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Top 10 Moneymaking Apps You Need to Download Now

The idea of having a smartphone application that is not only easy to use but also brings you money by performing simple activities seems to be too perfect for a mere user. But the truth is that such things are real and, moreover, they become more and more accessible to everybody. Even though it doesn’t actually provide you with sufficient revenue to pay for your household bills or buy Prada merchandise, but it’s more than enough to refill your phone credit or have some extra money to spend.

The variety and functions of such applications differ from ones that ask you to promote a product or share some links with your friends and family to ones that allow you to play on the stock market. Industrial research apps, i.e. the ones that ask you to look up a few websites and compile some data, are the most common ones.  No matter what kind of goal they have, they share the same feature that makes them so attractive to smartphone users – mobility. You can do it on a train while commuting to work, in a store while shopping for your daughter’s birthday present or on a vacation while getting that golden tan.

If you’re interested in them, then check out the list of 10 most profitable moneymaking applications today.

            #1 Money App

The Money App

It’s an industrial research application providing its users with bonuses for successfully completed activities, which usually comprise sharing a review, using gaming applications, visiting websites with merchandise, using trial versions of other applications, etc. When a profile is created, one can start performing such activities right away and alongside collect bonuses, which eventually can be turned into real money using the services of PayPal.

The main advantage of it is found in the flexibility of payments since you can retrieve your bonuses in just a few business days, whereas other apps may take at least a month to process your credit.

            #2 iPoll

It’s always a good idea to keep oneself updated and mindful when it comes to products consumption, and iPoll is definitely for this. A registered person is normally given a short questionnaire about their daily routine and first choice in food, clothes and general need items. This process tries to fit you into one of the missions that the app offers every day. When there is a new task nearby you receive a notification with specific instructions.

Unlike many other apps, this one doesn’t require any of your free time since the time used for making money is the time when you do your groceries or have a walk in the downtown.

            #3 Foap


While most of apps are aimed at doing marketing or financial research Foap, has a completely different approach to making money. In fact, it’s a virtual photo gallery where advanced photographers and beginners can post their works. This platform is made for advertisement agencies and companies which have a direct access to photographs and can buy them right away.

While artists can expose their works there and wait for a potential customer to buy them for 5$, 20$ or 100$, the application provides them also with ‘challenges’. They are basically orders from the very agencies looking for a good material to buy for their ads.

            #4 Fluid Market

Fluid Market is a great opportunity for people with cars, which mostly sit still in the garage waiting to be used for holidays. Now, you can rent out your vehicle when you don’t need it. This application is suitable for almost any kind of automobile including vans, trucks and sport-utility vehicles.

Apart from renting out a vehicle, the service also includes the disposal and/or sale of old repair tools and spare parts. The company declares that annually a Fluid Market user can earn about $25 thousand. Basically, the application gives you a solution to a long-lasting question of how to tide up my garage, and even make some money.

            5# Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a combination of different platforms where a user is asked to answer questions, use applications to buy things and, of course, enjoy gaming experience, so basically things that can be done while shopping, watching TV or going to work. When subscribed, a user receives initial ten dollars as their first reward.


Unlike make similar apps, this one has a vast range of different surveys, which actually means that the possibilities of making up money are immense. Again, PayPal comes in handy and is used for transferring income. For instance, 50,000 points in-app is real 50$. Not a bad time investment, is it?

            #6 Bookscouter

As it’s easy to deduce from the name, Bookscouter is a platform for people who have an abundance of unused books. After the registration process that takes only a few minutes, you can upload information about the book wish to get rid of and the system automatically shows potential buyers.    The shipping is free of charge and you can make up to $100 just for a few dusty volumes.

#7 Toluna

Toluna is a simple to use industrial research tool. While getting bonuses for taken surveys and performing simple tasks, you can create your own issues on almost any topic (from beauty products to newly released devices) and receive for it a great share of finances.

            #8 Userfeel

The application is a survey-a-like platform that encourages users to test new websites and fulfill easy ‘missions’. In fact, you get paid simply for giving a feedback on the functioning of services.

Transferring systems include PayPal and Payoneer and are used to receive at least ten dollars per a 20-minute survey.

            #9 Musely

This one motives users to become an influencer of organic beauty and healthcare products. While shopping for items to purchase for yourself, you can open up an online store where you can act as a medium between a company and customers and get your 20% of interest.

            #10 Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an application that brings you passive income simply by watching promotions on your smartphone. The idea is quite simple – the program links ads to a lock-screen and displays them from time to time.

The income depends on the number of ads that you have interacted with, and PayPal delivers the payments straight to your e-wallet.

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