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Mobile Marketing is Taking Over – Be Prepared


Mobile Marketing is Taking Over – Be Prepared or You’re Leaving Money on the Table

mobile marketingThe assertion that we live in a world that is going mobile is very wrong. It would be very right to say that we live in a mobile world. There are more than 5 billion mobile phones on the planet today; one each for over 65 % of the total population of the world. This figure is approximately 5 times the variety of desktop computer and laptop computers available in the world today. Reports from a Consulting firm in the Year 2010 showed that over 50 % of web search worldwide was carried out from mobile phones in and that SMS Text messaging is one of the most famous means of instant messaging available in the world today.

Further reports released by VISA in 2008 showed that virtually every mobile phone user takes their phone along with them anywhere they go and this was proved by the fact that approximately one credit card is reported lost in a day while a mobile phone is reported lost approximately every 20 minutes.

Exactly what does this mean for your business? To start with it implies comprehending the implications and benefit of Mobile advertising is very crucial at this stage. For example any kind of company that has a website should ensure it is compatible with mobile search. Roughly 56 % of all web searches worldwide today are done via mobile phones. Past that, it means that mobile phone interactions method should be embraced as well as applied by most organizations that are in business to succeed.

Several clients are already using their smart phones to discover services, to look for products, to make acquisitions, and as a means of remaining notified about their preferred interests as well as brands and so you must take advantage of this means before your competitors beat you to it.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Ask any individual what mobile marketing is and I can assure you will certainly get a wide variety of answers which would consist of: mobile advertising, SMS campaigns, mobile messaging, text message communications, mobile interactions, brand marketing, awareness creation and many more. The mixed feedbacks you obtain are considering the fact that mobile marketing is all of these points depending upon the individual’s interpretation and how it profits them.

I could specify a lengthy line of interpretations to try to define mobile advertising for you but there would be no point in reiterating exactly what every person else is currently claiming and also just what you can discover on your own. Instead, I intend to lay out various means of identifying mobile marketing which will assist you to establish why you must strongly take into consideration the prospect of interacting with your target audience via this network.

It is individual marketing

According to several people, mobile marketing has been adjudged as the very first real form of individual marketing. When you receive an SMS alert on your phone, you assume it is from a close friend or colleague of yours and so you open it immediately. As a result, marketing experts interacting by mobile personally involve themselves with a message or experience, in order to be able to connect with the customer on an individual level.

It is a form of Modern Online Marketing

Mobile marketing may be complicated since it is still fairly new and not too much people have taken advantage of it. Individuals are examining as well as going over mobile marketing with their very own personal encounters. It is still very early in the marketing world and so lots of people are still skeptical about venturing into it. According to a Famous Technological Expert, Mobile advertising gives bunches of alternatives, including cross-media interactions that the globe has actually witnessed yet.

Mobile Marketing has Various Aspects

How to Mobile Marketing

Mobile advertising actually does have various meaning to various people depending on who you are dealing with. The type of analysis and interpretation you give to mobile marketing largely depends on your product niche.

For Mobile marketing companies, they concentrate on selling mobile marketing products in an advertisement way while organization marketers see mobile marketing as utilizing the mobile to portray a brand name in an objective manner so that the client will want to be involved with it. Choices on which media channels and also strategies to use are made based on the company’s perception of the audience and the target market.

Regardless of whatever you think Mobile Marketing is, the bottom line is to be able to comprehend the various ways in which you can use mobile devices to build an individualized and efficient interaction with the customer.

Why You Need Mobile Marketing for Your Business

There are so many reasons why you need to use Mobile marketing for your business and this is because reports have shown that mobile marketing have a tendency to boost sales rapidly and get products across to your audience without the fear of whether they will get it or not. Some of the reasons why you need to use Mobile marketing for your business are:

• Higher market reach

Mobile marketing helps you to reach a highly targeted market with the capacity to conveniently target and also personalize direct marketing messages to various client groups. Mobile devices, unlike Computers, are typically made use of by one person only which suggests that the message you sent will reach the appropriate individual every time you send it. Targeting a higher market will increase your chances of success and make your mobile marketing campaign more efficient.

• Highly reliable communication means

Mobile phone users virtually have their phones with them 24 hours a day and this is because the devices are portable and trusted. When compared to E-mails, users open text messages almost immediately they are received. Reports have shown that the average reading rate for Text messages is 90% when compared to E-mails which have an average of 25% opening rate. Mobile devices users make use of their phones as a communication device already, and so it would be an easy task for them to communicate with Organizations directly compared to conventional media such as Television or print. The 2 way communication means mobile marketing offers enables you to connect with your clients on an individual level and build solid partnerships.

