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How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Free

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common digital marketing strategies. 

When a company adopts an affiliate marketing model, it pays affiliates to generate some leads to their products and services. 

Free Affiliate Marketing Intro

The commissions earned after making sales is the incentive for third-party marketers to promote a company’s products and services. 

The marketing strategy can be overwhelming for beginners. However, learning how to start marketing is relatively easy.

In this article, you will learn how to start affiliate marketing for free. Traditionally, most marketers only relied on placing adverts on the internet to make sales. 

Best of all Affiliate Programs Online

The potential earnings from affiliate marketing depend on an individual’s aggressiveness in generating leads. 

Some people make a living from affiliate marketing. 

Top 10 Two-Tier Affiliate Programs

Before you become an affiliate marketer, research the best affiliate programs

Ensure that the platform you choose deals with products and services in your niche. 

The following are some of the steps for starting affiliate marketing: 

1. Find your Niche. 

Affiliate Marketing Niche

Finding a niche involves selecting a subset in a market. For example, health is a large market, while herbal medicine is a subset of the market. Herbal medicine for adults only is a narrow niche. According to affiliate marketing experts, individuals should find a niche that is small enough to enable them to target their audience with ease. 

However, if the niche is too small, you will reduce your income-earning potential. Select a niche that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. If you are passionate about a certain niche, you will remain strong during the ups and downs of your marketing efforts. 


Take time to identify a profitable niche. Use various online platforms to identify search trends related to the niche you have chosen. Some of the online tools will also help you to know the most popular content for social media users. 

Consider using resources such as Keywords Everywhere and Keyword Planner to identify internet searches in your niche. Keyword research is crucial as it will help you to develop valuable content for your target audience. 

Marketing Influencers

Identify the most popular products and services among your target audience and find the dealers in the market. Look for the top influencers in your niche. Most niches have influencers. Take time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the influencers. Focus on their weaknesses as these will present new opportunities for you. 

2. Identify Viable Opportunities in your Niche.

Beginning Affiliate Marketing

Research the best affiliate networks and programs that you can join. There are several options that you can choose. As an affiliate marketer, you have access to an audience in your selected niche through social media platforms or your website. 

Dealers of different products and services may want to reach your audience. As a result, the organizations develop affiliate marketing platforms or join existing networks to give their affiliates access to their products and services for marketing purposes. 

Other than sales commission, you can also earn some money when your audience takes actions such as signing up for free trials on affiliate marketing platforms and networks. Through affiliate marketing, individuals can access products that they may not have bought without the influence of affiliates. 

There are no charges for becoming an affiliate on various platforms. 

Some of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms today include Walmart and Amazon. Your affiliate marketing efforts will be focusing on a niche. 

Therefore, join programs that will best serve your audience. 

Some organizations market their affiliate programs on their sites. 

You can also contact dealers of different products and services and inquire about the affiliate marketing opportunities that they have. Once you have joined a network, find merchants and brands that you can work with to generate more income. 

3. Build your Affiliate Marketing Website. 


The website is the platform that you will post affiliate links for products and services that you are promoting. You can also use social media platforms to reach out to more potential customers. 

A well-developed affiliate marketing website will be instrumental in your marketing efforts. 

One of the key benefits of having a website for promoting products and services is that you will have full control over the content used and the brand. Successful affiliates consider their websites as the most vital marketing tool. 


The law requires affiliate marketers to disclose that they have a relationship with dealers of products and services. For example, they are required to indicate that they may earn some money when website visitors click on the links they have provided. Failure to do so has serious legal consequences. 

A significant percentage of affiliate marketers prefer using WordPress, as it is a free platform. Once you have joined the platform, you will only be required to pay for hosting costs, which can be as low as $2, depending on the hosting service provider you choose for your site. 

4. Create Valuable Content. 

Content Marketing Strategy

Whether you are using social media platforms or a website to promote products from an affiliate marketing platform, take time to develop content that your audience will consider valuable.

The content should be related to your niche. Attach affiliate links on your posts. Alternatively, you can promote products and services through images. Successful affiliates use both links and images in their marketing initiatives. 

There are numerous ways of creating content for your affiliate marketing website. For example, you can write reviews for products in your niche, recipes for different meals, how-to guides, fashion posts, or banners. 

5. Market your Offers.

Affiliate Marketing Offers

Some of the common ways that affiliate marketing beginners use to promote products and services include websites, social media, and newsletters. There are many other options that the marketers have to promote market their offers. Using multiple platforms is likely to generate more leads, and this translates to more income. 

Best Email Marketing

One of the options that you should consider to market your offers is email marketing. You can use several online resources to start free email accounts. The email accounts will help you to gather email addresses on both social media accounts and websites. You should then create valuable content and share it with your email subscribers. If you need any assistance with any legal verbiage, be sure to consult a local law firm.

Finally, as you start affiliate marketing, planning is crucial. Also, build trust among your audience and offer products that solve their problems. 

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