t matter if it is a broad, or phrase match, choose the proper choice for your ad campaign.

It is possible to boost the performance of your Google Adword by understanding the best keywords for your campaign. It will save you time, funds, and increase the exposure of your business to prospective customers and achieve success.

What is Google Adwords: Create Google Ads that are compelling!

Google Adwords CTR Formula Example

Setting up your campaign with ads that are compelling is very important. Your Ads should be very brief (not that you’re going to have much choice, it’s required) and have a very clear call to action. A powerful ads increases the  (CTR) click-through-rate, quality score, ad rank and brings more visitors running to your business.

Ad text is the answer of the search query for what the visitors needs. It is a bridge between the search query as well as your squeeze page. Your objective is to create an ad that is going to bring the prospective searchers toward the right path, meet their requirements and accomplish the objective of your business.

Optimizing your ads text using a short character length is vital. Below are some strategies for writing killer ad copy that is sure to get clicks:

  1. Your ad has to be informative and related to the search result. It needs to provide the most effective solution to the searcher’s results.
  2. Your ad needs to be easy to understand and precise. You need to create various ad versions for several ad categories by applying various sets of keywords.
  3. Ensure you use words that are unique in your ad copy and highlight some relevant characters. It should explain the importance of what you offer or the services you are selling and make you stand out you from your rivals.
  4. Display all the benefits and attributes of your offer in your ad copy. This will allow the searchers to know you when comparing various offers.
  5. Always consider your buyers and use copy that is emotionally beneficial relating to what you offer.
  6. If you want a better CTR, incorporate main keywords in the headline of your ads and description. Doing this will make your ads more innovative and relevant, and enhance the effectiveness of your ads campaign.
  7. Make sure you add a call to action in your ads to boost the performance. This allows you to tell the visitor of the action you want them to take once they get to your opt-in-page.
  8. Make use of themes that are creative and use unique ideas in your ad copy. Use killer headlines that are captivating to get the interest of your prospects and display the specific benefit of your products, attributes and price in the copy.
  9. Make sure your displayed URL is in your ad. It allows the audience to know exactly where they will be redirected once they click.
  10. The copy of your ads is the perception of your site that your prospect will see; as a result, ensure you structure it correctly. Make sure your ads is free of spelling and grammatical errors, use correct spacing, proper capitalization and punctuation. Never make use of unnecessary words in your adverts copy.
  11. Analyze and adjust various ad texts and choose the ads that work better with high CTR and conversion rate.

When you implementing the guidelines above, you will be able to create an ad copy that is very effective. You will be able you accomplish a conversion rate that is high and more revenue for your business. A persuasive ad guarantees a productive Google AdWords campaign that can bring in buyers and assist you accomplish the objective of your business. As you can see, this can be a very time-consuming process and while you can do this on your own, many business owners will enlist the aid of one of the certified Google Adwords agencies.

What is Google Adwords? – Generating leads with Google AdWords.

Google Adwords for Lead Generation

The major objective of all business is to get more visitors and create leads. Google AdWords is an effective internet marketing approach to creating leads. It is an easy and convenient PPC tool that displays your adverts on appropriate result page of Google.

The primary goal of advertisers is usually to motivate buyers to purchase an item or get their contact info using sign-up forms for lead acquisition. Google AdWords is a modernized approach to getting a large number of visitors to you website. Using this approach despite of your limited finance.

Google Adwords is a great approach to generate leads, if you know some basic concepts, like state of mind of your prospect, ways to boost the Click through Rate and rate of conversion of your squeeze page, and strategies to use to analyze your campaign results. When used in conjunction with the one of the best autoresponders such as GetResponse, you can triple or quadruple your advertising budget.

Listed below are some great ideas to generate more leads for your business:

Use keywords that are relevant:
Keywords can be defined as a word or phrase that makes your adverts to show-up on result page on Google. Choose the keywords that are more related to the product or service you are rendering. Make use of keywords with high search volume. Proper keywords boost the efficiency of your ads, letting you to get more clicks to your campaign.

Change your landing page:
A landing page is the place your visitors are sent to when they click on your ads. Optimization of your landing page is key for a greater conversion rate. Confirm that it loads fast, it is easy to use and meets anticipation of customers. By optimizing your squeeze page, you will be able to get the a good ROI.

Google Adwords Landing Page

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Calibrate sign-up forms:
If you happen to be making use of a sign-up form to generate leads, then ensure your sign-up form is very simple and easy to use, so that visitors will feel comfortable to give you their contact information. Get rid of fields that are unnecessary from your form. Allowing you to increase the rate of conversion.

