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Top 14 Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic and Engagement

In this competitive marketing landscape, content marketing is one of the most robust and result-driven types of marketing that can help brands earn credibility and more profits. And the best part is, content marketing costs less than any other traditional type of marketing and generates more leads and engagement compared to other techniques. This is why more and more brands are investing in creating high-quality, engaging content marketing campaigns to achieve unprecedented heights of success.

Top Content Marketing Tools

Creating high-quality content has now become an utmost need for marketers to attract a wider audience to your website and get people to share and link your content. But one of the harder aspects of content marketing is that it takes a lot of time and research to come up with unique content ideas for your blog, website, and social media posts. If done right, content marketing can help you generate tons of traffic, maximize audience engagement, create maximum leads, drive sales, and grow your brand.

Creating consistent, high-quality content is not as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, the internet is filled with innumerable content marketing tools that can help you achieve your conversions and sales goals. From generating an engaging topic to promoting, optimizing, and marketing your posts, you can probably find a tool to solve your every problem.

But the question is how to find the best content marketing tool for content creation, curation, and promotion. Here is a list of the top 14 content marketing tools that can help you strengthen your content marketing strategy so that you can easily drive more drive more traffic, increase engagement, sales and earn more profits.

So, let’s discover.

1.       HubSpot

Hubspot Content Marketing Tool

It is one of the best content marketing tools available that can be used for many purposes. HubSpot provides you with nearly every solution your company needs to grow. In short, it is an all-in-one content marketing, sales, and CRM suite that can help marketers to produce engaging content that can generate sales and create leads. With the help of HubSpot’s marketing suite, you can create high-quality content, optimize it, and distribute it to a wider audience. HubSpot can help you analyze your marketing strategy and guide you on improving its sales and overall performance.

2.       SEMrush

Top Content Marketing Tools

Every marketer wants to increase your website traffic, and it is only possible when you write user-friendly content and optimize it well for the search engines. SEMrush is an awesome content marketing tool that can help you achieve top position in the SERPs by providing interesting keywords ideas on a number of topics that you can use for your creating content for your website. Once you have a list of interesting ideas for creating engaging content, you can easily create and optimize content for your marketing campaigns. You can analyze brand mentions, evaluate potential traffic, and measure the impact of your articles. SEMrush helps you analyze what topics resonate well and what areas require your immediate attention.

3.       BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo Content Marketing Tool

It is one of the best content marketing tools that is famous for its highly advanced features and remarkable results. BuzzSumo is packed with many amazing features, such as topic research, brand monitoring, content marketing trends, and a lot more. The tool allows you to analyze what content performs best for the keyword and how many social shares, backlinks you are getting for the particular keyword. BuzzSumo finds online content for your website and provides you with a list of titles that received a higher engagement rate. With the help of BuzzSumo, you can also check the influencers’ report and see what industry thought leaders are sharing for a particular topic area.   

4.       CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

With the help of CoSchedule headline analyzer, you can write highly engaging and catchy headlines for your blogs and marketing campaigns. The tool allows you to check the overall headline quality and allows you to improve the headline so that it can drive maximum website traffic, get more social shares and appear in the top pages of the search results. The Headline Analyzer allows you to use the right amount of words and characters to make your titles engaging and get your potential customers to read your headlines.

5.         MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights Content Marketing Tool

If you want to know whether your content marketing is working well or not, try MonsterInsights. This content marketing tool makes it easier for you to set up Google Analytics on your website in just a few clicks. The best part about using MonsterInsights is that it allows you to set up Google analytics without making changes in your code or editing your theme files. The tool allows you to check the most valuable metrics from your dashboard that you need to optimize your website performance.

With MonsterInsights, you can check the number of sessions, page views, time spent on one page, bounce rate, and much more. You can also find important demographic information and check which sites are generating traffic to your website. You can also get useful insights on your top-performing posts that generated maximum engagement. When you can access this important data, you can easily make changes in your content marketing plan and come up with user-friendly content that your audience wants to read.

6.       Mention

Mention Marketing

There is no denying the fact that social media engagement matters a lot for a brand to increase its following base and improve its credibility. Mention is a great tool that can help you monitor online conversations, social media platforms, review sites, forums, and blogs. It allows social media listening so that you can easily analyze data from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can use this valuable information to create your social media strategy and come up with more engaging content that your audience likes to read. Mention allows you to connect with your target audience on social media by simply making it easier to draft, schedule, and publish posts by using multiple channels.

7.       Tailwind

Tailwind Marketing

Tailwind is a powerful content scheduling tool that can allow you to manage your Pinterest and Instagram accounts. With Tailwind, there is no need to manually upload an image for every single post; the app can save you a lot of time by bulk image uploading. It also offers some amazing features such as drag and drop calendar, hashtag lists, multi-board pinning, and much more. Tailwind allows you to schedule your Instagram and Pinterest posts at the best time when your audience is most active and engaged. The best part about using Tailwind is that you can easily access the analytics to check which Pinterest pin and Instagram post is working well and which needs more improvement.

