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The TRUTH About Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors – The Bottom Line

To a lay man, google ranking factors sounds simple but whenever talks of algorithms and SEO starts coming into play… then comes the complexity. But in the real truth of it, google ranking factors can be quite crucial for you when promoting your blog, webpage, or any other site for that matter. There is a TON of hearsay revolving around actual ranking factors and much of it is downright wrong and dangerous. Some can actually hurt your website and get you de-listed.

Studies we conducted have shown that most of these guidance happens to be somewhat incorrect or entirely erroneous. The guidance and effects stemming from this hearsay or speculative conjecture seem to breed more and more of the same. And finally, the correct and precise “factors” left often aren’t factors that Google considers at all, yet speculative strategies that may or may not work.

In spite of all that, we truly know a lot for certain about the way Google ranks web sites.

  1. Real search engine optimization (SEO) understanding doesn’t come from a random blogger, forum, or magic “get rich quick” scheme. In order for you to get the most reliable and trustworthy SEO knowledge and details, your sources comes in three form which are;
    • Patent filings
    • Direct statements from Google and/or their team
    • Applying The Scientific Method

This source serves as a broad and comprehensive guide, researched and thoroughly vetted as to how Google ranks sites.

  1. Factors considered to be debatable or even absolute fallacy are what we have included but give room to categorize and sort out notions that are less-validated. This source is also restricted to what factors matter when ranking in Google’s primary web search for non-local requests. This is important to explain since local SEO, image-only search, video search, and every other Google search engine plays by just minimal differences in rules.

OnPage SEO

On-page SEO describes the direct factors that you as a website owner are able to use through the management of your website. Positive factors are those which favors and assist you to rank better. The misuse of several of these factors when prolonged beyond its elastic limits tends to turn negative. We will discuss about negative ranking factors later.

In extensive expressions, positive on-page ranking factors connects synergistically creating the theme of content, accessibility through several environments, and a positive user experience.

Positive On-Page Factors

Kеуwоrd in URL

So аѕ tо help in сrеаting ѕignifiсаnсе оf a part of соntеnt fоr a ѕресifiс ѕеаrсh ԛuеrу, thе kеуwоrd аnd рhrаѕеѕ thаt рорѕ up in thе раgе URL, outside оf thе dоmаin nаmе serves thiѕ function. Aѕ URLs bесоmе lоngеr or as keywords are used repeatedly, diminiѕhing returns are ѕееminglу attained.

Reference(s): Pаtеnt US 8489560 B1, Matt Cutts

Keyword in Title Tag

In order to define the title of a document or page on your site, title tags are of essence, and frequently shows up in both the SERP and as snippets for social sharing. Depending on the characters, the title tag shouldn’t be longer than 60-70 characters (Moz Tool). As with URL, keywords closer to the beginning are broadly hypothesized to carry more weight.

Reference (s): US 20070022110 A1

Words with Noticeable Formatting

In determining the more significant subject matter of a page, words showing up in headlines have the most weight than keywords in bold, italic, underline, or larger fonts. This is established by Matt Cutts, SEOs, and a patent that states: “matches in text that is of larger font or bolded or italicized may be weighted more than matches in normal text.”

Reference (s): Matt Cutts, Patent US 8818982 B1

Keyword in ALT Text

The ALT quality of an image serves to describe that image to search engines which are unable to display the image. In so doing, significance is being established particularly for the image search and at the same time refining its accessibility.

Reference (s): Matt Cutts

Keyword Stemming

Keyword stemming refers to the practice of taking the root or ‘stem’ of a word and finding other words that share that stem (ie. ‘stem-ming’, ‘stem-med’, etc.). Evading this, such as for the sake of a keyword density score, results in poor readability and has a negative impact. This was introduced in 2003 with the Florida update.

Reference (s): Matt Cutts

Internal Link Anchor Text

All together for a client to know where a connection drives, the stay content of a connection serve this capacity. It serves as a noteworthy piece of route inside of your site, and when not mishandled, helps with building up how vital a sure bit of substance is over uncertain substitutes, for example, “click here”.

Reference(s): Google’s SEO Starter Guide

Keyword Contained in Domain Name

When a keyword or expression happens inside of a domain name, then a positioning reward is ascribed. The weight offered gives off an impression of being less significant than when the domain name is a definite match (Exact Match Domain Name – EMD) of that genuine SEO question, yet more imperative than when a pivotal word appears later in the URL.