Give free lead magnets:

You can get more prospects through creativity. You can give your prospects free stuffs like e-books, consultations or free webinars after giving you their details. You can decide to offer them free services concerning what you offer. It is going to draw in more clients and assist you in getting more prospects.

Bid management:
Bid management is vital for a productive campaign. It is possible to raise the bid for the keywords with greater conversion rates and reduce the bids for the keywords that are not doing well. It is going to enhance your Google search ranking on and bring in more visitors to your site.

Track your performance:
Spending money on traffic that is not bringing in income for your business is useless. Correct analysis of important ads. You can make use of Google Analytics to track how your ad is doing compare to the performance of your ads on Google adword. In case you discover any problem, make sure your campaign strategy is improved to get better outcomes.

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

By using the above strategies you will be able to create and manage an adword campaign that is very powerful. Learning these techniques can take time and a plethora of training. But, if you can stick to it, you will see your ROI grow and create a stampede of customers to your business door.

Google adwords is an effective way of getting leads, if you understand a few fundamental techniques, such as way of thinking of your customer, how to increase the CTR and also conversion rate of your opt-in (A.K.A. squeeze) page, and ways of evaluating the result of your campaign.

Below are a few amazing tips to get more leads for your business by tweaking your Opt-in or Landing Pages:

Again, utilize relevant keywords:
Keywords refers to a phrase or term that allows your ads to show-up on the Google Search Engine Results pages . Opt for the keywords connected with your product or service. Keywords that have a very high search “volume”. Using the right keywords increase the effectiveness of your advertisements, allowing you to generate more clicks to your website .

Improve your opt-in-page:
An opt-in-page refers to the place your customers are redirected anytime they click your ads. Optimization of your opt-in-page is crucial for high conversion rate. Make sure the page loads fast, Customer’s wants can be met very easily. When you optimize your opt-in-page, this will allow your business to make more profit.

Calibrate sign-up forms:
Just in case you be using a sign-up form to build your list, ensure you use a very simple sign-up form and user friendly, so as to let guests feel at ease to drop their contact info. Do away with form fields that are unnecessary. This makes your conversion rate to increase drastically.

Give free stuff:
Creativity can bring you more leads. You can offer your customers free e-books, free consultation or webinars after providing you their info. You make a decision to give them free solutions related to your product or services. This strategy will bring in increased customers and help you in acquiring a lot more buyers.

Bid management:
Bid management is critical for campaign to be effective. You can increase the keywords bid with higher conversion rates and stop or lessen the bids for the keywords that are not performing. It will boost your rank in Google search on and generate a lot more visitors to your website.

Track your performance:
Investing funds on clicks that aren’t bringing any revenue for your business is worthless. Appropriate testing of ad is important. Google analytical tracking tool is great for tracking the performance of your ads. If any issue comes up, Ensure the strategy of your campaign is improved for better result.

Using the approach above you can to generate and create an AdWord campaign that is extremely effective, generate more leads, and also increase your business growth.

What is Google Adwords – Ways to remarket your campaign

Remarketing offers you a productive approach to show certain ads to the target audience that have been to your site before. This is the easiest way to reconnect with the visitors that didn’t convert into buyers the first time they visited your site.

Your previous buyers can be persuaded, and irregular visitors can also buy by displaying appropriate and personalize adverts to them.

Google Adwords Remarketing TechnologyRemarketing is dependent on different actions that searchers have carried out on your site. It assists you section your customers and get to ideal folks. It draws in more and more people and get them to be fascinated with purchasing what you offer. It is going to boost your sales and assist you to expand your business.

Remarketing has a lot of strategies for online ads, which includes standard, dynamic, video, mobile apps remarketing and list for search ads remarketing. Google AdWord presents you with powerful method for creating remarketing lists for search ads. It is possible to create your remarketing ads following the tips below:

Add Remarketing tag:

A remarketing tag is a tiny fraction of code that Google AdWords gives to you. It can be integrated to your home page or any other pages of your site. It can also be added to the footer of your site that is typical to almost all websites.

Create Remarketing lists:

After using remarketing tags, you will be able to create a remarketing list for any page. It assists you to monitor the people that are viewing your popular category list by integrating a cookie ID.
A remarketing list is the bunch of cookie IDs of the visitors that have been on your website before.

