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The Top 10 Online Marketing Hacks

Top 10 Online Marketing Hacks

Top 10 Online Marketing Hacks

Many people may think that revisiting some important keys in online marketing strategy accounts for a total overhaul. But the truth is just the smallest changes can have the biggest impacts. These are conveniently called as marketing hacks.

In line with that, here are the top ten online marketing hacks you can use to raise your leads and increase website traffic without the need to completely rebuild your marketing campaign.

1. Become Your Customer

You can use simple tactics outside of your online marketing strategy. You can pose as a mystery online shopper or go out and talk to your customers. You can also use a customer advisory board, surveys and more to help derive insights and innovations from your customers at the same time building customer relationship.

2. Embrace Both Success and Failure

Don’t be afraid of failure and losing for they are always part of business. Instead, embrace it and learn from it. In business, you have to take risks and that accounts even the risk of failing.  We learn, tweak and move forward. But, don’t sit still and take no action for the fear of failure; nothing ventured, nothing gained.

3. Use Ideas and Disciplines from Other Industries

You can always steal ideas from other industries and incorporate it to your online marketing strategy. Surely, learning from other industries can lead you to a totally new idea that will revamp your marketing.

4. Analyze Your Site’s Google Analytics Data

Analyzing your site’s Google Analytics data can tell you when you are and aren’t producing leads. With that data, you’ll be able to allocate and reposition your online marketing strategies in way that can have positive results.

5. Use Live Chats

Using lives chats is a low cost option you can use to effectively push you customers. Being able to answer your customer’s questions and directly clarify confusions makes it easy for customers. Thus they can become engaged to your service.

6. Use Exit Popup Offer

To effectively convert visitors to sales, you have to use every available option you have. In that sense, the exit popup offer is a welcome added online hack that can engage your customers effectively and increase your site’s conversion rate.  While this may be annoying to some, think of it this way, you have to ask to sell/inform.  This works way more than you imagine, trust me.

7. Use Videos to Explain Your Product or Service

Videos never fail to catch attention of a site visitor. If you are not utilizing this tool, it is time that you use an explainer video to cleverly grab the attention of your customer and convert it to sales. Just make sure that you have a quality video that can entertain and educate your viewer.

8. Include Trust Signals such as Testimonials

Testimonials and trust signals are one way you can convert visitors to sales. When your customer can see how others trust the product and services you provide, they become compelled to try it as well. But make sure that what you say and what others say about you is true, or it will only hurt your business in the end.

9. Optimize Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools for increasing traffic. By optimizing it through rationalizing email and only sending clients what they need can help your online marketing even more.

10. Identify Where Visitors Scroll to and Click

When you know where your visitors are, you’ll be able to reposition your online marketing strategy away from the dead zones and bring it to areas with strong clicks. There are several “heatmap” plugins that can help you do this. More so, knowing it will give you a lot of insights as to how you can convert more leads much like Google Analytics data.

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