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How to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing in Simple Tips

There are many individuals that wonder how to make money through the means of affiliate marketing. Several aspiring entrepreneurs across the world have this question in mind because they tend to sign up for almost every affiliate program they come across. Even though there are several resources regarding how affiliate programs can help individuals in earning money online, most of them don’t actually go into comprehensive detail regarding how they actually get paid.

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This article will guide you on how to make money through affiliate marketing by following a few simple tips. We will delve deep into the mechanics of how to sell, track, and get paid through effective affiliate marketing tips. This will also help you to understand more regarding what you have been getting into and also provide a comprehensive analysis of how to generate money with affiliate marketing. Moreover, knowing how payments are generated through Affiliate marketing in Pakistan and other parts of the world will also help you to decide how quickly you can step into this area.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

When an online retailer pays a commission for generating sales or traffic from referrals then this process can be defined as Affiliate marketing. It can be termed as traditional advertising with much lesser interference because it doesn’t really advertise a product on a website using visual aids by mentioning on the website. For example, Bluehost is an associate partner, which facilitates websites in self-hosting. So does this imply that you simply have to form a website and display on it the links which are provided to you by affiliates and earn commission income through advertising their links? The process is not really like this but we eventually will reach that point.

Affiliate Marketing 2020

Before starting on the depth of affiliate marketing, it is important you should just get familiar with the basics of the affiliate marketing process. Affiliate marketing is a service or product that can be suggested to the followers via a blog, email list, or website. Through the use of the link provided by affiliate, the service or product is then bought by the followers. This allows marketers to make sales and eventually earn a commission on the sales made. In order to get an idea that how an effective affiliate marketing strategy is actually formulated, the process would be required to be explained thoroughly.

Useful tips on how to make money with affiliate marketing

After familiarizing yourself with the basics of Affiliate marketing, we can now move towards learning the different ways through which we can create a successful affiliate marketing plan. Given below are a few affiliate marketing tips that could be productive for potential users:

Create a Website or Blog for Your Niche

Blog for Affiliate Marketing

Firstly, you need to take a decision regarding the following two things to start making money by using affiliate marketing:

  • How you intend to establish your blog or website?
  • What do you intend to demonstrate your followers on your blog or website?

Fortunately, the first part is made quite easy because of WordPress. One can easily and quickly provide a professional display to their website with the help of WordPress. WordPress can facilitate you to a great extent depending on how much you are interested in earning money via affiliate products to sell online.

While establishing your website, you can use these tutorials to facilitate you in the process: It is important for you to determine what message you intend to give to your followers through your website, after establishing it and displaying on it the links which are provided to you by the affiliates. The basic idea of this process is to find your niche. You will be required to answer the following questions before deciding which niche you intend to choose:

  • Any passion which you intend to purse through the website?
  • Will the audience be attracted to the topic which is selected by you?
  • Will money be generated through the niche selected?

You will be required to select such a topic that sits well with your expertise and passion in a way that the selected niche shows the required interest in the selected topic. This will facilitate you to advertise the products and services with the required zeal and passion which eventually will assist in making successful sales to your targeted niche. Moving forward, the next step for you would now be to select the products offered to you by your affiliate.

Selecting affiliate products to promote

affiliate marketing products

If you have been able to focus on a specific niche, selecting affiliate products for the purpose of promoting specific products could be easy. For affiliate marketing, it is important to select products that can fit your niche and can also relate to your content. One of the best ways for selecting your affiliate products is through the means of joining a program of an affiliate network. Through the affiliate network, you can sell mobile phones in Pakistan and other parts of the world.

