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Email Marketing in the Age of Social Media

Email Marketing in the Age of Social Media

Depending on the type of business you are running, you must have already opted for using both email and social media marketing. After all, putting content on both fronts and promoting your brand seems like the logical step.

Email Marketing vs Social Media

However, trends are changing and with it, customer expectations are shifting into unexpected directions. While older demographics use email predominantly, younger generations opt for social media in most cases since it allows the direct contact with their friends and family. But is email marketing still relevant in today’s world and how can we implement best of both in order to boost our conversion rates and promote our business successfully?

A bigger coverage

Did you know that there are almost three times as many email accounts as there are social media profiles? While this number can make your head spin, it’s important to keep a cool head and think about what this means for your marketing department. You don’t need to get professional help in order to see that you should always go where your demographic is asking you to go.

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Older generations will always prefer email due to it being more professional and streamlined for different sales and partnership offers. They also use email for business correspondence daily, and answering to a sales discount through email seems like a logical thing to do. Younger generations, however, tend to neglect email altogether and expect everything to be on Facebook or Twitter.

Shift your focus from one to the other depending on your target audience. Remember that a professional writing service can always help you develop a proper sales pitch depending on the platform and that email marketing is definitely still a relevant piece on the board.

  • Use social media if you are targeting younger, more tech-driven generations of users.
  • Use email marketing if your audience is older and more old-school in terms of marketing expectations.

Focusing on quality

It’s no secret that social media marketing tends to get hectic at times. Your target audience expects you to churn out new content almost daily and if you don’t do so, they will quickly shift their attention to your competitors who are more active. That is to say, quality of social media marketing can sometimes dip below the desired quality threshold.

Email marketing, on the other hand, tends to be more quality-driven, letting you craft personalized content for your subscribers and mailing lists without rushing anything out. Even using the best writer, you can find won’t save your social media campaign if you have to post new content daily without any room for creativity.


This is the kind of breathing room that email marketing can provide, even if your audience is younger. There is no denying that you can sell any product either via social media or email, but the question is whether or not your target audience will resonate with it and take action or simply scroll through it.

  • Social media marketing requires constant brainstorming and data analysis, not to mention the sheer amount of content you have to create.
  • Email marketing is quality-driven, allowing your marketing team to take their time with creating relevant content that caters to your specific audience.

Driven by individuality

Facebook’s organic reach has been in a steady decline for the past several years. As the technology is developing and more people having access to smartphones and global trends, less and less people tend to be attracted by generic marketing media.

People like to be considered individually as loyal and faithful customers as well as brand ambassadors. Long gone are the times where customers are piggy banks waiting to be cracked open, and then tossed aside until a new product comes out. Even if they need some help with thesis writing, they are still clients with personal respect and a voice that can be heard. Email marketing allows you to cater to your audience on a much deeper, personal level, the way social media can only dream of.

Engaging customers directly on social media doesn’t bring the same results because primarily, people use social media to talk to friends, not brands they like to buy. Crafting individualized sales pitches, even for dissertation writing, and sending them via email bears a higher conversion rate than a standard social media campaign does.

  • Social media marketing content is rarely individualized due to the fact that many people see your content at once, leaving you very little choice in the matter of generalizing your content.
  • Email marketing is focused on the individual, since people read emails from the comfort of their computer browsers with no one else around, allowing you to cater to a single person.

social media marketing and email

Best of both worlds

In a world where every person uses both email and social media to some extent, one has to cater to both platforms in order to create an impact. It may sound silly at first, but combining both of these facets of digital marketing is a possibility that very few businesses have considered. You don’t have to put emphasis on one over the other, instead paying full attention to both in order to reach as many people as possible and sell your product.

  • You can link your social media pages to your email signature, allowing people to click on those links when they read your email.
  • Giving your customers incentive to like your social media pages via email and vice versa will build both of your follower bases, ensuring that you have a pool of followers to promote products to.
  • Building your email list, just as if you were a dissertation service will allow you to quickly reach your target audience by sending email to people who are already expecting to hear from you.
  • Using calls to action and speaking in a civilized, personalized manner will always bring more results than creating a generic message and posting it everywhere. This is only bound to put a sour taste in people’s mouths.


Whether or not email marketing or social media is suitable for your business depends on what you expect to accomplish in using either one. If you want to sell a product, email marketing might be the way to go. If you are looking for a base of followers and views, social media is a more suitable platform. Take a bit of both and combine it into an original marketing strategy that drives numbers and creates a public impact with your brand’s name on it.

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