8.       MOZ

Moz Marketing

To increase your website traffic and maintain its rankings, it is important to carefully observe the performance of your website. MOZ is a powerful content marketing tool that can help you improve your website performance. This tool can highlight any technical SEO issues and suggest improvements. With MOZ, you can track the performance of a wide number of keywords across multiple search engines that you can use in your content marketing plan. MOZ allows you to discover targeted keywords for your website with a detailed report of competitor research, difficulty score, and SERP analysis.

9.       Featured Snippet+ Tool

Tailwind Content Marketing Tool

Getting your content featured in the SERPs is no easy feat. Using Featured Snippets+ Tool allows you to organize the featured snippet data for the particular keyword phrase. It can analyze your on-page images and recommend some fixes to improve it. This tool can also analyze “search related to,” which will help you find some more content ideas for your content marketing campaigns. With Featured Snippet+ Tool, you can also find the list of “people also ask” questions that you can use to optimize your website content.

10.   SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb Content Marketing

If you want to know your competitors’ website traffic, SimilarWeb can reveal your competitors’ analytics and the digital marketing strategies they are using for their website. With SimilarWeb, you can identify the latest industry trends, audience behavior, and then optimize your SEO and content strategies to achieve the desired results. You can also improve your display and paid search strategies and discover how to find and nurture leads to increase your sales opportunities. SimilarWeb can also provide you with the valuable insights that you will need to understand customers’ intent and journey so that you can make well-informed decisions. This tool helps you monitor your website traffic statistics to help you make important changes in your strategies to increase the user retention rate.

11.   Inlinks

Inlinks Content Marketing Tools

It is a semantic SEO tool that can improve your content marketing efforts by optimizing your content. With Inlinks, you can find, analyze, and compare trending topics of different industries. The tool helps you figure out how consumers engage with the things that matter most to your brand. You can get daily traffic reports that will help you track trending topics and then create content to outperform your competitors’ content.

Inlinks makes SERP analysis easier by providing a knowledge graph of your competitors and providing you with the list of topic ideas and a detailed report that includes semantic density, text length, and internal and external links. Inlinks can also find the user intent behind each search term that will help you create content by keeping your target buyers search intent in mind. It will automatically increase your chances of getting higher rankings in SERPs. This tool can also optimize your internal linking by discovering internal linking opportunities and automating their implementation by using an efficient JavaScript code.

12.   Answer the Public

Answer the Public Marketing Tool

Producing content based on your target audience’s interests and preferences needs a lot of research and time. Answer the Public is a search listening tool for businesses and consumers that allow you to find questions and related searches. When you enter a keyword, you will find a list of questions containing what, where, when, why, how, are, etc. It will help you find the list of questions that your target customers may ask around your keyword. Answer the Public is an amazing tool to get consumer insights and use this valuable information for creating fresh, helpful content for your audience that will definitely strengthen your content marketing efforts.

13.   Google Ads

Google Ads Marketing

Content promotion and distribution are among the most important aspects of your content marketing plan that can help you reach the desired goal. Google Ads is one of the best content promotion tools available that allow you to grow your business by displaying your ads. With the help of this tool, you can get in front of your target audience when they are searching for products or services similar to you. Whether consumers are using desktops or mobile phones, your ad can persuade people to become your customers. With the help of Google Ads, you can increase your website traffic, grow your mailing list, and drive more sales. Furthermore, business ads can help people find your company on the map that will eventually help you get more and more customers to your physical store.

14.   Contentools

ContentTools Content Marketing

Contentools is a useful content marketing tool that is packed with a number of awesome features, such as SEO and content editor, ideas pipeline, strategy and personas, the marketing calendar, social media scheduling, integration with thousands of apps and software, and analytics and insights. Contentools helps your marketing team to create better and engaging content for your audience. With the help of Contentools, you can easily curate, publish, and analyze content and launch successful marketing campaigns. It allows you to centralize your planning, manage, collaborate, and publish.  

It’s Your Turn

Believe it or not, a powerful content marketing campaign can do wonders and engage your audience on a deeper level. You can run a successful content marketing campaign only when you know what your target audience wants and then optimize your content as per your audience’s preferences. It can persuade your potential buyers to make a purchase decision, which will ultimately increase your sales potential. With the help of the right content marketing tools, you can easily achieve the goals of your content marketing strategy – i.e., increase in website traffic, better conversion rate, more leads, and earn higher profits.  

About the Author:

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui is a seasoned digital strategist and has been working for Branex – software development company in Dallas for the past 8 years. He has helped the company’s clientele obtain top ranking on the first pages of Google’s search engine result pages. He is thoroughly experienced in search engine optimization (SEO) and has established a niche for himself in the domain. Educating and motivating people are among his passions.

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