Reference(s): Patent EP 1661018 A2

Circulation of Page Authority

Like a various leveled request of things, for you to be give a bigger help your page must be site-connected specifically though different pages connected from the your starting first site gets lesser support. A comparative result is regularly seen from pages connected from the landing page, on the grounds that this is generally the most-connected page on most sites. Making a site construction modeling to take advantage of this component is frequently known as PageRank Sculpting.

Reference(s): Patent US 6285999 B1                  

Utilization of HTTPS (SSL)

In 2014, another positive positioning variable known as SSL was formally declared, regardless of whether the site took care of client data. Gary Illyes made light of the noteworthiness of SSL in 2015, calling it a sudden death round. In spite of the fact that, for a calculation based on the numeric scoring of billions of site pages, we’ve observed that sudden death rounds frequently roll out the change’s majority on focused inquiry inquiries.

Reference(s): GoogleGary Illyes

Crisp Content

The full name of this one is in fact “crisp substance when question merits freshness”. This term, Query Deserves Freshness (frequently abbreviated to QDF), alludes to hunt inquiries that would profit by more present substance. This does not have any significant bearing to each inquiry, but rather it applies to a considerable amount, particularly those that are instructive in nature. These SEO advantages are only one more reason that brand distributors have a tendency to be extremely effective.

Reference(s): Matt Cutts

Old Content

A Google patent states: “For a few inquiries, more seasoned archives may be more great than more up to date ones.” It goes ahead to depict a situation where a query output set may be re-positioned by the normal period of records in the recovered results before being shown.

Reference (s): Patent US 8549014 B2

Quality Outbound Links

In spite of the fact that it’s workable for outbound connections to “break PageRank”, sites shouldn’t be deadlocks. Google rewards definitive outbound connections to “great locales”. To cite the source: “parts of our framework urge connections to great locales.”

Reference(s): Matt Cutts

Versatile Friendliness

Versatile benevolent sites are given a critical positioning point of preference. For the present, the positioning ramifications of this seems to relate just to clients looking on cell phones. This advanced into the standard SEO discussion and turned out to be more serious amid the Mobilegeddon upgrade in 2015, despite the fact that specialists were guessing on this theme for about 10 years past.

Reference(s): Various Studies

On-Page SEO Factors

Negative On-Page Factors

Negative Ranking Factors are things you can do that mischief your current rankings. These elements fit into three classes: openness, depreciations, and punishments. Availability issues are simply staggering focuses for Googlebot that could keep your site being crept or investigated legitimately. Ad evaluation is a marker of a lower quality site and may keep yours from excelling. A punishment is much more genuine, and may have a staggering impact on your long haul execution in Google. At the end of the day, on-page components are those that are under your immediate control as a piece of the immediate administration of your site.

Closer view Matches Background

Another regular issue that realizes shrouding punishments happens when the frontal area shading matches the foundation shade of certain substance. Google may utilize their Page Layout calculation for this to really take a gander at a page outwardly and avoid false positives. We would say, this can at present happen inadvertently in a modest bunch of situations.

Reference(s): Google

Single Pixel Image Links

When a mainstream webspam strategy for camouflaging shrouded connections, there’s no doubt that Google will treat “just tiny connections” as concealed connections. This may be finished by a 1px by 1px picture or just truly staggeringly little content. In case you’re endeavoring to trick Google utilizing such systems, chances are absolutely that they’re going to catch you in the long run.

Reference(s): Google

Vacant Link Anchors

Shrouded Links, albeit frequently actualized uniquely in contrast to Hidden Text by means, for example, unfilled stay content are likewise prone to welcome shrouding punishments. This is unsafe region and another once boundless webspam strategy, so make certain to twofold check your code.

Reference(s): Google

Copyright Violation

Distributed substance in a way that is infringing upon the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) or comparative codes outside of the U.S. can prompt a serious punishment. Google endeavors to dissect unattributed sources and unlicensed substance consequently, however clients can go so far as to report conceivable encroachment for manual move to be made.

Reference(s): Google

Doorway Pages

A site that makes utilization of Doorway Pages, or Gateway Pages, depicts making masses of pages that are planned to be internet searcher points of arrival, yet don’t give quality to the client. A sample of this would be making one item page for each city name in America, bringing about what’s known as spamdexing, or spamming Google’s list of pages.

