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The Effects of Mobile Marketing on Social Media

Mobile Marketing and Social Media

If any technology has helped the social media to become the best tool of communication, then it is none other than the smartphones. According to a Google recent report, the majority of the internet users are now browsing the internet on their smartphones, or other 3G or GPRS supported mobile devices. Not only the social media websites, the websites like YouTube which is another dimension of social media that only deals with the video streaming are also getting more users from the mobile devices. This all means that smartphones have made a great impact on the social media that is why social media has become the favorite platform for the mobile media marketers.

With 1 billion people using the Facebook around the world and most are coming from the mobile devices, this made the mobile marketers greedy so they decided to jump onto the social media websites. To know how they are affecting the social media, you need to read the next lines because, in the next part of this article, I have compiled some of the ways through which mobile marketing is affecting the social media.

Bringing more users on the platforms:

More than 80% of social media users are now accessing these websites through their smartphones. That is why all the social media platforms are making them more mobile-friendly than ever. That is why it has become important for the marketers to reflect their performance on small screens social media too for the success.

More than 80% of social media users are now accessing these websites through their smartphones. Click To Tweet

If you are the mobile media marketer and thinking to start introducing social media into your marketing strategy, then you have to do something. To market your brand on the mobile version of social media, you have to tweak your formatting to get the maximum results out of it. Following are the few effective ways to use the mobile formatting of social networks to get maximum advantage.

Compelling Header image and Bio: Because the screens of the smartphones are much smaller than the screens of the laptops of desktop computers, the user normally see the header image, short bio and then the company’s content. That makes it hard to get the result out of it because the space is too short to put your marketing content. That is why you have to use a striking header image which attracts the user in just one glimpse and has to write a bio which should make the user click on it to land on your page.

Content should be shareable: To get maximum users on your website or social media account page, you need to construct a content which is shareable. I am not referring about enabling the sharing options on your page; I am talking about the content which the user share himself. If you are posting images or videos, you need to make it sweet enough that people share it on their walls and increase your reach to those who are not even the follower of your account on the social media websites.

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Mobile Apps are replacing landing pages:

Companies are now more interested in making their own app instead of just sticking onto the website. Having an app means you are accessible to your customer anytime anywhere. Once it is installed on someone’s smartphone, he will only use your app whenever he would need to get the services or products that you provides.

These apps are a very exciting development for the mobile media marketers because they are providing several advantages to them out of which, some are given below.

Apps are more specific: Downloading an app is a longer process than just making someone land on your page. If anyone downloads your app, that means he is or going to be your customer soon. That is why it makes your market specific and helps you to target him easily. For example; if you have any event coming up and want to market it, then those who have your app installed in your mobile are the most likely one to attend because they are your direct customer that is why your app is still on their smartphone.

No competition with the big one: Whenever someone types his need in the search bar of the Google, he gets numerous options which reduce your chances of getting that lead. To increase your chances, you have to do SEO or PPC to rank your website on the top position to get the first click of the user which is not as easy as it sounds and the marketers know it. However, having the app, you don’t have to worry about such competitions. You are not building something which is directly competing with others. You are just creating another store for your business, and the customer will only set his foot in when he needs your product.

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Mobile is providing more engagement than other devices:

There is no comparison in the engagement coming from the mobile devices than the other devices. Even the average engagement rate per user of the mobile devices is a lot ahead of others. Mobile devices are now more for the entertainment than the communication. People like to see, share and tag other people on something entertainment just by sitting on their toilet seat. Mobile makes it a lot easier to access the social media websites, which is why people are now engaging more even on the ordinary content which did not used to get any engagement before the era of the smartphone. That is why it has become a lot easier for the mobile marketer to market their business even with the ordinary content.

Final Words:

The love affair of the social media websites and the mobile media marketing is not going to end soon. Even with the development that social media websites are doing to make their websites mobile friendly is going to make this affair much stronger. Updates like Facebook Messenger proves that the social media websites also know the importance of smartphone technology which is a good sign for the mobile media marketers because they are going to find new and effective ways to reach the audience now and then.


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