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Why Your Content Marketing Plan Must Focus on More Than Lead Generation

In the B2B landscape, Content marketing has been considered as an active role player in lead generation and nurturing. As stated by Content Marketing Institute, the content marketing leaders receive 7.8x more website traffic than the non-leaders. But is content marketing all about leads?

Companies have been using content marketing to support different business objectives. As its use has been increased, people are considering content marketing as a different marketing discipline with a unique set of principles and practices.

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Generally, the reason for this is that it has allowed us to construct a body of knowledge about the ways to do content marketing efficiently. The problem is that this approach can allow us to consider the content marketing as an end goal, instead of a way to achieve other essential business/marketing objectives.

The objective of content marketing is to facilitate a customer action that gives profit to a business, but how can you relate it to specific marketing goals.

Content marketing should be considered as a “new” mechanism to attain the objectives that have been important for generating the revenue on a long-term basis. It supports different major customer-facing component of a demand generation system in B2B companies.

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A great number of companies are emphasizing on sales enablement programs to amplify the proficiency of their sales representatives, and for this, having the right content resources is important. Finally, many companies put emphasize the significance of fabricating and maintaining strong relationships with present customers and providing them with the right kind of content.

Business needs to make sure that their content marketing practices are based on the specific marketing objective you are trying to achieve. Therefore, your content marketing program you are using for reputation building is not going to be same as the program you are using for lead generation.

Content marketing and thought leaders

The thought leaders are deemed as the individuals that stand for a company. Many marketers who feel that they want a single person as the ambassador for their brand. Actually, a whole company can be a thought leader in their certain niche.


Altogether, content marketing services emphasize more on providing valuable information. Whether you have a single person or a whole crowd of individuals, on condition that it is valuable, it matters a lot.

Content marketing and demand generation

Demand generation tends to emphasize on brand awareness and brand positioning. To increase the awareness you need to eliminate all blockades between people and your content. Content that fits your model will have solid appeal. Videos, blog posts, lists, and accessible resources are all the sorts that work for demand generation. These sorts of content are usually dubbed inbound marketing activities.

Because the objective of demand generation is long-term, search engine optimization can also play a great role in this process. Websites and blog posts that end up placed high in search will directly place your business in front of your targeted audience.

Content marketing and branding

From blogs and infographics to videos, your job is to explore what is the right fit for your brand and then write the best content.

Blogs serve as an influential way to boost brand awareness. An informative blog offers insights, analysis, and opinions, and thus can exhibit your knowledge and customer engagement.

Content Marketing and Branding

If your consumers start discussing your content, you are sure to get your brand being discussed too. If consumers can use your content or relate to it, there are great chances that they link themselves with your brand and possibly recommend your brand to others.

Likewise, videos and infographics are created to offer a greater amount of information. However, they include a visual dimension to that information in contrast to a narrative blog that appeals to the consumers. Furthermore, infographics and videos are created as they are an “easy to share” stream of content.

Content marketing and lead generation

Lead generation demands detailed content. Usually, people expect a bit more if they’re compelled to fill up a form, and that is why white papers, reports, e-books, and other forms of in-depth and detailed content are usually used for lead generation. Webinars are also a widely used content form for the purpose of lead generation, as people expect to signup for such sort of events.

To get successful at lead generation when it comes to the social media, you should consider employing services from the best social media advertising company. It enables you to target very specific population who may already find your offerings interesting. The aim of your lead generation content is attracting the core audience that constitutes your prospect pool.

To wrap up

Understanding that content marketing is executed through multiple programs that are backed by multiple objectives also simplifies it to assess the content marketing worth more precisely. A content marketing program that backs reputation building should have a wider array of performance metrics than a program based on the objectives like customer retention and expansion.



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