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Top 3 Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

Why work with the Top 3 Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites?

Residual or Recurring Affiliate Marketing is the way to go.  Working for the conversion once and getting paid again and again. This is my “bread and butter” or constant goal.  While creating a real monthly income with affiliate marketing you can earn a few extra bucks with some “Google Love”.  Google Adsense can be a lucrative addition to your earnings OR if you’re just beginning, tight on budget, it is certainly a way to help you get started making money online.

What is Google Adsense?

Advertiser pay Google to advertise on their search engine results pages (SERPs, for short).  Such as this:

What is Google Adwords


The top and right-hand margin are generated by Google’s Adwords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) program.  Depending on the advertisers niche market and competition, these ads can be very pricey. Sometimes, these ads can go for close to $100 per click.  Yea, click one and you just cost an advertiser some real cash.  That’s how PPC and Google Adwords works.

But, let me introduce the other side of the coin.  The search engine results pages are not the only place you see these when surfing the internet.  You might see them within an actual website such as EzineArticles or iSnare or within a niche market you’re researching like this:

top 2 Google Adsense Revenue Sharing sites


The website owners join Google Adsense as a “publisher” and get paid a small portion of the “click” action when each web visitor clicks on one of these ads.  They don’t only have to be text ads though.  They can be image ads or a combination of both image and text.

What is Google Adsense Revenue Sharing?

Google makes money, if a sale occurs, the advertiser makes money AND the website owner (publisher) makes a little money.  It’s a win-win-win situation.  If you’re a publisher (webmaster) though you MUST follow Google Adsense policies and procedures very closely.  They are strict about this.

Pick a trend. Write on anything you’re passionate about or research something you don’t know and write a summary.  This is easy folks!  IF you can write, you can earn real hard cash.  A check sent to you by GOOGLE!  Start out small and build for more. Cross-link them with backlinks and create serious link juice!

You can create videos, photos, or just write.  It’s up to you. There is really no limit to what can happen.  I’ll also be investigating Yahoo’s Publisher program and see where that leads.  That is when I’m not writing for my own websites and those I contribute to.

So, I can teach you how to start a blog or build a website, construct killer content and bring in heavy web traffic.  But, again, if your budget is tight or time is an issue.  You can earn Google Adsense income monthly without spending a single dime.  I do it. You can too!

Google Adsense Approved

Top 3 Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

There are some major websites out there that will allow you to publish your own creative, unique writing and split the Google Adsense earnings with you.  This is huge if you have zero budget to start.  The best bet is to check out my step-by-step how to start a WordPress blog in 20 minutes article.  You own it and control it.  Also, you can add your own domain to it and build your virtual affiliate marketing empire.  The following will just be gravy or icing on the cake as it is in my case.

Regardless, the extra beauty of these sites are that not only can you earn from the work you do, but you can earn from the work of others.  Referrals!  After you sign up and begin making some  easy money, if you refer others, you gain a percentage of their work.  This can add up quite nicely in the long haul.  I made $50 in two weeks.  And, that is just growing. See Proof.

Number 1 Google Adsense Revenue Sharing  Hubpages – The MacDaddy

hubpages google adsense earn money now

Hubpages has a super easy drag-n-drop intuitive interface.  It’s almost so easy, it gets in my way.  But, zero HTML knowledge is needed.  Additionally, they have a huge MOZ rank and a Google PageRank of 6.

Hubpages pays 60% of the Google Adsense Revenue Share


Second Best Google Adsense Revenue Sharing site  WebAnswers – very cool, just Answer questions you can find on Google Search!

Earn Cash with Nothing to Pay EVER


With WebAnswers, you’ll have to sign up and answer 50 questions before you can begin earning. But, it only took me about three days and in my spare time.  Of course, the more thorough you are about your answers to these general questions, the more Adsense Revenue you can earn.  The longer answers help generate more traffic to the sight. WebAnswers is currently carrying a PageRank of 4.

WebAnswers also pays extra royalties when your answer is awarded as the best answer.  You’ll gain 20% from your referrals traffic.

Best Google Adsense Revenue Sharing  Best Reviewer – This final Google Adsense Revenue sharing site pay 100% of the earnings right to you.

Join with pjgermain as your referrer!


This is a great high-traffic site to create backlinks to your money sites, but On top of paying 100%, it gets even better.  Even if your referrals only use this site to create backlinks, you get paid 100% of the Google Adsense revenue!  You can even use this site to link back to your Hubpages or WebAnswers links.  This site also carried a PageRank of 4.


Affiliate Marketing TipsSo, these are the top 3 Google Adsense Revenue sharing websites that actually earn me extra money with zero financial investment.  I can see where I might actually hire a ghostwriter from Fiverr to assist with building this income on near autopilot.  But, doing this while helping your main websites (as you can see, I don’t run Google Adsense on this site) is a no-brainer.

Writing high-quality content on other websites is also huge for your persona and on-web authority, branding and reputation.  You can quickly show why you’re an expert in your field and drive traffic anywhere you wish.  Throw in some social media backlinks and WHAM!  Watch your Google earnings continue to grow.

I have heard others running Adsense on and Google Blogger as well. Yet, this incurs creating traffic to new or building existing websites up.  Regardless how you map it out or create your own design for this project, it’s worth your time and effort, I assure you.

Onward and Upward!

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