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Social Media Marketing Strategy 2017: New Facebook Features

New Facebook Features of 2017 that you Must use in your Social Media Marketing Strategy

As 2017 starts to hit its stride, let’s make this the year that your business or organization gets its name out there. Having a Facebook social media marketing strategy is one of the best ways to achieve this and fortunately, Facebook has been working hard to help you out. Here is a look at some of the features of 2017 that Facebook is adding or improving upon that can help you get results.


Mid-stream Ads in Videos

As more and more Facebook members utilize videos for the purposes of entertainment and seeking out information, this serves as a perfect platform for businesses and organizations to promote themselves. To this end, Facebook has launched a beta program in which advertisement breaks are being inserted 20 seconds into member-produced videos that meet minimum follower and viewership requirements. The content of the ad will be relevant to the topic of the video, which means you would stand a better chance of reaching your intended audience.

Automatically Add Captions

Facebook’s Power Editor is an advertising tool that you should definitely make the most of. Facebook research has found that when an audience listens to the unexpected blare of an advertisement, 80% of them develop a negative reaction to both the platform showing the advertisement and the advertiser itself. This explains why Facebook mutes its videos and requires them to be turned on manually by the user. Power Editor allows your ads to receive captions automatically, which can be useful whether or not the ads themselves contain sound because they can attract the attention of curious Facebook users as they scroll through their news feeds.

Animated GIFs in Facebook Ads

Facebook announced in February 2017 that companies will now have the option to include animated GIFs in their video ads. While pictures can be effective for brand snapshots and videos can provide potential customers with a format that allows an extended, informative look at what you offer, GIFs strike a balance by demonstrating your product or telling your story in a quick, concise manner. This fun, eye-catching feature will give your business or organization yet another way to gain a foothold in the market and reach potential customers!

Video Ad Reporting Features


A successful social media marketing strategy is more than just placing advertisements on member’s feeds and hoping for the best, it is about knowing whether you are doing it properly and adapting to the feedback. Facebook is now making it easier than ever for businesses and organizations to measure video ad results. For example, you’ll be able to record how much time your video ad was on screen, how long 50% of your ad was on screen and how long 100% of your ad was on screen. Facebook also plans to roll out different advertisement payment plans based your preferences. In particular, you can choose to only pay for video ads if they run in their entirety, play for 2-second views in which the ad is at least 50% on the screen, or even opt to pay for ads only if the sound is turned on (as mentioned, they are muted by default).

The Facebook Marketplace App 

At the end of 2016, Facebook relaunched its Marketplace application that allows people to buy and sell products with ease. By clicking on the Shop icon at the bottom of the Facebook interface, customers can seek out items for purchase, including those from sellers located nearby. With just a few clicks, you can post your items for sale and reach out to potential clients. It could be regarded as similar to Craig’s List, ebay or Amazon in many ways, but with an even greater level of trustworthiness since your Facebook page profile would contain the kind of in-depth information that allows potential customers to have the confidence to buy from you. In addition, whereas people use those other sites for the single purpose of buying and selling, they use Facebook for hours on end to fulfill a variety of needs, which is why Marketplace has so much potential.


More Helpful Tips

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