You can generate your remarketing list through the steps below:

  1. Select the Shared library link in your AdWords account.
  2. Click “View Link” in the audience section.
  3. Select “+remarketing list” button.
  4. Name your List.
  5. Then decide on who you to include in the list by checking the visitors of the page template, punch in the page URL you intend to generate the list for and type the membership length for the list.
  6. You can now save.

What is Google Adwords Themes ?

You can make use of particular themes to build more complex remarketing lists.

Create Remarketing Campaign:

You now can set-up your AdWords campaign by applying this remarketing list. It allows you to display particular adverts to the visitors that are included in your remarketing list. Steps involved in creating a remarketing list include:

  • Log-in to your AdWords account.
  • Choose campaign and click the tab with “+campaign”.
  • Select the “display network only” and check the “remarketing” radio button.
  • Indicate the name of your campaign, strategy of bid and budget.
  • Then choose “set up marketing” button and “save and continue”.
  • You can now enter an ad group name and generate an ad for your remarketing list by adding that list to your particular ad group.

These guidelines above will assist you getting more targeted prospects. Giving you a better outcome and make your ads more visible to your customers. Remarketing campaigns enable you to get a lot more visitors to your business, boost the rate of registrations, advertise the awareness of your brand and eventually increase your ROI.

What is Google AdWords for Videos ?

Videos are probably the most engaging and the best ways to captivate audience. It is believed that one minute video is more than 1.8 million words. Videos impact more on viewers and convince them to check out your webpage or click your adverts.

In late 2006, Google purchased YouTube.  Now, YouTube IS a Search Engine!

Google AdWords combined with YouTube offers you an exceptional chance to appeal to clients with videos that are very creative.

Google Adwords for VideoGoogle AdWords provides you with a special campaign tool known as Google AdWords for videos. It allows you to set up, position and supervise your video adverts across the Google Display Network and on YouTube. With Google AdWords for videos, you have charge over the areas that your ads is shown and the audience that sees your ads.

It assists you in creating internet video marketing and showcases your products and services to your customers. It helps you get across to customers by keyword, topic and their demographic. The audience can be targeted based on the customers according to age, geographic area and gender.

It is easy to begin your marketing for video ads. Set up a Google AdWord account, make a format for your video ad and the targeting options should be set. Your Google Adword account can also be connected to your YouTube Page. Your success can be measured through tracking of views, hits and stats of budget.

Google Adwords Landing Page

This method allows you to get to your clients through cost-per-view bidding. You are not charged when your video is shown on search result. You will only make payment when a client sees your video advert. The images, texts and video adverts content should be related to your YouTube Toolbox Free Softwaresite content. Appropriate video adverts bring much more potential prospects to your company.

Google AdWords only works with “True View Video format”. Allowing you to use different True View Video ad formats to segment your video ads into: In-stream, In-slate, In-search and In-display formats.

  • The in-stream ads run before or after a YouTube video.
  • The in-slate video ads are shown before long You Tube video. It displays three ads options. If a viewer chooses Google Adwords Free SEO Softwareand views any one of those three adverts it is then that you will be charge.
  • The In-search video ads are shown at the top or the right side of the YouTube search results.
  • The in-display video ads are shown on Google Display Network and YouTube partnering networks.

There is no restriction in this for the duration of video you can use in your ads. However, using a video that is not too lengthy performs better. Create videos that are keyword group targeted. Concentrate on relevancy and keywords effectiveness. By making use of good CTA, more viewers can be enticed.

Make sure your ads and opt-in-page are regular and so as for you to get a good ROI. Appealing and exciting video ads improve the interest level and encourage them to click your adverts. Develop a relationship with your viewers. This will dramatically increase your video views and subscribers.  Give them something no else is giving them. Teach something new or in a different way. Google AdWords for video is a revolutionary method to market your offer. It brings in a lot more website traffic whilst you meet the objective of your business.  You can crush your competition with video enhanced webpages.  (Embed your YouTube videos in each page – Show Google the love!)

What is Google AdWords Mobile Advertising ?

Among the essential requirements of affiliate marketing is for you to know who your audiences are. It is essential to understand the types of gadgets your prospective audiences are making use of. These days, most people are making use of mobile phones a lot more to browse the net, online shopping or to stay connected to the internet.

Late last year, the number of mobile users has now overtaken the number of desktop users

In this modern world, to be able to improve the growth of your business and to expand your brand, you will need to optimize your adverts for mobile devices. Google AdWords offers you the chance to build different ads campaign to target mobile users. Your adverts can run on various mobile gadgets to get you more awareness.

