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Top 10 Two-Tier Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing programs are a fantastic way to earn money online today with zero worry about stock, inventory, shipping and customer service. You are simply connecting merchants with users seeking the products they provide. You are the bridge between the service or product and the customer and even a beginner can quickly learn to make some serious income with affiliate marketing.

Top 10 Two-Tier Affiliate Programs
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With the normal affiliate program, you earn a commission off each sale to a customer. And, while you can earn some really good money online in this manner, the Two-Tier Affiliate Programs can vault you to Super-Affiliate success in a lot less time.

With a Two-Tier affiliate program, you not only earn a commission of each initial sale, but if one of your direct customers decides to promote that same service or product, you earn a percentage of their sales also. So, you’re earning on the work you do AND the work that your direct people do also. So, as you gain more tier 1 and tier 2 affiliates, you can see your commission revenue exponentially increase each and every month.

So, with a two-tier affiliate program, you can literally earn money while you sleep, because the Internet is always awake and digital marketing is a global business. We have searched and researched and reviewed several of the two-tier programs available today. And, because of the power of these programs and their earnings potential, we have compiled a list of the top 10 two-tier affiliate programs available.

The Top 10 Two-Tier Affiliate Programs

#1 Builderall – Best Two-Tier Affiliate Program Available

Best Two-Tier Affiliate Program - Builderall

This is one of the best and fully-featured digital platforms available today that allows you to create fabulous websites and contains all the tools necessary to promote it. You will get all the services for $29.90. This will include the mailing service with autoresponder, AI chat, and many other tools that allow you to create amazing presentations and also the best tools to manage the webinars that you will have.


There is an affiliate program that is linked to this platform. You will, however, have to pay an additional charge of almost $10 to be able to access it.          

With this program, you will be fortunate to get 100% of all the payments that you make from your new affiliate or lead. Afterward, you get to enjoy 30 % of what they get. When our lead gets someone else interested, you then get 30% of the payments that they make.   This is an amazing passive income opportunity!


  • Most of the clients happen to be the ones locally available in the US, but it has been trying to stretch out its services to other areas as well.
  • It offers sales funnels for specific products which makes it easier for you to market your products regardless of the type it is. This then makes the affiliates that you get to earn commissions alongside you.
  • It offers platforms for various products and services, including Fitness instructors, dentists, real estate agents, and even beauty facilities like salons among very many others that you could find on their official website.

It gives impressive web templates that make the software conversion rates to be very high for the local business.

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#2 WP Engine

WP Engine Two-Tier Affiliate Program

 If you require a word press platform that allows you to maximize the experience that you have. This is the leading digital experience that you will ever get. With this platform, you get to enjoy an impressive site and also applications that you will need. You also get to be assured of the speed, uptime, and security of the websites.

It is one of the stress-free word press hosting services that will offer you one of the best services available. The affiliate program allows you to earn a minimum of $200 or every new led that you bring on board. You also get paid $50 when the people you had joined, bring in new people into the ink. It also has some impressive sales deals and discount coupons very often. You should keep an eye out for them.


  • You can get to earn different offers that will be live at the time if you can make more than 5 sales in that month.
  • It has fascinating offers and discounts that you could give your audience to try and convince them of the goodness of this program that you are giving them.
  • There are affiliate managers who are available that allow you to get adequate services for any issues that you may find yourself having.
  • It is limited to only WordPress blogs, unlike the other website hosting available companies.
  • It is rated as one of the most expensive programs, but the exciting thing is that it also offers the highest paying returns compared to the others.
  • It has a valid backup and one-click restore points that ensure you can always have a place to fall back on when your system seems to have issues at that time.
  • Trying out this type of affiliate program will be quite expensive if you have general clicks that are less than 25000. It will get more costly to you compared to the returns that you will be getting form the same people.

#3 Market health


Just like any of the other affiliate programs, the market health program has a particular focus that it gives to the people that they aim. It looks more to the beauty, weight loss, and skincare sections of the client interests. As someone interested in it, you will get to promote the products that you have online. They only need to be in line with this specific genre.