Affiliate networks could be termed as businesses that connect marketing professionals and merchants so both can earn sufficient money. Affiliate marketers can utilize affiliate networks and products by affiliate marketing for the purpose of making better and improved selections to promote on their site. Individual users can promote their electronic items in Pakistan and other parts of the world. There are several affiliate networks out there. However, a few of the most popular are as follows:

  • ShareASale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • ClickBank
  • Amazon Associates

One of the biggest benefits of affiliate networking is that they typically have sufficient data on how well a product could be sold. The data could then be used for increasing the profitability of affiliate marketing. If users are able to make data-driven decisions and not just follow their individual instinct is a better opportunity for optimizing their affiliate strategy.

Use an affiliate management plugin

When you’re first starting out with affiliate marketing, you’re probably going about it in the same manner as everyone else. Individuals can join an affiliate program and also find a specific bunch of products and services and can also start embedding their affiliate links.

When you start getting deeper within this world of affiliate marketing, it would be important for you to monitor better track of where you will be able to embed your affiliate links. This could also be true if the affiliate partners are able to update links and descriptions of their products on their end. Affiliate marketing products can be useful in this regard.

You can imagine having to properly sort through and update several expired affiliate links when they have no idea where they have put them. You could also be looking at hours of headaches as well as tons of wasted profit due to expired links that you had initially forgotten about.

Check your niche on AdWords

An important step that marketers should make sure to take when they are trying to find a specific affiliate niche is to cross-check the usual cost per click of keywords within that specific niche. Due to the fact, your focus would be driving sales and traffic you would be required to know what the competition is like. This also indicates the fact that you should figure out the cost of the click, who is bidding, and how you would be able to compete.

Google Adwords for Small Business

To initiate the process, you should start using Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner. Here, you can click on the first option that can help you to search for keywords that are based on a specific category or phrase. In the following step, you can also type in the specific keywords for your niche. It is essential to focus on related keywords that could help to bring up diverse results. The important thing here is to evaluate and analyze average monthly searches, suggested bids, and competition. The monthly searches would also show how much traffic the niche keywords get.

The competition would also highlight how cumbersome it would be to rank for them. The suggested bid can also help you to understand if a keyword niche is actually worth spending time on. In the next step, you can also click on the suggested bid column for sorting out your results by bid amount. We can perform this to view which niche searches allow marketers to pay massive amounts for a single click. This also illustrates the fact that there are also high-value affiliate products that could be sold for those searches if anyone is actually willing to pay a big amount for a single click.

Different types of payments in affiliate marketing

Another method of learning how to earn money through affiliate marketing for beginners would require you to learn much more about how the commission system works. To sum it up, you only get paid through the means of a system that has been initially agreed upon.

With regard to getting paid, you would be required to negotiate with your merchant for determining what actually works best for you. Depending primarily on your individual responsibilities as well as the flexibility of your merchant, there are different payment systems available for you to select.


The pay per sale program illustrates that you get paid every time a sale is completed. Depending specifically on your arrangement, payment could be immediate or it could be on set days of the week, month, or quarter. This system is very similar to the conventional sales approach in that manner. It is also the most common affiliate payment system and is also the primary method through which affiliate marketing could be illustrated. There are also some organizations that provide more complicated sliding commissions. This also illustrates the fact that you get paid a higher amount for an increase in sales.


Leads could be termed as potential customers that your merchant could follow up with. This could certainly be of massive lifetime value for a specific brand. The systems of Pay-per-lead are very similar in nature to pay-per-sale. This could also be done through the means of a process that is quite similar to the method of pay-per-sale marketing because it depends on the analysis of the audience and delivers content or ads that are engaging.

Affiliate Marketing Leads

A qualified lead requires hitting a specific profile though, so sending an old lead would not matter. It is important for you to make sure that your prospect can hit all the key requirements before you can send them on. For the purpose of winning leads, it is important for you to have a comparatively soft approach if you had been operating within a pay-per-sale payment system. The notion of lead generation focuses more on collecting data that could be used by your merchant partner for making a sale at a later date.

Pay-per-lead programs are usually run by organizations that have big budgets. It is mainly used by organizations that tend to have an offline-oriented sales approach, including real estate agents or car dealers.


