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Top Affiliate Products to Sell Online

Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.Bo Bennet.

If affiliate marketing had to be summed up in a single quote, the one mentioned above would be it. First conceptualized in 1989 and taking a full seven-year round up to boom as Amazon Associates took off, the idea of passive marketing has stuck with the marketers ever since. Today affiliate marketing is considered one of the top three money-making gigs you can adopt.

Top Affiliate Marketing Products

According to affiliate marketing statistics published on 99Firms, an estimated 81% of marketers and a separate 84% of publishers take leverage of how powerful affiliate marketing is. These percentages alone are enough to emphasize how big of a domain affiliate marketing has become ever since its inception in the early 90s. Businesses all around the world have fully embraced this as one of their major revenue generators and are ready to take it to the next level as more updates occur with time.

20 Essential Affiliate Products to Sell Online

Here we have compiled an elaborate list of popular affiliate products that are sold nowadays and have been gaining profitability for both customers and marketers. Thus, as an affiliate marketer, try to partner up with some standardized brands under the following product categories.

1. Phone Accessories

Phone accessories do not only comprise of the glitter phone cases and cheap rubber hands-free. The market is far advanced, given the introduction of flagship phones. So it is inevitable that the market is hot and you should strike it while it remains hot for a while till a new cycle of products is launched. It is the best time to partner up with independent brands like Bose, Sennheiser, and Beats. Brands like these that make high-tech smartphone accessories like LED-based phone cases, wireless headphones, and Bluetooth based products like speakers as well as camera equipment by Sony, Kodak, etc.

2. VR Products

Top  Affiliate VR Products

Surprised to find this on the list? Well, you shouldn’t be. Virtual Reality has taken off as the new decade is on the rise and for good. Some independent companies and brands sell VR products and services and have sparked a public interest for quite some time now. While the technology is still in its improvement stages, the market is attracting tech-enthusiasts and gamers alike. As it has been predicted that the year 2020 will see a breakthrough, it might just be your time to partner up.  

3. 3D Printers

Remember those days when we needed a whole year’s worth of pay and an additional organ to buy a printer? Well gone are those days. The cost of a printer has significantly gone down as it became one of the more needed parts of the digital world than just a mere luxury. In fact, even the technology upgrade didn’t bring in much to change the cost of the commodity. It is way easier to own a 3D printer now than it was to own a basic black and white one back in the days.

4. Drones

Affiliate Marketing Drones

Thanks to photographers around the world who brought forth aesthetic and nature photography to the front, drones have become much popular. Although they were much popular already in the film fraternity as drone shots have always been a thing for introductory and closing shots. Other than for media purposes, using drones requires special licensing, but that hasn’t stopped from tech and photography enthusiasts alike from grabbing the newest technology. It is why drones are a hot commodity right now as an affiliate product in content marketing and other media marketing types.   

5. Home Automation Devices

As technology gets integrated into almost every aspect of our lives, and everything smart has started to become a part of our daily lifestyle, home automation devices have become increasingly hyped about. From smart TVs, refrigerators, thermostats, and a lot more devices to the list, Alexa and Siri have become increasingly popular to control our households. It is as easy as giving a practical command to this efficient AI technology and see your work done. Amazon, Apple, and Google Home Assistant to top it all off are some of the biggest brands right now for affiliate marketing.

6. Wearable Devices

Just like high-tech phone accessories have jumped on the bandwagon becoming one of the hottest sold commodities, so has wearable devices. Brought to the limelight by the hype of the infamous Apple Watch, wearable devices are not selling like hotcakes. You can even readily get them customized according to your own preferences and design choices. From air buds and smartwatches to newer technology being incorporated in jewelry and other wearable designs, wearable devices are the new inn thing. Thanks to even celebrities that end up endorsing such products amongst their daily used items, wearable devices are in trend.

7. Hoverboards

Hoverboard Affiliate Program

A great hobby item being embraced by the youth and young-at-heart adults alike, Hoverboards are the cool new toy on the market. With the demand rising rapidly, Chinese manufacturers are at the top of the chain to earn as they sell low-cost replicas, and the market seems to be booming. For marketers to strike a deal with these manufacturers, the best way is first to have a discussion that fixes the commission price. Once a significant market size is achieved, you can even move on to promote other products that fall in the same line, like electric scooters, motor rollers, etc.

8. LED Projectors

Except for the one lying around in your classroom, it has been a while you would have seen those bulky old projectors being used. Because fortunately for the technology being upgraded and becoming more feasible, projectors are now portable and LED Based. Not only are they traveling friendly, but they can even fit anywhere you would like to place them without the hassle of a thousand cables attaching the actual device to your screen. As people embrace the home theatre environment over independent cinema theatres, LED, projectors are here to stay and will continue to sell.