The ads are shown on mobile applications or on the mobile web. With mobile devices, guests are able to get details they want wherever and anytime. Mobile marketing with targeted adverts can drastically improve the performance of your ads. It draws in your prospective clients, helping you achieve the goal of your business. It brings in new clients, generate leads for business expansion. If you’re not optimizing for mobile, you’re leaving money on the table!

It is possible to choose mobile ads on Google AdWords via the Display Network or focus on a specific app group. Google AdWords enables you to generate various kinds of adverts that show up on various mobile devices. It gives you the following categories of adverts:

  1. Text ads.
  2. Image ads.
  3. App promotion ads.
  4. Image app promotion ads.
  5. Video app promotion ads.
  6. Call only ads.

Website visitors take different actions while searching using a mobile or a PC. Google AdWords gives you a number of unique features to target mobile devices, such as mobile preferred ads and bid modifiers.

Bid modifiers allow you to place bid prices individually for the ads that are displaying on mobile phones. You are also able generate mobile preferred ads through Google AdWords. It assists you to modify your adverts specifically for mobile devices. Increasing your CTR and higher rate of conversion.

Google Adwords Mobile OptimizedAn array of mobile devices can be obtained nowadays. Your ads can be displayed on these mobile devices in various forms; therefore it is crucial that you analyze which is the most compelling format to attract website visitors. In order for your ads to work best in any format, you have to enhance your mobile ads with appropriate messages, Web addresses, size and opt-in-pages.

AdWords enables you to determine the destination of ad URLs independently for mobile devices and PC types. For those who have a dedicated mobile site, your mobile visitors can be redirected to that particular mobile site. Selecting key phrases for mobile ads is essential. Never make use of one campaign for both desktop and for mobile ads. Utilize broad matching, short and general key phrases.

Google AdWords can be used for mobile promotion to increase your budget on ads. Visitors will find brand more easily and immediately. When you use the mobile marketing feature of Google AdWords, your business will be more viral and build brand recognition. It allows you to get a lot more prospective buyers to boost your sale online.

What is Google Adwords Quality Score?

Google AdWords promotions are based on the Quality Score of your AdWord. For you to be successful with AdWords campaign, Quality Score must be taken very seriously. the quality score determines the ranking of your ads and the cost of the PPC.

Relevancy has a significant role in a PPC ad campaign. Highly searched Keywords gives you a quality score that is very high and are very helpful for your campaign. The Quality score is simply a term provided to your keywords. Allowing you to know how relevant your adverts are and the people in need of what you offer or services you render.

The Quality score is an important element of ads campaign on Google. There are lots of factors behind this:

  • The eligibility of your ads is determined by Quality score that will show on Google search page.
  • It is a key factor which determines your ads position on Google result page.
  • It also affects the extension of the adverts.
  • The Quality score has effects on your campaign cost. A higher quality score equal higher ROI and reduced ads cost.
  • In the result page of Google, high quality score ads show up on the top position.
  • A high quality score allows you to insert good headlines into your ads.

The Ads rank is determined by the quality score, which is the fundamental of a AdWords campaign on Google. Ad rank is calculated using the formula:

Ad Rank = CPC Bid multiplied by Quality Score

The Quality score affects the efficiency of your Google AdWords campaign. Quality score keywords that are high result in much better outcomes. Points used in measuring the quality score of keywords are:

  1. Click-through-rate
  2. Ad relevancy
  3. Relevance and quality of opt-in-page
  4. Bid amount
  5. How the last AdWords account performed

CTR has effects on your quality score. In case your advert is ranking low but the clicks are high, then your quality score will be increased. If your ad ranking high but has the click-through-rate are low, then it will lead to the reduction of your quality score.

The relevancy of your ads is a key factor to be into consideration when analyzing quality score. Create your ads to be more related to your business while crafting the copy of your ads. Make use of keywords in the headings, not inside ad’s body.

Opt-in-page has a great impact on your quality score. There should be a relevancy between the keywords that are displayed on your adverts. The behaviors of the users are tracked by google on opt-in-page. If an opt-in-page has bounce rate that is very high, then the quality score will be affected negatively.

Google Adwords Quality Score

The Quality score is extremely beneficial to increasing your ratings. You should always pay interest on how you quality score can be maintained. Create an ad with a compelling copy. Analyze and detect appropriate keywords and include them in your adverts.

Leave out keywords that are not relevant and not converting very well. Arrange your keywords separate ad groups.

The function of the quality score is a diagnosing tool that analyzes the performance of Google AdWord marketing campaign. When your quality score is well optimized, you will get the most effective ROI and expand your business productively and will be an expert on what is Google Adwords.

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