Market health allows you to experience a slightly different form of payment. While the other affiliate programs pay their people once every month here, you get paid twice every month. On the 1st for sale, you made between 1st and 15th of the last month and on the 16th for those you sold from the 16th to the 31st of the previous month.

The average commission rate that most of the people get here is usually 50%, though it is not had to get even up to 60% or 70%.  A 5% earning is also acquired from the sales that your leads or affiliates will be able to make.


  • Payment duration usually stretches for the first 6 months that your affiliate is in the program.
  • The conversion rates are, however, usually lower than most of the other affiliate programs.

#4 SellHealth


In the market, SellHealth happens to be the best health affiliate program. Unlike the market health that is known to specialize in only beauty, weight loss and skincare products, here you can venture into any line of interest as long as it deals with the health of a person. It is, however, known for its reach in the original genre of products.

The fact that it has been around for almost 17 years shows how trusted a network it has been for many people. One of the many reasons why they have been able to get an excellent trust base is the fact that they take their commission payments very seriously.

When it comes to the payment scheme, it tends to vary because of the different products that are available in the market today. Commissions happen to vary for 30% to even 50% depending on the sales that you make. After that, your affiliate then gets to earn you 5% of what they will be able to secure themselves.


  • All the products that they offer include pages that give reviews logos and banners that are related to it.
  • The affiliate program will run for the whole period that your lead will be making sales that relate to the program that you are in.
  • As a member, you get to be in a position to access articles and guides for the SellHealth University online program at any time.

#5 ShareASale


 ShareASale is one of the affiliate programs that people are being advised to take up.  With your account in ShareASale, you get to relate with the merchants of various products. If they get impressed with what they see, they will then sign up to your account. You then get access to the products they are offering. This is how you get to market their products for them and get paid.

With his affiliate program, you get to be paid based on your effort. This means the more people you get to click on the link and they get to complete the whole process, the higher the commission you will get. You can also get paid if the person interested buys a product. With every referral, you get a $150 and an additional $1 for every second affiliate that you will make.

You should, however, note that payments are only made on the 20th of every month. It is also wise to note that if your commission happens to be below the $50 limit, you will not receive them that month.


  • Easy signup process
  • It is easy for anyone to make use of it.
  • You can customize the ad that you want in your site.
  • Offers impressive customer service, which includes transparency efficiency, and accuracy in the offers that they have.
  • Reporting and tracking features are available.
  • It has programs for features like fashion, health and fitness, home and garden among several many others.
  • They provide affiliate marketing classes and some useful marketing tools that will benefit you much in the service that you were making public.

#6 Intechra Health


Just as the name suggests, this is a program that focuses on the selling of diet pills and also eye health pills to the people. Its focus on diet supplements goes a long way in ensuring that it never loses a market at any point. Heath issues are surprisingly on the rise with the life that most of us live in a society today.

For every sale that you make, there is a standard offer of 40% that you get as the seller. Whenever your affiliate can sell, you also get a whopping 5% of whatever they earn. Therefore he ensures that you get paid even long after you have sold your first product to someone.


  • Provides pills that are both qualities and also will satisfy your weight management and health issues.
  • As much as it is a program on its own, it gives a precise information base on other affiliate programs like ShareASale and Linktrust health programs.

#7 Flexoffers


Flexoffers is one of those programs that are highly appreciated by the advertiser and the publisher’s in the market. It is known to incorporate almost 11,000 programs at the moment. Being able to access services like data delivery payment processing and marketing of your products goes a long way in ensuring that you maximize your products.

It has been functioning for over ten years, proving that it has been able to get an impressive client base that people have been able to enjoy. The 5%-50% recurrent earning stream from your affiliates allows you to continue earning through the sales you have made. It will, however, much depend on the product that your lead will opt to take at the moment.