Another most common type of payment system for affiliate marketing is Pay-per-click. It mainly focuses on the fact that you get paid when the banner of your merchant ad or link has been clicked on the site. Due to the fact that you get paid irrespective of whether a customer has made any purchase, it does have good potential. However, it is difficult to find pay-per-click much more as a result of a few fraudulent behaviors that occurred in the past. Moreover, online ads also provide a better return on the investment by the merchant.

Customer Acquisition

The customer acquisition program is a type of bounty program. The payment system includes sending a customer to a specific site and guiding them to complete a purchase. This results in you getting paid. Customer acquisition programs are mostly used by larger entities that can bring in a higher amount of money per sale. They can also maintain their accounts for an extended amount of period. This illustrates the fact that the sale you bring in is worth more.

Attract Targeted Traffic

The possibility of making money online increases with the traffic you send to a sales page. It is not wrong to run ads on a website but it also has some missing points. The best possible example certainly belongs to Google Adwords. By creating an ad within your Adwords account, your sales page also gets significant targeted traffic from different channels. The most important function of using affiliate products to sell online is pushing people to click your affiliate links. For instance, some users living in Pakistan may want to check the prices of electronic items such as Laptops price in Pakistan. As a result, it is essential to attract visitors. There are four different methods to achieve that. It includes paid advertising, free advertising, content marketing, and email marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Traffic

For paid advertising, it is essential for you to combine graphics, ad copy, and a link effectively for paid services such as Google AdSense in paid advertising. Placing advertisements and links on free websites such as Craigslist can be used within the free advertisement method. Payment methods for both of them are through PPC.

For the purpose of content marketing, it is important for you to have an increased ranking in search engine results for being a credible source. There are several article submission websites that can be used in this regard. Being a marketer, you submit your article. After that, affiliate marketers then republish your written article. The marketer also publishing the original article is able to earn higher levels of rankings in the search engine.

For the purpose of email marketing, affiliate marketers integrate an option of email subscription for potential website visitors.

Start selling products

As a result that you have found a profitable niche for affiliate marketing, it is now the optimum time to start selling the products. The success of an affiliate business depends on its ability for selling products. Through Affiliate marketing, your potential users could be attracted to a website if they explore laptops price in Pakistan, prices of mobile phones in Pakistan and other electronic items in Pakistan and other parts of the world.  

One of the best places to sell products online is Amazon. The fact can’t be denied that Amazon is great for e-commerce-based businesses. If you are running a blog that focuses on consumer or fashion goods, Amazon is actually the place to be. You can sign up with Amazon for free and start selling on an immediate basis. It is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to initiate your affiliate marketing program. Users can integrate Amazon with programs related to Affiliate marketing in Pakistan and other parts of the world to promote their products online.

You can also select from millions of products to be sold to potential customers. You can also sell mobile phones in Pakistan and other parts of the world. Moreover, the commissions are also huge. The products are in significant quantity and the process is also one of the easiest to perform. Due to the fact that you have already run through this process of creating an affiliate niche or finding your initial niche, you can use the Amazon website to find specific products that you know would be suitable for you.


It is evident from the article above that affiliate marketing is highly attractive for potential users as it can allow marketers to earn money from home. Through affiliate marketing, companies or individual marketers should just focus on creating a website, fill it with engaging content, engage users, and join affiliate programs. Even though it all looks quite simple but you must also be patient until and unless you reach the point of arrival. It is not as simple as placing ads all over the website, having comprehensive knowledge and persistence could help you in making a healthy income on a monthly basis. Individuals and companies can use affiliate marketing in Pakistan and other parts of the world to promote their products online.

It is important to determine your target market requirement as it helps to fulfill their goals and start there. Marketers should provide valuable content that can help to educate their potential audience and also nurture the relationships they create with them. Selecting the right payment system is also important. Marketers should be able to make sure that they pick an affiliate marketing payment model that is beneficial for them.

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