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How to Master Mobile Friendly Email Marketing Campaigns

Mobile Friendly Email Marketing


For modern-day businesses, marketing plans are a way of life.  There are several things that can be done to market your company’s product.  One of those options includes emails that entice the customer to explore your company’s product.  As you will see, mobile-friendly emails are a necessary part of today’s business world that will help increase your customer base.

Mobile Workforce

Those who are part of the mobile workforce understand that they need to keep in touch with their colleagues, and clients.  Great equipment and a WiFi signal will help them write emails wherever they are.  But, make sure the connection is secure  Otherwise, you risk others having access to sensitive information.

Maximizing Mobile Emails

However, if you do decide to create emails to develop your mobile marketing strategy, there are several things to consider.  First, make sure your layout catches the eye.  Utilize your white space, and make it work for you.  Space things out appropriately without looking like there is a big gap.

Next, get to the point immediately by placing the most important things on top.  Your customers shouldn’t have to scroll down in order to get to the point.  Bring it to them right away.


When writing your copy, keep it interesting.  Make the first sentence pack the punch you need to grab their attention.  If they read the email on a mobile device, they may get a preview of the first line before they even open it.  Use that to your advantage, and pique their curiosity.

Lastly, use a clear call to action.  Let them know why they should click on your website’s link.  A clear CTA should stand out, and continue to make them wonder where your marketing email leads.

Create Mobile-Friendly Emails

If you’re going to create an email marketing campaign, you have to realize that people use different devices to access it.  Therefore, it is essential to create a mobile-friendly email that everyone can read no matter what device they use.  Whether it is scalable, or have a fluid design, you want to make sure everyone gets the same message.

Keep It Short

While keeping your message interesting is key, making it short is even more important.  You need to realize that mobile users only skim through most of their emails.  So, keep it brief, and get to the point immediately.  If your email has a lot of extraneous information, many people won’t even read it.  Being brief now will help you later.

Use A Readable Font

Put simply, you need a big enough font for people to see your emails on a mobile device.  If they can’t read it right away, it will be gone.  You can explore different sizes.  But, make it big enough to read.

You will also want to consider the font.  Some people who have legal blindness have difficulty reading fancy ones.  This is another reason to keep it simple.  You want everyone to read it.  So, keep things plain for now.  You can always customize them later.

Email Marketing Examples

If you are struggling to figure out how to get started, you can always look at different examples.  Plenty of companies have created campaigns that get noticed.  BuzzFeed, for one, has great subject lines, and previews.  Their messages pack the punch needed to get – and keep – the reader interested.


Those that like beauty products will be intrigued by Birchbox.  Their company’s subject lines will sometimes give off the impression that they forgot to give you something.  However, clicking it will make you realize they didn’t forget at all, and you’ll get even more information – or even a good deal.

Cook Smarts is another company that produces great emails.  Their messages offer great recipes, kitchen “how-tos”, and suggestions.  They also offer a call to action that allows you to forward the email to a friend just by clicking a button.  In doing so, you not only see a brief description of the recipe, and how to prepare it.  You can quickly share it with everyone else.


As you can see, mobile-friendly email marketing campaigns have become essential for everyone who wants to sell a product or service.  A good plan will pique the interest of newcomers, and will also keep your regulars coming back.  As long as they are visually appealing, and get to the point, your customers will share your emails and spread the word about you.

Nick RojasNick Rojas is a business consultant and journalist who lives in Chicago and his hometown Los Angeles with his wife. His work often discusses social media, marketing, and branding in regards to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).




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