Reference(s): Google

Broken Internal Links

Broken inner connections make a site more troublesome for web crawlers to list and more troublesome for clients to explore. It’s an indication of a low quality site. Verify your internal connections are never broken.

Reference(s): Pаtеnt US 20080097977 A1, Google viа SEL

Diverted Internal Links

Thе PаgеRаnk calculation conveys with it the typical rot when exploring sidetracks. This is a simple trар tо fаll into, particularly when considering connections to “www” versus “non-www” segments of a site, or locations with/without a trailing cut.

Reference(s): Patent US 6285999 B1, Matt Cutts via SER

Tеxt in Imаgеѕ

Gооglе has mаkе ѕоmе аmаzing progress at breaking dоwn picture, hоwеvеr all in all, it’ѕ imрrоbаblе that content thаt уоu introduce in riсh mеdiа will be ѕеаrсhаblе in Google. Thеrе’ѕ nо immediate dерrесiаtiоn оr punishment whеn уоu рlасе соntеnt in a рiсturе, it just kеерѕ уоur site frоm having any opportunity tо rank for these words. Reference(s): Matt Cutts

Text in Video

Much the same as with pictures, the words that you use in feature can’t be dependably gotten to by Google. On the off chance that you are distributed feature, it’s to your advantage to dependably distribute a content transcript such that the substance of your feature is totally searchable. This is genuine paying little respect to rich media organization, including HTML5, Flash, SilverLight, and others.

Reference(s): Matt Cutts

Text in Rich Media

Google has make considerable progress at dissecting pictures, features, and different arrangements of media, for example, Flash, yet all in all, it’s far-fetched that content that you show in rich media will be searchable in Google. There’s no debasement or punishment here,

Reference (s): Matt Cutts


Before, web indexes were totally not able to creep through substance situated in casings. In spite of the fact that they’ve beat this shortcoming to a degree, edges do still present a lurching point for internet searcher insects. Google endeavors to partner encircled substance with a solitary page, yet it’s a long way from ensured that this will be prepared effectively.

Reference (s): Google

Meager Content

In spite of the fact that it’s generally been exceptional to compose more expound substance that covers a theme altogether, the presentation of Nanveet’s “Panda” calculation built up a circumstance where content with essentially nothing of one of a kind quality would be extremely rebuffed in Google. An all inclusive perceived contextual investigation on Dani Horowitz’s “DaniWeb” discussion profile pages serves as a great illustration of Panda’s most essential impacts.

Reference(s): GoogleDaniWeb Study

Domain-Wide Thin Content

For quite a while, Google has tried to comprehend the quality and novel worth displayed by you’re content. With the Panda’s presentation calculation, this turned into an issue that was scored space wide, instead of on a page-by-page premise. As being what is indicated, it’s currently typically advantageous to enhance the normal nature of substance in web crawlers, while utilizing “noindex” on pages that are bound to be redundant and uninteresting, for example, online journal “label” pages and discussion client profiles.

Reference(s): Google

An excess of Ads

Pages with an excess of promotions, particularly over the-fold, make a poor client encounter and will be dealt with in that capacity. Google seems to construct this with respect to a genuine screenshot of the page. This is a Page’s element Layout calculation, additionally quickly known as the Top Heavy Update.

Reference(s): Google

Duplicate Content (third Party)

Copy content that shows up on another site can realize a huge degrading notwithstanding when it’s not infringing upon copyright rules and appropriately refers to a source. This falls in accordance with a running subject: content that is truly more remarkable and unique against a web’s scenery all in all will perform better.

Reference(s): Google

Duplicate Content (Internal)

Like when substance copied from another source, any piece of substance that is copied inside of a page or even the site in general will persevere through an abatement in worth. This is a greatly basic issue and can crawl up from anything going from an excess of recorded label pages to www versus non-www renditions of the locales to variables annexed to URLs.

Reference(s): Google

Connecting to Penalized Sites

This was presented as the “Awful Neighborhood” calculation. To quote Matt Cutts: “Google trusts destinations less when they connection to spammy locales or terrible neighborhoods”. Straightforward as that. Google has proposed utilizing the rel=”nofollow” quality in the event that you must connection to such a site. To quote Matt once more: “Utilizing nofollow disassociates you with that area.”

