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My Lead System Pro Review

My Lead System Pro Review

The My Lead System Pro Review

Program Name: My Lead System Pro


Price: Ranges from $49.97 to $1499.97


  • Norbert Orlewicz, President and Cofounder
  • Todd Schlomer, CEO and Cofounder
  • Brian Fanale

Overall Rank: 45 out of 100

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Overview

Since it’s inception back in 2008 this program was launched as the high-ticket end-all marketing program with that glossy shiny box item for major entrepreneurs.  The creators claim that the system does all the work and you’ll have zero rejection from those you pitch this to.  Additionally, they project this system will teach the “law of attraction” and how to visualize yourself as an expert so that others believe this and join you.  Again, this isn’t the “silver bullet” they make it out to be and from my years of online marketing I can tell you it just isn’t that easy.  Earning an income online is hard work, don’t let anyone fool you.

Lastly, MLSP sets itself up as the ultimate lead generation system for any online business – although geared more towards MLMs (Multi-Level Marketing) pyramids.  They also have their own built-in MLM program and compensation plan.  Another type of system I highly urge anyone to stay clear of. I’ve lost thousands from these type of schemes.

The Quick Look – Pros Vs. Cons of MLSP


  • Nice looking landing pages (or capture pages) to entice new customers
  • Decent packaging of their online system
  • Several webinars included in the training program
  • Solid “Law of Attraction” training and other supplemental training that is quite unique


  • Way over priced
  • Several online complaints can be found stating from previous members that this is indeed a scam
  • Much of the training is not updated
  • MLSP forces you to pretty much market their program in addition to whatever you really intended to make money with
  • Many of the online marketing strategies they recommend cost a lot of money to implement

My Lead System Pro Scam

Who is This Program Suited For?

MLSP is advertised for anyone wishing to earn income online with very little work and also earn money with a vehicle that promotes your primary business effectively and fluidly and allows you to earn extra money doing so. That being said, after a thorough review of their system, with our many years of combined online marketing, this can quickly become overwhelming to learn and implement. In fact, it took take a newbie several months just to get this shiny new vehicle in place, much less have it promoting another business.

The MLSP Pricing Model

MLSP Cost to Join

My Lead System Pro at first seems to come in two flavors, the basic package at $49 per month and the Mastery package at $149 per month.  But, there are several other costs involved that aren’t shown outright and can be quite confusing. Their top-of-the-line package actually will force you to pony up a mere $1,499 per year.

Yea, $1,499 – Seriously!?

The Product

MLSP features 4 “products’ to entice members. One is to resell their individual marketing products (that many systems already do OR you can do for free) and you keep the revenue.

1. Selling marketing and training products

MLSP Revenue Streams

2. What they term “Continuity Revenue”

Basically, when you refer others to My Leads System Pro and they signup, you’ll earn a commission on their monthly fees.  Nothing new here, but you have to get sign-ups and again push the MLSP system in addition to marketing your primary business.  So, if your customers don’t sign up with MLSP, you don’t earn from MLSP.  As I mentioned, they basically force you to promote this product as you promote other things.

These are separate products you can resell and gain income, but while you’re paying the monthly fees.  And, if you leave, you are no longer able to sell them.

3. High Ticket Items

High Ticket Sales

The third thing that they push you to promote are a brief list of so-called “High Ticket Revenue” items.  These are very pricey and will require a lot of work to sell to earn you the advertised $1,000 profit from each sale.  I don’t know about you, but there aren’t many newbies that can afford a single item from their list.  And, how can you sell from an experience standpoint?  You’ve got to be a darn good online marketer to even sell a few of these bad boys.

4. The actual My Lead System Pro MLM Opportunity

MyLeadSystemPro MLM

MLSP is touted as the ultimate way to build and MLM opportunity. It’s not the MLM itself, but they advertise it as the best or fastest way to build your chosen MLM business and earn money along the way by enticing others to pay for entry and monthly fees of the MLM and pay for products and monthly fees of MLSP.  So, if you’ve been tempted by My Lead System Pro and it’s shiny box, watch out. You’ll need to pony up some serious cash and some serious time to get this vehicle going full throttle in addition to your primary MLM business.

And, like many MLM schemes out there (and YES, I have tried several) they are totally unreal about presenting expectations and how you actually earn money.  And, that is IF you can even understand the complicated payment hierarchies.

MLSP Compensation Plan

Lastly, MLSP works on a team structure.  While that may sound really cool at first, let me enlighten you on how this really will work out.  Who works harder than you?  No one, right!  That’s the thing.  If you’re ever enticed by a program working the “team” approach and the team determines the revenue, think about how hard you work and how others aren’t willing to put in the same effort.  You’re income will suffer because of this minor fact they won’t be willing to present.

Support After the Sale

Unlike so many scams out there, MLSP actually has a decent support venue.  In addition to a helpdesk feature, you are able to contact and speak to other members to ask questions.  That’s not too shabby.  It’s not the best community-support system I have seen, but indeed has its merits.

Our Final Verdict

While there are a few solid aspects of this system that do work and are somewhat unique, the basis of My Lead Systems Pro is to become the vehicle to help you promote something else – mainly an MLM which is basically a pyramid scheme.  There is certainly some professional graphics that were created and decent training with nice lead capture pages (landing pages).  And, they do have certain products you can sell.  But, if you’re promoting and selling products (with no residual income, one-time sales) you’re not promoting your primary business.

I would prefer to create my own lead capture pages and autoresponders and promote MY business.  Additionally, this thing is just way over priced.  And, finally, the expectations presented are just so far out of whack and running an online business is not as easy as they would lead you to believe.  I would stay far away from this program and don’t get sucked in by the pretty packaging and outlandish hype.

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My Lead System Pro Scam

Tired of Scams

If you’ve also had some experience with My Lead System Pro, good or bad, please respond below to allow our readers to get gain more insight and make a more informed decision.

Does MLSP Live up to the Hype?
  • Ease of Use - 40
  • For Beginners - 40
  • Duplicatable - 40
  • Product - 50
  • Support - 80
  • Price - 20


I would prefer to create my own lead capture pages and autoresponders and promote MY business. Additionally, this thing is just way over priced. And, finally, the expectations presented are just so far out of whack and running an online business is not as easy as they would lead you to believe. I would stay far away from this program and don't get sucked in by the pretty packaging and outlandish hype.

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