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How Google AdSense Works

3 Steps To Help You Better Understand How Google AdSense Works

Although Google AdSense is a user-friendly tool, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to take you time to learn the mechanics and techniques behind it.

You still need to familiarize yourself with the features and how those features work. You also need to know how the features can help your business, help meet your business goals and its needs.

Now, there are three basic steps that will help you better understand the Google AdSense process. With them, you’ll have an improved experience and better revenue.

You Decide What and Where The Ads Will Show Up

o  You can denote what types of ads you want to have shown on your website and where on the website they will go. Google will come up with your ad topic based on the information you provide it – services and/or products and keywords about the business.

• Real-Time Ad Placement Bids

o  Think of advertising space has cherished real estate because that’s pretty much what it is. Advertiser will pay to place ads in the best possible location. And, in Google AdSense, the highest bidder is going to win that “coveted” spot. This bidding system is designed to weed out bad advertisers from good ones.

• You’re Paid Based Upon Click-Throughs

o  Google will bill the winner of the advertising space. Your payment is based upon ads that are on your website and how often these are being clicked on.

What most folks have a difficult time comprehending is that Google AdSense accounts don’t have to pay a fee for AdSense ads to be located on websites. Since you’re only paid when ads are clicked, the technique offered by Google is smart. There’s no reason to pay them to advertise for other people’s companies. And, they won’t pay you money just by putting on ads.

Google Ad Placement

No, there needs to be some type of positive activity for the whole thing to work. Advertisers will choose how much they want to pay for ads and you decide what space to give in order to get the most effectiveness for those ads.

AdSense isn’t just advertising. AdSense allows you to choose one or more products to boost your profit-earning potential using targeted advertising. For instance:

You pick where the ads will go (customized and targeted)
• You choose what AdSense searches are in your website (helping users and earning you money)
• You pick what ads will go in the feed

You can choose one or all of these options; but, regardless of how it’s looked at, Google AdSense makes perfect business sense.

The more you advantage you take from AdSense products, the more you’re going to gain from it.

You Set The Pace: Work More, Earn More OR Work Less, Earn Less

Google Adsense Guide

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