Rеfеrеnсе(ѕ): MC: Bаd Neighbors, MC: Nоfоllоw

Slоw Wеbѕitе

Slоwеr lосаlеѕ wоn’t rank аnd also quicker dеѕtinаtiоnѕ. Thеrе аrе inсаlсulаblе dеviсеѕ tо hеlр with еxесutiоn еxаmining fоr bоth ѕеrvеr-ѕidе аnd customer side variables, аnd they оught to bе utilizеd. This соmроnеnt iѕ executed in light of thе intеndеd intеrеѕt grоuр, so truly соnѕidеr the tороgrарhу, gаdgеtѕ, аnd аѕѕосiаtiоn расеѕ оf уоur сrоwd.

Reference(s): Google

Page NoIndex

In the event that a page contains the meta tag for “robots” that transporters a quality “noindex”, Google will never put it in its file. On the off chance that utilized on a page that you need to rank, it’s an awful thing. It can likewise be something to be thankful for when uprooting pages that will never be useful for Google clients, and hoist the normal experience on guest landing from Google.

Reference(s): Logic

Prohibit Robots

In the event that your site has a document named robots.txt in the root index with a “Prohibit:” articulation took after by either “*” or “Googlebot”, your site won’t be crept. This won’t expel your site from the file. However, it will keep any upgrading with new substance, or positive positioning variables that encompass age and freshness.

Reference(s): Google

Poor Domain Reputation

Space names keep up a notoriety with Google after some time. Regardless of the possibility that a space changes hands and you are currently running a totally diverse site, it’s conceivable to experience the ill effects of webspam punishments acquired by the poor conduct of past proprietors.

Reference(s): Matt Cutts

Meta or JavaScript Redirects

A fantastic SEO punishment that isn’t excessively basic any longer; Google suggests not utilizing meta-revive and/or JavaScript timed sidetracks. These befuddle clients, incite skip rates, and are tricky for the same reasons as shrouding. Utilize a 301 (if lasting) or 302 (if makeshift) divert at the server level.

Reference(s): Google

Content in JavaScript

While Google keeps on enhancing at slithering JavaScript, there’s still a reasonable chance that Google will experience difficulty creeping substance that is printed utilizing JavaScript, and further worry that Googlebot won’t completely comprehend the setting of when it gets printed and to whom. While printing content with JavaScript won’t bring about a punishment, it’s an undue danger and along these lines a negative component.

Reference(s): Matt Cutts

Poor Uptime

Google can’t (re)index your site on the off chance that they can’t achieve it. Rationale additionally would direct that a site that is untrustworthy likewise prompts a poor Google client experience. While one blackout is unrealistic to be decimating to your rankings, accomplishing sensible uptime is imperative. Maybe a couple days ought to be fine. More than this will bring about issues.

Reference(s): Matt Cutts

An excess of External Links

As a straightforward capacity of the PageRank calculation, it’s conceivable to “break PageRank” out from your space. Note, be that as it may, that the negative element here is “too much” outside connections. Connecting out to areasonable number of outer destinations is a positive positioning element that is affirmed by Mr. Cutts in the same source article

Reference(s): Matt Cutts

Search Results Page

As a rule, Google needs clients to arrive on substance, not different pages that look like postings of potential substance, similar to the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that such a client just originated from. On the off chance that a page looks a lot like a list items page, by working as only a collection of more connections, it’s prone to not rank also. This may likewise apply to blog entries outranking label/classification pages.

Reference(s): Matt Cutts

Automatically Generated Content

Machine-produced substance that is based upon client hunt question will “completely be punished” by Google and is viewed as an infringement of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. There are various systems that could qualify which are point by point in the Guidelines. When special case to this guideline has all the earmarks of being machine-created meta labels.

Reference(s): Matt CuttsWebmaster Guidelines

Phishing Activity

In the event that Google may have motivation to mistake your site for a phishing plan, (for example, one that expects to reproduce another’s login page to take data), get ready for a ton of pain. Generally, Google basically utilizes a sweeping portrayal of “unlawful action” and “things that could hurt our clients”, yet in this meeting, Matt particularly says their hostile to phishing channel.

