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Content and The Sales Funnel: How To Improve Your Content To Improve Conversions

Content marketing is one good strategy for promoting your business or product. So if you want to consider trying this out then understanding the basics of effective copywriting is a must. It helps your content marketing strategy to be a success because it increases conversion rates.

Effective copywriting happens in two ways. First is by putting techniques into your content which connects it to your business goals. Second is by combining your created content to your sales funnel. So, what is the sales funnel?

Understanding The Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is a marketing system which is known to be the buying process that companies lead customers through when buying products. If you are using a content marketing strategy, you need to understand the core concept behind the sales funnel. By doing that, you will attract leads, build a relationship – and most of all, increase conversions.

Sales Funnel Content and Conversions

Now, your goal is to write content that will fulfill the target audience needs at each step of the process and urge them to take action. Below are tips on how to improve your content to improve conversions.

Know Your Target

The secret to moving a prospect through the sales funnel starts with knowing your target audience. This means knowing who will be buying your product or what their specific needs are or issues that need a solution. Targeting these motivations is critical to creating useful content at the beginning of the sales process.

Choose Topics Related To Business Goals

Picking the right topic is one of the factors to consider when it comes to increasing conversions. The common topics that most people prefer are hot topics, developing trends, how to’s, tutorials, breaking news, top 10 lists, and entertainment. Always ensure that your topics hit your target audience and it must also have a connection between what you are discussing and what your brand represents.

Write Powerful Headlines

The critical action driver to your content is your headline. It should be created in a way that will insist readers to further read your article. So how can you write a good headline? A good headline has the right keywords to make it clear for your audience on what to expect from your content. It must have the clarity to not only persuade readers but to also drive traffic and encourage word of mouth referrals.

Build Trust

There are many reasons why conversion rates of sites don’t increase, and one of them is the lack of trust. Most people don’t want to buy a particular product because they do not have money, they don’t need it, or simply they don’t trust you.

In making your content, you need to build trust by only including verified information. You need to prove to your readers that you and your company are legit by showing testimonials from previous customers or even studies and investigations that will back up what you are saying. You can also add ways on how they can contact you such as phone number or email address.

Tell A Compelling Story

When it comes to the body of the content, it must contain stories and what happens next. Most readers don’t care about facts. A storytelling type of material is far more efficient than content full of boring facts. It is one good way of connecting with people – especially if they have experienced something similar to what you write.

Give Readers Something To Act On

Now that you have caught their attention with your title and you get them hooked with your content, it is best that the conclusion of the content should contain something like buying the product or sign up for the email list. This is your call to action. But make sure to write a good one which is not terrifying or annoying to readers.

Content marketing and conversions

Create Genuine And Believable Content

In making real and genuine content, your tone and language must be conversational. You should not use jargon or words that may isolate or confuse your readers. Your content should also be free of typos and grammar problems.

Final Thoughts

As the scope of content marketing continues to grow and expand, it is essential not just to write any content but to write content that is 10x better than the rest. This is the reason why high-quality content should be your top priority when it comes to driving traffic to your site.

The marketing experts at Automatic Likes understand how important it is to have excellent content material. It should not only trust and solve problems but should also be able to drive readers through the sales funnel so that they eventually become customers.

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