• More affordable

Mobile marketing has a much lesser expense than the other Online Marketing mediums. The expenses are minimal considering the fact that the significant costs incurred with a text message campaign are reduced when it comes to a large audience each message expenses sent to a targeted and engaged audience. Reduced expenses means your budget will not be affected in any way and you can use other forms of online marketing in addition to your Mobile marketing campaign.


• Quick to execute

Mobile marketing campaigns are fast and also simple to develop. They can also be executed quickly which means that you can begin to receive results almost immediately.

• A Higher Customer reaction rate when compared to conventional direct marketing means

Mobile advertising and marketing has a greater customer reaction rate when compared with rate than conventional direct advertising media. Due to the fact that it is still very fresh in the market, customers trust it better than other direct marketing means. Average reaction rates for mobile marketing are around 16% which is over 5 times more than the average email marketing programs. A Higher reaction rate implies that you will not spend money on a lost cause and you will be getting a much bigger Return on Investment than your traditional marketing means.

• Ability to effortlessly combine it with other Advertising medium

This is another reason why you should use Mobile marketing for your online marketing campaign. Mobile marketing can easily be combined with other advertising mediums like Radio, Print Medias, Television and many others. Using mobile marketing as part of your marketing mix makes it very easy to get your customers to participate in your activities; a feature most of the Marketing mediums do not possess.

• Significant and accurate Client Information

While using Mobile marketing for your business, you have the ability to maintain the database of your target audience. This is because our target markets have the propensity to maintain their mobile numbers for a very long time unlike e mail addresses or postal addresses which may change over time. This suggests that Mobile Marketing campaign is more accurate and will always fit in to your budget.

• Low Investment Risk

The convenience, accuracy and also low cost of a mobile advertising campaign suggests there is a minimized investment risk and this is because results can be seen swiftly and the campaigns could be easily adjusted based on the returns.

• Extremely Traceable

Mobile is very traceable and this is due to the fact that the prospective client has a tendency to react straight and also quickly. Mobile marketing could likewise be used to track the performance of other marketing means by including a direct response call to action at the end of any Advert.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

moblie_Marketing_strategyWith the enhancing variety of people having Internet-able tools nowadays, it is just suitable that marketing is done on a brand-new system to reach out to the target audience. Advertising and marketing done through mobile devices, be it a phone, PDA or an iPad, is referred to as mobile marketing.

The primary step to achieving an effective mobile marketing campaign is sitting down and preparing exactly what are the mobile advertising and marketing strategy that you would like to adopt because as the saying goes “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Carrying out the task of mobile marketing for your business regardless of the size can really be done quickly without too much difficulty.

The first step of planning is making certain that you are not classified a spammer. A spammer does not necessarily mean that you are trading in counterfeit items or generic drugs; the definitions vary from nation to nation. It is advisable to make consultations before you start your marketing campaign in any country to avoid being labeled a spammer.

Below are some Mobile Marketing strategies that you can adopt. Read through them carefully and make a decision to adopt these strategies before you miss out on the numerous benefits attached.


The first step that you have to do is to set your objectives and also targets. These describe the sales that you mean to achieve and various other measures of success.


Next off, perform some study to recognize your target market. You should comprehend the habits of the market in order to communicate to them and also encourage them to buy your product or service.


This is the next step to take in your Mobile marketing strategy. You will need to decide various ways to communicate with your target market. Do you intend to use MMS, a mobile friendly website or make use of the various Social media sites used in Social Media Marketing? No matter the approach you pick, it is crucial that your business has a mobile pleasant web site specifically considering the fact that you are selecting mobile marketing to carry out your Online Marketing activity.


After making a decision on how you will reach your target audience, the next step to take is to make a decision regarding the message that you wish to send to your market. Do you want to introduce a brand-new product to them by making them aware of the numerous benefits or do you want to capitalize on your competitors’ shortcomings?


As soon as you have made a decision on the message to convey, you can then kick-start your campaign by sending various messages to your target audience through the mobile marketing medium you choose. It is advisable to use all because customers have preferences.


This is the final step you need to take when planning your mobile marketing strategy. You would need to track, evaluating as well as enhancing the campaign. This is the stage where you review the efficiency of the marketing campaign by comparing the sales of the item, and afterwards enhancing your mobile marketing strategies in order to attain better outcomes for the following campaign.

In a few years time, every one of us would have a few regrets. In order for you not to regret missing out on the numerous benefits attached with Online marketing, it would be best if you just took advantage of marketing online by using Mobile Marketing Campaign as the bedrock of your Social Media, E-mail, Content, and Video Marketing Campaign.

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