Reference(s): Matt Cutts

“Orphan” Pages

Vagrant pages, significance pages of your webpage that are troublesome or difficult to discover utilizing your inner connection structural engineering, can be dealt with as Doorway Pages and go about as a webspam signal. At least, such pages likely don’t profit by inside PageRank, and in this manner have far less power.

Reference(s): Google Webmaster Central

HTTP Status Code 4XX/5XX on Page

In the event that your web server returns essentially something besides a status code of 200 (OK) or 301/302 (sidetrack), it is suggesting that the proper substance was not showed. Note that this can happen regardless of the fact that you have the capacity to see the planned substance yourself in your program. In situations where substance is really missing, it’s been elucidated by Google that a 404 mistake is fine and really anticipated.

Reference(s): Speculation

Off-Page SEO Factors

Positive Off-Page Factors

Off-Page Factors depict occasions that happen some place other than on the site that you straightforwardly control and are attempting to enhance execution of in the rankings. This for the most part takes the type of backlinks from different destinations. Positive Off-Page Factors for the most part identify with an endeavor to comprehend fair, common prevalence, with an expansive accentuation on ubiquity accomplished from more-trusted and powerful sources.

Legitimate Inbound Links to Page

Getting connections from different destinations that have countless connections to themselves are worth significantly more than those without. The same is valid for their inbound connections, in deciding the estimation of their connection to you, et cetera. Along these lines, connections are similar to coin, with speculative quality extending from $0 to $1,000,000. This a component of the PageRank algorithm.

Reference(s): Larry Page

More Inbound Links to Page

Did you truly require us to let you know that? A greater number of connections are worth more than less connections of equivalent quality. Obviously, this variable doesn’t exist in a vacuum; quality can trump endless amount and numerous backlinks are truly useless. Yet, as a further capacity of the PageRank calculation, your site commonly needs numerous connections to be focused in pursuit.

Reference(s): Larry Page

Authority Inbound Links to Domain

PageRank got from connections from outside locales are appropriated all through a space as inside PageRank. Space names tend to pick up power all in all: substance distributed on a power site will immediately rank far higher than substance distributed on an area with no genuine power.

Reference(s): Larry Page

More Inbound Links to Domain

At the end of the day, more connections to a space of equivalent quality will expand the general power of that area name. In Larry Page’s unique examination paper on the idea of PageRank, he portrays ‘hostname based grouping’ as a part of PageRank.

Reference(s): Larry Page

Link Stability

Backlinks seem to pick up quality as they age. Theoretically, this may be on the grounds that spam connections get directed and paid connection plots inevitably lapse. Subsequently, backlinks existing for more periods are worth more. This is likewise upheld by a patent.

Reference(s): Patent US 8549014 B2

Keyword Anchor Text

The grapple content utilized as a part of an outside connection will help build up significance of a page towards an inquiry term. The objective page does not have to contain this term to rank (see: Google Bombing).

Reference(s): Patent US 8738643 B1

Links from Relevant Sites

Links from locales that cover comparable material to yours are normal. In opposition to well known misguided judgment and various profoundly dangerous external link establishment/unbuilding plans, not every connection to your site needs to originate from a space that is just devoted to a subject. This would seem exceptionally unnatural. In any case, so would never being a piece of industry particular examinations. This is a Hilltop’s element calculation algorithm.

Reference(s): Krishna Bharat

Keyword  in ALT Tеxt

Cаtсhрhrаѕеѕ utilizеd аѕ a раrt оf the ALT рrореrtу of a picture аrе dealt with аѕ ѕtау соntеnt. Shоrt, trulу engaging ALT lаbеlѕ additionally enhance general ореnnеѕѕ аnd hаvе an еxсееdinglу solid effect on рiсturеѕ showing uр in-ассоrdаnсе with рurѕuitѕ frоm Gооglе Imаgе Search. Reference(s): Patent US 8738643 B1, Mаtt Cuttѕ

Context Surrounding Link

For a long while, it’s been set up that the content encompassing a connection, notwithstanding the stay content inside, is considered in assessing setting. Support for this hypothesis is strengthened by a patent and straightforward experimentation. Along these lines, joins in content are liable to give more esteem than a stand-alone connection that is separated from setting.

