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Why You Should Use Infographics In Content Marketing

Infographics are a mix of design, writing, and analysis that communicate complex data. Ideally, Infographics are visually compelling. If presented well, infographics take deep data and present it in visual shorthand. The sharable nature of Infographics makes them a valuable asset to established and potential users. Infographics are easily understood and digested by the audience. Businesses can’t ignore the power of interactive content. Interactive content will make any website worth visiting. Here are five ways infographics can make your content reach more people.

Makes Content Easily Understandable

With a lot of information on the web, many people are seeking to save time. Users are looking for information that can be understood in a short span of time. In this case, infographics can be useful. Users find it time-consuming to go through long paragraphs to get information. Infographics contain information already broken down making it easy to understand. Infographics present short information in a succinct form. Additionally, infographics help users to retain information. A website is likely to retain users if the content is easily understood. Online users are able to appreciate and take action when Information is easy to understand.

Infographics and Content Marketing

Improves Search Engine Optimization

Infographics have the capability of pushing your website higher in search engines. The viral nature of infographics means more links for your website will be available. Search engines like Google, will, therefore, rate your website as an excellent source of information. This rating leads to ranking your website higher.

Apart from traffic, infographics can solve the challenge of link building. Link building is a crucial element in improving SEO rankings. Good infographics can circulate for years. This ensures your website remains relevant over an extended period. Infographics are also versatile in nature. A single infographic can be manipulated into multiple pieces of content. Such content can be used in e-books or micro-content for social promotion. This feature will in return improve SEO ranking.

Infographics can be optimized through; meta description, image alt text, social media sharing buttons, URL strings page load times and H1 headings.

Infographics and SEO

Makes Content Viral

Infographics are attractive and cover a lot of information in a concise manner. This is a feature that makes them easily shareable on social media platforms. The shares can make interesting and captivating infographics go viral compared to content with ordinary text. Online users who get information through infographics are likely to share. This is a guarantee that content produced through infographics can reach more people. A recent research by MDG Advertising indicates that infographics can lead to 94% more views. Additionally, press releases with both photos and videos can get 48% more views. Press releases with plain text get only 14% views from the target audience.

Increases Website Subscribers

The attractive nature of infographics motivates users to click and share your content. This leads to virality. High traffic improves chances of lead generation and conversion. High traffic leads to an increase in the number of website subscribers and followers.  The audience is able to engage with your content. High engagement ensures many people can identify with your brand. Eventually, a high audience will convert into paying customers. Posts with engaging visuals are able to increase subscribers by 37%.

email and infographics

An established subscriber base makes your website stickier. A stickier website means that your visitors spend more time reading content. Lastly, increased subscribers lead to user retention. Infographics can grab the attention of the user who might come back.

Understanding User Behavior Through Tracking

Analytics can be used in tracking infographics by embedding a code. The tracking provides information on how many people viewed, shared the infographic. Additionally, analytics can tell how long a user viewed the infographic.

This information is key to improving future content. You can adjust accordingly once you learn the behavior of your users.  In the future, you can come up with more interesting and relevant Infographics.

The key to succeeding online is to ensure the target audience has an interest in your content. Therefore, using infographics can be one of the effective ways to reach a large audience. However, always ensure the visual elements are relevant, interesting and educational. Infographics should also be appealing and enjoyable to view.

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