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The Neucopia Review

Is Neucopia Your Way Out of Debt? – The Neucopia Review


Name:  Neucopia
$49.95/month Basic, $169.95/month Premium
Rich Cook
Overall Rank:
30 out of 100 points

Program Overview – Neucopia Review

Okay, as you know, we at Pure Residuals search for and test the best affiliate marketing or online business opportunities out there.  And, there are tons of them to choose from.  Most aren’t worth your time and much less you hard earned money.  Neutopia is just like so many other scams out there.  While there is a product behind it, we will show you why you should not join this program and how you can learn what they offer for absolutely nothing.  They are simply attempting to get honest people selling their scheme and on a monthly payment plan.  Before you drop one penny on this so-called system, please read on.

Pros Versus Cons


  • Some decent training within the online video IF you signup as premium


  • Membership pricing is much too high
  • The product or products can be obtained elsewhere free
  • Before you can earn any real money, you have to pay for the premium membership
  • There is no support – forget getting help
  • You are forced to promote Neucopia – an MLM tactic, not teaching you how to earn real income online

Product Overview

As with many other Multi-Level Marketing opportunities, this scheme is all about paying a monthly income and recruiting, recruiting and recruiting.  The product itself is so weak, with more pretty packaging, but what’s worse is that you can find these tools for free elsewhere.

neucopia products free

Facebook FanPage Linking:

Linking your Facebook personal account to your Fanpage is needlessly simple for most folks.  It took me about 5 minutes and nothing to purchase.  Facebook itself will show you how to do it or you can check out various YouTube videos that will easily guide you through the minor steps.  Some even more thorough guides on Facebook marketing can be found via the Social Media Examiner or Kissmetrics – two outstanding authorities on social media marketing.

Screen Capture Recording:

Creating a video of performing certain functions on your computer for training purposes is very cool.  Most webcam software will come packaged with such a utility for doing so and you can then upload the video to YouTube or directly to your website.  We recommend YouTube as it’s owned by Google and will help your websites rankings.  Regardless, if you don’t have a recording utility, one can be freely download from CamStudio among many others. You can create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer you can turn these AVIs into bandwidth friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs).

Share Ideas Instantly

Well, there are so many tools available for this, it’s hysterical. Evernote is free and incredibly flexible as well as so many other Internet Marketing forums, Wiki pages, Groups and tons of online community arenas with experts in the field.  It baffles me that they even attempt to put this in as a “product”.

Put Your Emails to Work

Well, we guess this one is about how to create an email signature. Uh, well, okay, Microsoft has free training on that as does Google (Gmail users) and several others.  Of course, we’re sure this so-called Neucopia product will go into elaborate detail about how to place your fancy new signature file within all your emails when you correspond with friends and family.  Yea, ask any experienced online marketer how that works out trying to sell to friends and family. No way!

There are other products they feature, but ALL can be found elsewhere online and the ones they do have are outdated and will likely do more to hurt your new startup business and definitely ruin your online reputation. The bottom line here is this.  Neucopia is fronting their system as selling a product to get you into their MLM scheme and get you recruiting. Sure, you may make a few bucks on your first sell, but you have to jump on as a premium member to gain any type of residual income.  And, then it’s all about recruiting and re-selling their crap products.  And, because their products have no real value, they lose tons of members daily.

Neucopia Compensation Plan

Neucopia Compensation Plan Explained


The Neucopia compensation plan again is all about referrals and advertising for Neucopia.

As mentioned above, there are two ways to join and both cost money:

  1. Basic Level Membership – Cost $49.95 per month
  2. Premier Level Membership – Cost $169.95 per month

After signing up a few people, you MAY earn $100 back IF you qualify.  What’s going on here is a “hybrid MLM” system.  Which is rather like standard MLM schemes, but with a twist.

Realistically, it works like this.  If you sign up for the basic plan, you have to sell Neucopia memberships to three people before you make any money.  If you sign up at Premier, then you only have to sell their memberships to two people.  So, basically, you are buying into affiliate rights.  Or, paying upfront to sell their membership as an affiliate.  Heck, you can check out our Affiliate Marketing Tools and Resources page to sell products online for free.


The guy that put this all together is named Rich Cook and there is very little about him online.  And, there is just about zero support on anything. Basically, you’re in the hands of your “sponsor” into the program, so you had better hope that person is capable of taking the time to teach you all about building a website and internet marketing.  And, think about it, you’ll now be responsible for the same.  How can you teach others what to do AND promote an online business at the same time.  No way.  This is why their attrition rate is horrendous.

Our Final Verdict on Neucopia

Before dropping any money to begin an online business, do your due diligence and check out their products, training, support and community. Determine what it is your want and will you be passionate about promoting it.  Determine how much time it will take to help those you introduce to your new business opportunity or products you will be marketing.  There are solid affiliate marketing programs out there, but yes, they are few and far between.  There are so many scams and it’s scary how many millions of dollars are lost to such programs. Neucopia is just one of many scams.

Success with Anthony Scam

Top Affiliate Program with Residual Income

Neucopia Reviews
  • Ease of Use - 30
  • For Beginners - 30
  • Duplication - 40
  • Product - 20
  • Support - 20
  • Price - 40


Neucopia is a hybrid MLM scheme with a terrible product and horrible support system. There is on community to speak of and they are all about recruiting and promoting the company itself. You can obtain the knowledge they claim to deliver for free online. Stay away from this scam.

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