Reference(s): Patent US 8577893, SEO By The Sea

Query Deserves Freshness (QDF)

Google doesn’t rank each inquiry question the same way. Certain pursuit questions, particularly those that are news-related, are particularly delicate to the freshness of substance that they will distribute (and might just rank substance that is later). Google’s expression for this is Query Deserves Freshness (QDF).

Reference(s): Matt CuttsAmit Singhal

Safe Search

In specific circumstances where grown-up substance may be included, a site could conceivably rank construct totally with respect to regardless of whether Safe Search is empowered in Google’s settings. As a matter of course, Safe Search is turned on.

Reference(s): Google

Negative Off-Page Factors

Negative Off-Page Factors are by and large identified with unnatural examples of backlinks to your site, as a rule because of purposeful connection spam. Until the Penguin calculation was presented in 2012, the aftereffect of these components was quite often a debasement, as opposed to a punishment. That is, you could lose all, or about all, quality acquired from connecting practices that Google felt may be unnatural, yet your site would not be hurt generally. While that is still generally genuine, Penguin presented off-page punishments in various cases, which has opened the conduits for vindictive conduct from contending destinations as a practice known as negative SEO or Google Bowling.

Excessive Cross-Site Linking

At the point when owning various destinations, it’s debilitated to between connection them with the end goal of blowing up your inbound connection power. Danger increments with the quantity of between connected areas. Regular proprietorship may be recognized by area registrant, IP address, likeness of substance, similitude of configuration, and once in a while, distinguished and punished as a component of a manual activity. Exemption made for Internationalization or “when there’s a better than average reason, for clients, to do it”.

Reference(s): Matt Cutts

Negative SEO (Google Bowling)

Negative SEO, truly named “Google Bowling”, is the demonstration of a noxious linkspam led in the interest of your site by an outsider. This was once extremely troublesome, since we lived in a universe of off-page downgrades, instead of off-page punishments. On the off chance that a downgrading were to happen, a contender could just misrepresent existing plans, making worth be lost sooner or all the more without a doubt. On the off chance that off-page punishments exist, which they do, negative SEO is demonstrated by rationale alone.

Reference(s): Matt Cutts

Paid Link Schemes

Joins can’t be bought specifically from a site proprietor for the sole motivation behind passing PageRank. Matt Cutts states that this is straightforwardly enlivened by the FTC’s rules on paid supports. To expression this another way, backlinks saw as supports, and bona fide supports should happen without direct remuneration.

Reference(s): GoogleMatt Cutts

Diluted Page Authority

As a component of the PageRank calculation, each connection on a page separates the general power that is gone to the pages that are connected. For instance, one page with one connection may pass a theoretical PageRank estimation of 1.0, though an indistinguishable page with 1,000 outbound connections would pass 0.001.

Reference (s): Matt CuttsLarry Page

Diluted Domain Authority

For almost the same reason that weakened page power is conceivable, it’s workable for a whole area to weaken outbound PageRank. Consequently, destinations that are more selective about who they connection to, in respect to who connections to them, are profitable, while locales working as complete free-for-all connection homesteads have a worth close to zero.

Reference(s): Matt CuttsLarry Page

Manual Action

Notwithstanding every other positioning variable, Google’s webspam group will in any case infrequently make manual move against specific destinations which can take a large portion of a year to a year to recoup from after you’ve tidied up the issues. Frequently, these punishments accompany a warning in Google Webmaster Tools. Thus, it’s basic to continually look past the usefulness of today and ask “what does Google need?” Learn Google’s methods of insight and business your site in amicability.

Reference(s): Matt Cutts

Crawl Rate Modification

Google Webmaster Tools permits you to adjust the rate in which your webpage is crept by Google. It’s not by any means conceivable to accelerate Googlebot, yet it’s absolutely conceivable to back it off to zero.

Reference(s): Google

While the term “pagerank” has somewhat taken on a new meaning since the evolution of the Google algorithm via the Penguin and Panda (and a few more obscure) search engine updates, it’s still a valid term in the sense of where your website will rank in keyword searches.  No longer is it a true indicator of an authority website as easily as it once was.

Regardless, these are the fact-based search engine result pages (SERP) ranking factors that will determine where your website is going to land when your primary keywords are searched in Google.  Take it as you wish, but we chose to cut out all the hearsay and conjecture. This is a comprehensive verifiable guide of the Google ranking factors from solid factual Google members, patent filings and applying the scientific methods.

Google Page Ranking Factors

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