9. Gym Equipment

Affiliate marketing Gym Equipment

Not only just for fashion, but people have increasingly become self-aware, and that has paved the way for increasing demand for gym equipment and athleisure attire. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or just someone who likes to jump every trending bandwagon, those dumbles and leggings are calling for you. And this is precisely the strategy of every marketer selling this product line and promoting it for the general public without focusing on a particular niche. An excellent affiliate product to sell as the trend is not going away anytime soon.

10. Gaming Apparel & Merchandise

Having left the movie market behind, the gaming market is at an all-time high. It is the primary entertainment outlet worldwide. And not just because of the elaborate gaming universes and character stories, but because of the many different markets of gaming consoles, merchandize and different mediums to play. All this combined makes gaming products the hottest commodity ever. No wonder marketers jump at every chance they get to retail anything associate with gaming because the market trend is not coming down for a little more than even this decade.

11. Safety & Security Gear

Affiliate products - Home Security

It is always a good time to sell safety and security apparel because these are part of that one market that even before than the want of it, people would have a consistent need for these products. Whether it is just the daily household safety apparel or professionally required site safety gear, hard hats, safety goggles, fire extinguishers, and many more products are on this list that sells best no matter what season or time of the year is it. It is why they make for one of the first choices of affiliate products for a marketer.     

12. Pet Grooming and Accessories

Owning a pet is one of the best ways of reducing your stress. It is why so many people already own a pet or are currently getting in the position of buying one. It is why products associated with pets and pet grooming gear is in high demand. These products also make up for great holiday gifts, which is why affiliate marketers tend to up their game around Christmas. Although this market can sustain a year round-up of retail, it is good to give it way over other products when they are in high demand.  

13. Travel & Tourism

Summer and spring break calls up for the getaway season, and it is that time of the year when travel packages and tourism offers sell the most. A mention of a place and boom, your viewer, would subconsciously be drawn to check the link as it is very much in the air to be traveling and celebrating the much deserved off days. Especially when children are having off from schools, do families plan a getaway, so marketers begin mentions a month or two prior so that they highlight the planning period.  

14. Cloud Hosting Software

Reliable WordPress Web Hosting

From MBs to GBs and now to cloud computing, we just can’t seem to have enough space at our disposal for saving our pictures, memories, and other media content. It is why, although there is much free software available. People opt for the premium ones where they pay to get a particular amount of cloud access to save their belongings remotely. Not only does this help people save space on their mobile devices, but it is a great safe and secure alternative to any physical storage component like a USB drive.

15. Food Delivery Coupons

Aren’t we all guilty of opening magazines because we know there would be discount coupons to avail at your local eatery? Food delivery coupons are the best kind of affiliate products because they advertise, market, and are customer-centric all at the same time. It is a wholesome win-win situation for all the parties involved, that is, the brand, marketer, and the customer. Mainly because they are free, that’s why customers prance on the first chance they get. And the marketers get to advertise the brand accordingly without having the risk of losing any look over or having to work according to a season.

16. Office Equipment

Affiliate Products - Home office

A work desk, chairs, planners, stools, stationary, and many other furniture and random equipment that your office may require just for that subtle top-notch upgrade. They all fall under the umbrella of some of the great affiliate products that work best for all age groups and all seasons. These products are great for marketers because they do not require constant upgrades and probably never go stale. They remain under use unless the affiliate links take you to the actual product site, and the product goes out of stock.

17. Lifestyle Accessories

One more product category that follows suit of being available all year round without any upgradations or frequent changes is lifestyle accessories. Things like towels, toilet rolls, oven mitts, etc. are just some of the products among so many that fall under the same category and are required just same by men, women, and kids alike. Affiliate links to such products bring opportunity for marketers to work alongside many different brands like Bed & Bath, Body Shop, etc. Such brands have already established their goodwill, so it doesn’t take much on the marketer’s side to work the product retail.

18. Baby Care Products

Baby Care Affiliate Products

To all the moms-to-be, baby care products are not only just your go-to essentials, but they also make your life easier. Parents are always on the search looking for products that somehow aid their newly acquired lifestyle of bringing up a newborn. No matter you are a single mother, father, or a couple, these products attract anybody and everybody who is or about to be around a baby.

19. Gardening Tools

Whether it is a rooftop garden in an apartment building or a porch garden in your penthouse balcony, or maybe even you reside in a mansion where you have a walk-in garden at your disposal. If you have a preexisting hobby or building a new one, gardening is the best one to go for. These products usually garner peak sales during the spring season but can suffice without the season if you are an owner of a garden area, as mentioned.

20. Online Study Material

One of the best selling products nowadays as almost every student has started taking online aid for their assessments and home assignments. It is a highly demanded product during exam season and readily available for cheap rates. Online study material sells like an affordable luxury that is both safe and helpful.


In conclusion, always stay updated with the latest market trends as much of the products and services, unlike others. Sell according to the market or seasonal demand. Use analytical tools at your leverage to keep you up to date with the relevant data and information as to what seems to be working the best form, and you’re good to go.

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