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The Crucial key of Social Media in Affiliate Marketing

social media in affiliate marketing


With millions of internet users spending a large percentage of their time online using social media websites, it is no surprise that affiliate marketers have tried to cash in on this traffic. According to reports from leading analytic firms on the internet, the majority of affiliate marketers are currently using social media as part of their marketing strategy. It is not so simple, however, and implementing a strategy on these types of networks is often more complicated than traditional search engine optimization.

Due to the very nature of social media, it has long been used as a platform for successful affiliate marketing. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter can give immediate access to thousands of people who could be potential buyers of a product. Here are some simple techniques that you can use to get started in making money from combining the power of social media with affiliate marketing.

The Major Social Media Players You Should Be Using


social media - youtube
One of the sites that you might like to use is YouTube. With the internet becoming more video-centric due to the improvement of broadband and faster network speeds, this site currently has the 2nd highest searches online after Google. It has now become an expectation of most consumers that a video camera will be installed on laptops, and this makes it very easy to create videos at home without the use of any special equipment.

Many online money makers are submitting videos and creating video channels for affiliate marketing purposes. If you select a particular theme or even inject plenty of humor into videos, you may even be in with a chance of creating a production that could be virally shared around the globe.

To make the most of YouTube, use a URL linking to your affiliate product page in the description of the video that you submit. The URL could be a shortened version by using a site such as You may also want to wear a t-shirt that displays the URL that you want your viewers to visit. Again, it could be helpful if the URL is shortened to make it easier to type into a browser.


social media facebook
Facebook can be simply used to enhance your network traffic and create a foothold for other endeavors. Facebook lets you make a separate page or group for your site and you can share your links by posting and submitting your information to this page or group.


social media linkedin
LinkedIn is a social networking site that allows you to put your “business face” on it. You can upload your live resume, interact and connect with business people. If Facebook is a social media mostly for friends to connect and share their personal lives, then LinkedIn is a more serious social media, built exclusively for business.


social media flickr
This image and video site offers a professional account for approximately $30 per year. This will enable you to add html for affiliate marketing purposes to your image and video descriptions. The submissions of Flickr are crawled rapidly by Google and the other search engines, which will make them quickly available to other internet users.
The best way to use Flickr is to add photos of the product that you would like to sell and link these back to a review of the product or straight to the merchants site.


social media twitter
This micro-blogging site offers immediate access to millions of viewers. It is possible to set up your blog and your Flickr account to post automatically to your Twitter account as new submissions are made. Affiliate marketing is made possible by linking back to your product pages with the link that your merchant has provided.

To get the most from Twitter, it is essential to take part in the community and build your network and relationships. Don’t just market to your ‘followers’ – spend time chatting and having banter with them.

If you wish to succeed at social media in network marketing, you want to be certain you do not make mistakes that cause one to finally end up wasting your time on social networks, or even getting banned from your social media account. What you really want is to create a community of eager followers, and you may make that happen by paying attention to the tips below;

  1. Understand that social networks have people interacting constantly.
    You will need to build relationships with these people, because that will assist you to avoid spamming your affiliate link all over the place. Neglecting to get this done may get people to block you and you won’t have a solid following. So, please do not make the mistake of forgetting this important point.  Also, make your ad copy stand out!
  2. Offer valuable information.
    While making use of social media in network marketing, it is imperative to offer valuable information. Post relevant information that gives solutions to their people’s current problems; that is something anyone involved in network marketing wants.
  3. Connect various social networks together.
    Finally, when working with social media in network marketing, you will need to make sure to keep every social media tool connected. This can help with time management and logging into every single network for one update. If you don’t, you’ll likely miss out on a ton of opportunity to market and drive more traffic to your website.

One disadvantage of using social media websites for affiliate marketing is that the overwhelming majority of users do not use websites like Facebook as a medium to get informed about products they are interested in buying. These websites exist to share information mostly related to their private social lives, which is somewhat distinct from their behavior as a consumer. The tricky struggle for affiliate marketers is to convince a social media user that they should buy a product even while involved with lazy internet browsing and socializing.

Social Media: Targeted Web Traffic

It’s not all bad news, however, and there are some advantages for affiliates who are interested in tapping into social media. The greatest advantages is that users often congregate on social media websites by the niches that interest them, and if you are able to network effectively, you can insert your product in the midst of extremely targeted traffic. This provides an incredible opportunity for affiliate marketers as they don’t have to look for their audience. With this in mind, there is understandably a lot of potential for online marketers when it comes to making use of social media, and we are likely to see more developments in the near future.

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