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Earn At Home Club Review

What is the Earn At Home Club All About?

Earn At Home Club Reviews

Name: Direct Online Income


Price:  Varies – $4.95 (to try, but there’s way more), $97 and many up sells

Owner: We don’t know, they are masking ownership

Overall Rating:  7.5 out of 100

The Earn At Home Club Overview

We were recently asked to review this somewhat new “club” to join and learn how to make extra income online. From the beginning this program reeks of scam.  The astronomical online income claims and downsells via exit pop-ups are more evidence of the same.  Apparently, they make a feeble attempt to teach you online affiliate marketing and how to earn cash by copying and pasting advertisements to earn money from Clickbank info (digital downloads) products.  There is no training on how to drive traffic to an affiliate marketing website and there are tons of hidden costs they do not reveal.

Pros Versus Cons


  • Zero that we can find


  • Zero Support
  • False Advertising
  • Terrible marketing tactics
  • No community aspect or current training methods
  • Hidden fees that will exhaust your credit card

Earn At Home Club – A Deeper Look

Earn at Home Club Scam

No, you won’t receive any DVDs in the mail.  This again, like many other scams out there is just a pretty package to give you the illusion of a valuable product.

Further research has shown that this is the same product developed by a young lady named Jennifer Becker who has supposedly “developed” a myriad of other home business programs.  Yet, they all seem to be the same one, simply repackaged over and over again.  Basically, it’s the same scam over and over again advertising that all you need is a computer, a few hours a day of your time and an Internet connection and these three simple things will enable to you have a 365 day per year money making machine.  Sigh, once again, the mythical “silver bullet”.

None of her programs tell you exactly what you will be doing to earn this magical online income.  There is a fake Clickbank account image shown (which can be so easily manipulated) that also creates the illusion that you can run an online business all from your phone!

Fake Clickbank Earnings

Any online entrepreneur earning six figures online will tell you that it takes real work, a phenomenal website, search engine optimization, social network marketing skills and TIME to create these kinds of numbers.  Don’t be fooled by the fake images and false promises. These are totally unreal expectations and just a mountain of hype – not too mention the totally fake blog on their new home page.

Additionally, when we did a bit of research on the domain name, we uncovered the following results:

Earn at Home Scam - blocked domain registration

You’ll see above next to the Registrant ID that they are using a privatized domain registration function to hide their actual identities.  Wow, there’s someone you can trust!  (Just kidding, of course.)

Lastly, we search the Better Business Bureau and came up with several complaints and a not so stellar BBB report card:


Here’s a quote of one of the many Earn At Home Club complaints:

Complaint: I Got an email stating i eligible for a US Grant in the form of a work at home, to earn a daily amount of money working from the comfort of my home, which i will be making money daily to start, then they asked for a fee charge to get me started with the work, but when i read the small claim that i will be billed i full after a three day trial i asked for a refund and to cancel, but they said they could only cancel and not refund, saying it wasn’t a discount but a fee of $4.97 . Furthermore they claimed i wouldn’t get my refund, i find this to be misinformation and i should get my refund if anything other than calling this site a scam..thank you

Earn at Home Club Review – The Price

Well, okay – we’ll say this for them. The pricing model for this online scam isn’t as diluted and confusing as some we have seen out there.  Initially, it would appear that the price is $97 for the so-called “product”.  But, they use a sleazy downsell tactic with what’s known as an “Exit Pop” – when you attempt to close the window before signing up, an exit window will pop up and display a discounted rate that brings the price from $97 to a mere $4.97


Or wait, was it $49.97 ??  hmmm…..!  Oh, and notice the “FREE” 1-on-1 training. Trust me here folks, six figure earners DO have mentor programs, but they will charge thousands of dollars for their time and generally this is in a group setting, not one on one.

Also, so many business opportunity scams love using the “sense of urgency” scare tactic when marketing.  We noticed the five minute timer on more than one screen (which can be reset just by visiting the same screen repeatedly):

Earn at Home Club Scam Marketing Tactics

And, of course, as with the timer is the other scare tactic that there are a finite number of slots available.  It will always say “8 spots”.  Even if you come back in two months.  More cheesy marketing tactics to entice people to join and simply take their money and run.


This program seems to have a Helpdesk ticketing system with who knows how long it will take for them to respond.  From further complaints, it doesn’t seem that they are in any way quick.  Additionally, there is no community support with which to work with other members, collaborate and brainstorm the latest marketing venues.

Our Earn At Home Club Review Final Verdict

Okay, if you have even briefly skimmed this page, I think you’ll know what we are about to say here.  This program has scam written all over it.  The product is flimsy at best and can actually be learned online from several free Internet Marketing and business opportunity training websites.  The hyped-up false advertising on what it takes to start an online business and the work involved is laughable.  The scare tactics used, terrible support and likely outdated product is a farce.  Additionally, there is sufficient evidence that the creator(s) run the very same product on several websites, simply named and packaged differently with different graphics.  Stay far away from this one folks. Warn your friends, please!

Success with Anthony Scam

Tired of Scams

Earn At Home Club Review
  • Ease of Use - 5
  • For Beginners - 5
  • Duplication -
  • Product - 10
  • Support - 5
  • Price - 20


This has scam written all over it. Hyped up claims, horrible marketing scare tactics and a plethora of complaints all over the place. The support is terrible and the product isn't any better. Stay away from this one.

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