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5 Content Marketing Trends in 2020

Come 2020, and content marketing still continues to be one of the most integral parts of a wholesome marketing strategy. Given significant breakthroughs across the lines of immersive content and the rise of conversational Artificial Intelligence, brands and marketers are taking a huge leap towards making the most of such changes to maximize their ROI. While there are hundreds of websites and blogs offering tons of quality content, a large part of it ends up in sheer obscurity. Hence, revamping one’s content marketing strategy is the only key to excel and propel forward. Here’s a look at 5 Content marketing trends for 2020 that you need to adapt to right away! 

Live Videos 

According to Digital Marketing World, more than 12 percent of entire internet traffic shall consist of videos, by the end of 2021. And that’s not all. With all major social media platforms offering optimum support for video streaming activities, there is no denying the fact the trend is only going to get bigger and better this year. Speaking on the impact of live videos, Adroll President Scott Gifis emphasized the future of the live streaming industry, predicted to grow by leaps and bounds, and reach a worth of $70 billion by 2021.

With its rising popularity, podcasts, and live videos are the newfound chance for social media marketers to lure new customers into witnessing their business, products, and services in action. Besides, it also helps them hone their expertise level handling a particular product and share their review. Take Facebook Live, for instance, as well as Spotify and Instagram.

Content Marketing 2020

Varying forms of content 

While articles and blogs have been ruling the roost of the Internet, other types of content have been on the rise for quite some time. These are mostly new offerings (product demos, expert interviews, excerpts from behind the scene, webinars, welcome email campaign and more) that keep users engaged for a longer duration when people are trying to break free from reading traditional write-ups on a particular product. Also, not to ignore the fact that such emerging forms of content offer a much better understanding. 

 That being said, one should never steer clear of the fact that online visitors require assistance right from the very beginning. Hence, it’s always a wise call to be deliberately maximizing one’s data for all content that you create this year. Plus, one can also order for content to enhance your outreach, realize marketing goals, and make your brand distinguishable.

 Long Tail Keywords to dominate content 

There is no denying the fact how AI, chatbots, and digital assistant has contributed towards changing the very landscape of online search. It comes as no surprise that by the end of 2020, almost 50 percent of searches run will be voice-based.

Furthermore, Google’s Hummingbird update has been functional to encourage semantic and conversational phrases over a standard string of keyword-based searches. As such, brands will have to alter their strategy for content in their effort to cater to such altering user behavior.

One can start by harping on the semantic and long-tail phrases to begin building their content. Also, one can be largely benefited from creating long forms, FAQ theme-based content targeted towards the middle and top of the marketing funnel.

Content Experience

Interactive Marketing to boost engagement

As a content marketer, one is chiefly up against a couple of significant challenges:

  • Cutting through the online clutter
  • Engage audiences within a short time

For effective tackling of both the issues, brands are increasingly looking to make use of interactive content in the shape of quizzes, contests, surveys, mini-games, polls, and videos, to name a few. There is no denying the fact that people love content that is 100 percent interactive, and it doesn’t really matter whether they are taking part in a survey or browsing through a set of financial data.

Readers are looking to get blown away with your brand story and the visual element that you got in store. In essence, storytelling has assumed three major avenues, namely, conversational type, immersive type, and one that is backed by data. Albeit, they are in an evolving stage, but in no time, they will have grasped the very fabric of people’s imagination and should be able to focus on the content that moves along with it.

Content Experience has a lot to do 

For starters, the content experience is a mix of content, context along with structure and interface of content. Why content experience matter? Simply because every single content piece functions to offer a good or a bad experience. As a marketer, it’s only difficult to wait hoping your content finds the right kind of audience to make a mark and usher in new prospects. Incidentally, content experience, compared to traditional content marketing, gives more control to marketers at large while also looking to expand on brand experience and not just marketing objectives in general.

Wrap Up 

By adapting to such changes in content marketing earlier in the game is an excellent way to stay ahead of the competition. It shall not only help you gain a more organized stand on things but also help to make smarter decisions in terms of marketing in 2020.

Have you been using any emerging content marketing tactics for your business?

Where do you stand with your marketing goals in 2020?

Please feel free to drop us a line below and let us know your thoughts on the same.

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