  • Ticketing support system
  • Sales summary which gives you a rather clear view of the sales you have made and also those that your affiliate has been able to make.
  • There is a valid connection regime that gives you a clear traffic report on the bloggers and most publishers, regardless of the budget advertisers and the brands that are involved.
  • Compliance monitoring that allows the affiliates to be assured of the product that the members are offering them.
  • It offers you a personal affiliate manager that guides you on the best and the most effective way of maximizing what the network has to offer.
  • Real time tracking to ensure that you can know how fast your money is growing or how slow it is growing.
  • If you happen to be an affiliate who is outside the US borders, you will require a working PayPal account which will allow you access the finances that you will be making that month including your commissions.

#8 PeerFly


Unlike most of the other affiliate programs, PeerFly exposes you to the best of the advertising network worlds without making you get involved in the hustle of risks and costs that you will have to incur. It, however, works on a cost-per-action pricing model that allows you to get paid only when the leads complete a particular course of action.

The versatility that it offers in a large number of services proves that it accommodates almost everybody in their network. This then shows that there is a more considerable market base for the people. The products will then be exposed to a more significant number of people who will have to click and complete the task that the advert assigned for you as the affiliate to be paid.

This will lead to you getting paid 5% of whatever your affiliate will be earning during the first year that they will be selling the products.


  • Live offers at any time, which then allows you to choose on the one that you would prefer at that time. It gives you quite an excellent platform to decide on the one that you want.
  • It offers training and tools reliable tools that will significantly guide you in the service that you intend to provide people. This then ensures that the services are of quality and at per with the others in the patron.
  • Rewards and contests that will be very useful in the increment of the lowest line of the services that you will be offering at any time.
  • Unlike most of the other programs that work with restricted payments lines, PeerFly offers multiple payment options that work for you, whether you are in the US or outside. This includes PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Payoneer, Bitcoin, or even bank wire transfer.
  • Affiliate tracking where you can know more about the people you are dealing with and the sales that they are making.
  • Has a great lead-base showing its preference by many of the people, including platforms like Fiverr, Target, and CBS.
  • Its setting may not be as relaxed as the other affiliate programs, but it is perfect for people who would like quality over the getting-rich type of ways. The process may be slightly astringent, but the aftermath effect will be easier for anyone.

#9 Sovrn //Commerce

Viglink Two Tier Affiliate Program

Sovrn //Commerce (formerly VigLink) has a powerful two-tier affiliate program for the first year. You earn 35% of the network share. They work on a context link basis for existing content on any of your websites and have relationships with many large merchants.


  • Earn More by Doing Less – Automatically converts existing content links into revenue converting hyperlinks.
  • Connect with Your Favorite Brands at Top Rates – Sovrn has relationships with over 70,000 merchants at top commission rates.
  • Simple and Secure Revenue – Download their free plug-in (WordPress users) and you’re instantly ready begin earning revenue from your existing links.



Many people have not been in a position to know more about this specific service. Just like the other affiliate programs, you do get paid according to the referrals that you make successful. With the already SEO network that you have, you will be in a position to make money out of it.

However, you should know that, unlike the other programs where they pay you once for every successful referral, with SEO Reseller you get to be paid $5 for all the earnings that your lead gets every month. This will continue until they drop out or stop making any sales. You then get an additional 6% for the transactions that your affiliates make during the period after you have included them in the network.


  • Presence of an affiliate manager whose work is to help out in case you have any issues regarding the affiliate program.
  • You can outsource work, including SEO, media links, and web designs into your work.
  • Products that are included in this network include logo and branding social media marketing and even building of valid links with your clients.
  • It has tools that include content creation, keyword rank tracking, label website audit, and even on-page optimization of the content that you already have.
  • You can work with it even when you are on Google Analytics and Google Ads with no notable restrictions whatsoever.
  • It is also known to have the best customer CRM and automation of the market that you are looking out for the products that you have to offer.


A 2-tier affiliate program has been one of the highest paying systems that most of the business people have often opted for. Understanding the limits and the features that you get to enjoy is one of the things that makes these programs worth your interest. You should, however, have a prior understanding of the type of product you wish to sell and the state in which your product is being sold at that moment. Whether it is related to physical products, website creations, or even general marketing, these affiliate programs will always be there or you. Be assured, however, that you will be able to get the best deal for you at any point.

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