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YES, YOU Can Make Money Online – ZERO Invested – Ever!

Making Money Online with ZERO Investment – EVER!

Google Approved WebsitesNo website? No problem. No Internet Experience, no problem.  Short on cash? Zero budget, but you have access to the Internet – PERFECT!

I have been working on the Internet for over a decade.  Affiliate Marketing is my forte’. I have made a lot of money online.  But, I’m not here to toot my own horn.  You can visit my personal website to discover more.  I’m constantly promoting affiliate links for other companies’ products or services.  I make a nice commission doing so.  And, I normally target recurring monthly income.

That being said, there is some truth to the saying “It takes money to make money”.  Setting up your own website (learn how to start a blog here) is very beneficial when you need to appease the search engines.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes a bit of work, but has huge benefits.

NOTE:  What I’m about to reveal is NOT some kind of “trial membership” or anything of the kind.  I promise you – You will not have to spend one dime setting this up. There are no monthly expenses.  Yep, you read that right – zero investment – zero overhead.  How’s that for your ROI?

Sooo, while I’m promoting other things, I make enough gas money or extra advertising money via Google Adsense.  What is Google Adsense ?  Click Here for more on the explanation.  Google Adsense is the counterpart of Google Adwords.  I actually learned about Google Adwords first.  (Click here for an explanation of How Google Adwords works, this will likely clear it all up for you.)

So, while I’m promoting other things, each of my websites also earn money from Google Adsense.  I control the websites and drive traffic to them usually with a little Social Networking, article writing and other means.  I give up some of my website’s space for Google to serve up whatever advertisement they wish.  And when a website visitor clicks on an advertisement, regardless if the product or service owner actually makes a sale, Google pays me for the advertising space.  Think of my website as a billboard on the highway.

I just write “content” like I’m writing now and mention it too Google.  At the end of the day, it’s really that simple.

You can write articles on anything you like.  What is your passion?  What do you know most about or consider yourself an expert on?   Then, simply learn How To Start A Blog and you’ll be compensated for your efforts by advertising products, email marketing or Google Adsense  – or a combination of all of these revenue streams.

I Don’t Have a Website

Okay, so lets get to where a lot of folks are. You don’t have your own website OR you’re just not ready to go there.  You just want to provide some content and earn money.  Let’s say you and I were in business together. And, I provided all your technical expertise.  I know domain names and I’m a certified webmaster.  You’re an expert on things I know nothing about.  That’s cool!  I’ll set up a website for you and you help me with the knowledge to convey to people on the web.  We will split any money we make on advertising.  This is the “revenue share” model.

There are several websites on the net that do just this.  Google Adsense Revenue Sharing.  How the revenue is split is different for each one.  And, several of these websites don’t get decent Google “love” via the search engines.  The few that I’m about to reveal are fantastic with both web traffic and Google approval.  They each also have solid “Help” areas (knowledgebase, Q&A, tech support).  The interfaces for posting your articles of knowledge varies.  But, the learning curve is short if you like computers and feel you can easily get around on them.

The TOP 3 Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites


Earn money with Google Adsense

See my HubPages Profile Here:  Earn Money with Hubpages

HubPages has been around a long time.  Recently, Squidoo was acquired by Hubpages.  Whenever an advertiser pays Google to advertise on Hubpages, the writer of the article gets 60% of each “click”.  See my Google Adwords link above to explain PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and how advertisers pay Google to advertise on their behalf.  Hubpages retains the other 40% of each cost per click.

Additionally, Hubpages has a nice interface to allow you to see Amazon products, eBay products also. Thereby, creating three income streams from this one FREE site.

WebAnswers – Ask Question or Provide Answers – YOU make money!

Answer Questions - Make Money

Do you like to do research on the web?  Some people apparently don’t.  I like to look at it as being a detective.  I find answers to people’s questions and provide them on this website and earn money from Google Advertisements.  It doesn’t get much easier!  You’ll have to answer 50 questions first.  But, after that, you’re in the money! Sign up today!

Best Reviewer – Create your own list of favorite things – ANYthing!

Join with pjgermain as your referrer!
This website pays 100% to you for every click you earn!  That’s easy money. Setup an account, create a list of your top 3, 5 or 10 or more things (200 word minimum) and provide a wee introduction and you’re gold!

Pj, Why Share this Really Cool Money Making Business Opportunity?

Recurring Affiliate Income is definitely the way to go. But, as an affiliate marketing coach, some people simply don’t have the budget to start a new online business and create rapid website traffic.  SEO can be daunting at first.  So, this is a solid way for others to begin online and get their feet wet on creating real residual income.

ALSO – these are not the top 3 Google Adsense Revenue sharing companies just for how much they pay to you or how much “Google Love” they receive.  Any time you or I invite a new member that signs up, you get a tiny portion of their advertisement impressions as well.  So, it’s a win-win-win situation.

Earn Money Online - FREE

There are several “pie-in-the-sky” programs out there. Some multi-level and seen as a pyramid scheme.  While legal (and the decent ones are), this is NOT that.  This is simply online marketing.  Advertisers paying for ad space – just like a billboard.  You are simply providing “content” in the form of “keywords” for Google to consume and know what type of products or services to advertise for.  It’s supply and demand.

NOTE:  Now that Google owns YouTube – I’ll show you how to “monetize” videos for Google Adsense earnings also.  This will double your income.  They don’t even have to be videos YOU create.  Really!

There are webmasters making thousands doing this.  They buy domain names, or even old websites from other webmasters and reconstruct them for Google Adsense. They may promote them a bit, but after that, it’s pretty much hands off.  Some new articles once or twice a month to keep it interesting and BAM, a low ROI virtual real estate money making model.

Will it happen overnight?  No Way!  This isn’t a get-rich quick scheme. But it IS a real way to earn money online before you graduate up to Affiliate Marketing or developing your own product or service, creating a newsletter, learning SEO and skyrocketing your income.  Think about it.  This is “easy” money.

top 3 Google Adsense Earning Websites

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