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INFOGRAPHIC: Optimal Image Sizes to Share on Social Media Cheat Sheet

Optimal Image Sizes to Share on Social Media Cheat Sheet

Optimal Image Sizes for Social MediaIf you’re running an afiliate marketing (or any) online business OR about to create one, there’s one thing you MUST do – theme all your social media accounts – preferably along with your main website.  But, creating the Facebook Cover image, the Twitter profile, the YouTube cover, Google+ BUSINESS page and more can be a pain.

A long time ago I would Google each one as I built my affiliate sites or blogs – like a moron, I did it over and over again.  (Perhaps they should put a notes section within Adobe Photoshop!)

To bookmark this page on a PC:

Press the Ctrl and “D” keys on your keyboard.
– For the Mac, Press Command and “D”

The following will give you the PERFECT size for:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Twitter Profile
  • Tumblr
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

….. and the MOBILE aspects for each!

This little cheat sheet will help you by quickly providing all the image sizes in ONE place.  I love it!

Optimal Image Sizes to Share on Social Media

optimal image data-lazy-sizes for social media

Infographic provided by: SurePayroll

Remember, you have about 2-7 seconds before your web visitor clicks onto the next website.  Your graphics are a key to quickly hooking them and getting them to read the page.  Take a few extra minutes to create stellar graphics.

Then, of course, content management is key!   Have a plan before you build your site AND have it split down to how you will deliver your content.  This is what separates the wanna-be webmaster/blogger from the professionals.

Go the extra mile! Stand out!

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