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A Link Building Strategy That Boosts Traffic Quickly

You know that getting high-quality inbound links helps boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and increases your search engine ranking. That can certainly bring in a lot of traffic over time, but sometimes you want to use links to bring in traffic more quickly.

There are a variety of ways you can use links that bring in traffic – here are a few you might find useful!

List Resources in a Guest Post – Including Yours

When you share a guest post on another site, you know that you usually get a link to your website in the bio section. Unfortunately, that bio section is way at the bottom of the post and may not get you the clicks you hoped for.

There is another way to boost visits from your guest post. Two or three times in the post, offer the reader related resources. Say something along the lines of, “Find out more about this, check out our resources below.”

List two or three high-quality resources and make sure one of them is yours. You’ll get significantly more clicks through to your website by offering resources this way than by relying on your author’s bio alone.

Use Click to Tweet to Get Shares of Your Content

Use Click to Tweet to Get Shares of Your Content Click To Tweet

Getting your content shared on social media is a big way to get more attention, traffic, and links to your website. Click to Tweet is a great resource that makes it easy to get those shares.

Simply find an easy-to-understand tip or trick that is bite-sized and shareable. Go to Click to Tweet and create the tweet. The software will give you a special link that you can put on your website under a phrase like “Click to share!”

When someone clicks on the link, it pops up ready to go through their Twitter account. You can also choose to do an embedded image rather than a plain link.

Spy on Your Competitors and Discover Their Sources of Traffic

competition analysis

Your competitors are getting traffic, why not use the same sources? Use resources like SimilarWeb to find out the top referral sources for your competitors. Research them carefully to see if they are good link options for your business as well.

Of course, you don’t want to get involved with spammy directories because they will not be sending you legitimate traffic. Instead, look for links from high-quality sites.

The great news is that even if a high-quality link is a no-follow (meaning it doesn’t boost your SEO) it will still drive real traffic. Traffic means views and the opportunity to sell your products and services.

You can either approach the website and offer high-quality content in return for links, or you can submit your own information to a directory or resource page. Either way, you’ll get a boost in terms of traffic, which is a great use of a link!

Work With Other Link Partners

Link Building Strategy and SEO

What other publications can give you a traffic boost, other than the places your competitors are getting links and traffic? There are so many options available, and as we mentioned earlier you don’t always need it to be a “do-follow” link.

Consider looking into smaller industry publications, community forums, and industry-specific subreddits. Remember to be respectful and not spam the forum or comment thread. Instead, participate regularly, offer content when it’s relevant, and build relationships with those in the community.

Remember, it’s not just about traffic, it’s about building your reputation online overall.

This can be a lot of research and work for those who are already running a business. To make it easier, work with Local SEO Search in Canada to build links and drive traffic to your website.

Find Sites Similar to Your Top Referring Link Sites

Top Referring Link Sites

Do you already have some links on the internet that are sending you traffic? If so, do a little bit of sleuthing to find similar websites so that you can put links on them to gain traffic as well.

Wherever you have guest posts that are doing well and sending you great traffic, find similar sites to contribute guest posts to. You can even include in your pitch that you were featured on the original website, as it might add cache to your submission.

You can use Ahrefs or Moz information to find sites with good Domain Reputation (DR) or Domain Authority (DA). These are webpages that have an excellent online reputation and good traffic on their own. That makes them great targets for your efforts as well.

Links Are About More Than SEO

on-page SEO

While link building is a very important SEO strategy, it can also bring in website traffic more quickly. When you are able to use link-building strategies to boost your SEO and bring in immediate traffic, you definitely have a win-win in your marketing.

Start with guest posts and include your own resources. Then see how those posts do in terms of bringing you traffic and focus on additional guest posts on sites similar to the ones that do well for you. Get started now!


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