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Mobile Marketing Vehicle Trends in 2020

If you have a business in 2020, finding a way to reach your customers that is fresh and exciting is essential to its success. With technology reaching new levels of advancement, the standards of marketing have risen to match it.


Strategies of marketing have evolved over the last decade and it is more important than ever to get creative with your brand’s promotional campaign. One of the most popular styles that businesses have started implementing today is known as experiential marketing.

What is experiential marketing?

Engagement is everything. By using interactive experiences, you can inspire an emotional connection between your brand and a customer that keeps them coming back time and time again. This is the big idea behind experiential marketing.

Brands are getting more and more creative every year with the ways that they are bringing experiential marketing into play. From virtual reality to extreme art installations, businesses compete to make the biggest and longest lasting impact.


One of the most useful and popular forms of this kind of marketing that companies are excited about is experiential marketing trailers. These custom vehicles allow brands to go virtually anywhere and bring a unique experience that the masses will want to run and share with all of their family and friends.

Also known as specialty event trailers, this option of experiential marketing is changing the way we learn about brands and connect with them. The opportunities for originality range from moderate to totally off the wall. Let’s explore all of the useful methods and impressive possibilities these exhibit vehicles have to offer.

Educational Displays and Showcases

Experiential marketing trailers can be built to provide educational demonstrations of a brand’s products and services. Imagine a store on wheels with interactive displays and brand ambassadors on site to guide customers through a hands on experience.

Brands can also implement virtual reality, or VR, into their displays to make the event even more enticing!

Art Installations, Games and Entertainment

Another way to reel in the customers and invite them to experience your brand is to design a custom event trailer with forms of entertainment for guests to enjoy. This can include fun games to play and art installations that call for customer participation. Live music and small bites are other ways to draw a crowd.

Product Demonstrations and Trainings

For a more cost efficient (and enjoyable) approach to train new hires or inform existing employees of new products, you have the option of taking your demonstrations on the road. You can reach a larger audience and the participants can have a better chance at retaining the information with such an engaging experience.

Eye Candy for Photos

With the popularity of social media in this day and age, instagram and other applications are a way to achieve massive amounts of free publicity for your brand. Design an experiential marketing trailer that catches the buyer’s eye and deems instagram-worthy, and you’ve got yourself a two-in-one marketing campaign!

Affiliate Marketing Influencers

Remember to have your hashtags and brand handle ready to go! When an “influencer” shares a photo of your company, you’re definitely going to want all of that traffic to go directly to your brand’s page.

Tips for Choosing the Right Experiential Marketing Trailers

With so many ways to utilize this impressive tool for marketing, how do you decide what is best for you and your brand? It’s important to make sure that you stand out amongst your competitors and represent your company in a memorable and innovative fashion. Here is a list of tips to remember when designing an experiential marketing trailer for your brand.

#1 Open Your Mind to the Possibilities!

As the marketing industry evolves, the same old strategies that once worked are no longer relevant. It is critical to the success of your business that you keep an open mind and allow marketing experts to work their magic! What might sound like an outrageous idea could be the thing that gets people talking about your brand.

#2 Find the best crew that fits your brand!

It’s important to do your research and choose the best marketing vehicle design team that will meet or even exceed your expectations. Once you have a clear vision of the flairs you want your trailer to include, be sure to find a company that understands your idea and is capable of bringing it to fruition.

#3 Keep it fresh!

Social media has taken over the world and its patterns of instant gratification means it moves quickly. In the blink of an eye, your marketing trailer can be plastered all over the internet. You’ll want to keep things fresh and switch up your approach every now and then to keep the masses on their toes and keep them thinking your company is ahead of the game.

#4 Be a giver, not a taker!

Another approach for creating an experience that will keep customers talking about your brand is to give back. Your campaign has a better chance of resonating with people and making a lasting impression if you do something nice for the community. This can include donations, raising awareness for a cause, or something as simple as handing out free water from your event trailer.

#5 Be sure to match the vibe of the event you’re attending!

Events like music festivals, trade shows, or conventions are the perfect environment to bring your marketing trailer out and reach a substantial amount of people. It’s best to ensure that your trailer matches the style of the event. By keeping in mind the location and specific preferences of the attendees, you can provide an experience that will best relate to your audience.


Experiential marketing is an amazing way to connect with customers and push your brand to the front of their minds. There is such a wide variety of ways to implement this exciting style of marketing and by designing the right custom event trailer, you can create an unforgettable experience that gets people posting, talking, and sharing your brand on their own.

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