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Benefits of a CDN and Why You Need One !


A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system of computers logically positioned at various locations along a network. Its objective is to increase data transfer for access to information. It is specifically aimed at fast and economical delivery of online content to visitors.

CDNs employ a caching technique to achieve this objective for static content acceleration. When a user would like to access some data, they are directed to a website server nearest to them (Provider POP, Point of Existence) therefore removing the bottleneck syndrome at the main server. Furthermore many providers maximize the delivery of content from their POP’s to users by calibrating, latency, packet lost and many additional criteria’s.

CDN is greatly advantageous. It duplicates information to the numerous points in its network and hence improves the bandwidth use. Basically, it can drastically help increase the speed of your website’s page loading times.


At present, a huge number of financial transactions are happening online. Therefore, commerce websites has to be prepared to handle significant amounts of traffic anytime. A CDN is the perfect tool to accomplish this state of speediness and reliability. CDNs will help distribute the heavy load of traffic but directing it to numerous areas thus avoiding congestion and help you make the most business. However, the Internet has become the center of the entertainment globe. Gaming, video streaming, watching movies online, social networking, and many other similar activities are now part of the World Wide Web.

2009 was said to be the year of social network which indirectly shows the truth that the need for CDNs is growing on a day to day basis.

Worldwide access:

Worldwide CDN

Many CDN providers have worldwide servers that help you reach an international audience efficiently. Whether you wish to flow live music or perhaps progressively download videos, it is possible to reach globally audience and make sure that everybody gets the best from your content.

CDNs can cache web content and disperse your static or streaming web content across their strategically positioned worldwide servers; making sure that each and every one of your worldwide audience gets the best seat in the house. So even if you are located in USA , your CDN takes Egyptian visitors to the nearest server via geographical mapping, providing them the best suited online experience .

Always on:

Traffic congestion can really void a web server’s overall performance. Your viewers just might end up looking at mistake messages instead of your content. This is really not the best way to treat your customers.

CDN is an advanced procedure for managing Internet traffic coming to your internet site. It spreads your content over its computers, efficiently removing any dangers of heavy traffic and considerably enhancing your websites accessibility.

Better services:

CDNs are usually formally handled affairs. You can anticipate terrific customer service and of course economical infrastructure. Many CDNs offer value add services such as encoding and trans coding assistance, whole site delivery, etc.

local CDN

CDN companies buy transit and peer with various tire one and local ISP companies to ensure you content is served through the best path link.

What your ISP doesn’t offer:

Consider something that your normal server or ISP hasn’t put on provide. Most likely there is a CDN out there offering those services.

Choosing a CDN makes economic sense as well. You won’t have to pay for new server hardware and routing. With CDNs you also get full use of worldwide data centers and international load balancing and fail over options.

It is important to note here that CDNs aren’t automatically expensive. The key is to find the ideal supplier to suit your needs


Increasing utilization of internet and the introduction of more and more websites in the internet globe has compelled site owners believe and implement marketing methods that can entice more and more customers. This is the reason why you as to be coming across video content delivery nowadays in almost all new websites. This is also because content distribution through video is simpler for the holder as well as the visitor compared to written content.

Another reason may be that people like everything in movement and so passing on messages through videos is the latest craze on internet nowadays. Conventional content distribution network is not adequate to whip the competitors and so various content distribution services are out there to help you maintain your website and your business up-to-date. They are going to look for new, customized and innovative solutions that will help you provide, store and express rich media content. There are methods in which you can find out the right content delivery service that is suitable for you and your business.

Content Delivery Network

The very first thing that you ought to search for in the company is cost effectiveness when you are trying to operate in the field of content distribution network. See to it that the content distribution service that you have hired gives you joint content delivery network for all types of formats no matter if it is video or audio. An additional challenge you will face is to make the experience of the visitor better and this is possible by storing and transferring on rich media content and that too from the end of the customer’s network.

You will discover that content distribution network is greatly beneficial. It helps maintain the speediness and reliability which is extremely vital to maintain stability in today’s internet world. Many of the content delivery network services have worldwide servers which assists you get in touch with worldwide audience successfully and efficiently. Be aware of, content distribution network is a sophisticated way in which you can handle the website traffic and direct it to your website. It will help spread your content uniformly on different computer.

Why Use Content Delivery Networks?

Website owners these days whether authors, business institutions or ordinary people wish to share their knowledge, views many other information with the rest of the globe. As such, millions of websites in existence on the web are constantly being full of data both text and images.

Unfortunately, the problem with putting so much content on an internet site is it slows the reply time prompting some visitors to basically leave the site and move to a different one. In short, installing of web pages takes time. The trick to avoid this issue is to put content across several servers situated in various locations. That makes the pages load faster from the user’s side.

Studies have shown that 80 to 90 % of the response time on the part of the user usually entails downloading content from the images and write up to the style sheets and Flash. And so the best thing to do is deliver your set content.

To do this, you will have the assist of a content delivery network or CDN. A CDN involves several web servers located in various locations and are considered more effective in providing content to web users. The server nearest the user is usually chosen to achieve a quick reply time. This is a very good option compared to accessing one central server by various users all at the same time which could lead to slower uploading of website pages.

CDN Features

The primary function of a content delivery network is to accommodate various kinds of content. This can include software, media files, documents, applications, web objects, routes and database queries and others. It then provides the content as they’re requested by web users.

A content delivery network is very ideal for large organizations that store an excellent volume of data on their servers. It’s a cost efficient level of maintaining crucial files secure although there are some businesses who choose to have their own CDN. Start-up businesses and private individuals who have websites may find this expensive but ultimately , this kind of service will prove to be very helpful particularly as your target market expands and you wish to achieve a worldwide audience .

In terms of bandwidth usage, a CDN is cost effective. This is due to the fact that it optimizes the bandwidth in providing content to the end users.

As many transactions especially those involving cash are now being completed on the internet, it would really help business owners who operate eCommerce websites that usually have huge traffic to deem using a content delivery network to make certain that web activities are finished successfully in a single time. Otherwise, they might possibly lose customers who become dissatisfied with the slow working of their transactions online. Fortunately with CDNs, the heavy load of traffic can be distributed to various locations to hasten response time.

With a content delivery network that ensures a quick delivery of content, site owners can be sure to make their normal and new visitors happier continue. And the most exciting part is they have got every opportunity to expand their target market and go worldwide in no time.

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