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Beginners Guide – Instagram For Businesses [Infographic]

Instagram for Business – Beginner’s Guide

One thing is clear. After reading this post, you will realize the importance of Instagram as a social network. The photo sharing tool is not only important for restaurants, retailers and travel companies but is considered as one of the most effective and best branding tool present today.
The importance of Instagram and its usage is increasing in all kind of business. It has become a hub where regular people find and judge the visual characteristics of the business. Without having a strong Instagram presences, firms can be ignored or forgotten, among the next generation of users.

Instagram – An Effective Tool

If you take Instagram seriously, it can create a world of opportunity for your brand. Many online marketing gurus have termed Instagram as the ‘King of Social Engagement’ because the Instagram post of top brands creates a huge amount of follower engagement. The below given data clearly states on why Instagram has got a huge amount of follower engagement

Instagram for Business

Instagram Strategies To Be Followed

The following are the procedures you need to follow in Instagram for branding your business-

• Developing Instagram Strategies

The first thing you need to do is research. Before you use the Instagram for your brand, you need to use it for yourself. Try to find out the best businesses on Instagram and other brands related to your industry. After you are familiar with the app, you can start to think about the Instagram strategies.

The strategies that you develop have to tie with your organizational goal like increasing the product sales, increasing the brand awareness, increasing the traffic to your website, and more. Also, it is important that the goals you set for the Instagram strategy has to be achievable as well as measurable.

• Creating Instagram Brand

Instagram is all about visuals. So, you need to try to create a recognizable and cohesive brand identity. How you are going to approach your Instagram brand will influence the strategy that you have already chosen.

You need to consider the visual style that you want for the Instagram brand. Here, try to select a single filter or a set of filters which you will be using for majority of your photos. And by using the same filter again and again, you are establishing a style which becomes recognizable among your followers.

In addition, you need to think about what content your photo will be about. In most of the cases, the content will be obvious. If it is a clothing line, then the photos will be of clothes, for a restaurant, it will be a photo shoot of the delicious delicacies.

• Getting Used To The App

To use the Instagram app, you need to download it to your mobile device. This is free and all you need is a valid email id to sign up. Once you have signed the app, you need to fill in the profile. Make sure to use a common username which you have used for other social media sites.

With regard to the profile photo, you can upload the logo of your company. Getting it matched with other profile photos will assist in discoverability as people who follow you on Facebook and Twitter will easily recognize your brand.

• Engaging And Posting

Now once you have created and updated your Instagram profile, you can start sharing and engaging. You need to post high quality images that are matching your brand guidelines which are established. Also, you have to remember that Instagram is a mobile platform and you need to consider that while choosing the photo. While posting, don’t miss the opportunity of cross-posting the Instagram images. With the Instagram app, you can post images directly to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr, and Flickr.


Of course, once you have applied the required marketing strategies, the next step is to get suitable amount of followers and likes for your Instagram account. Some might purchase them from various online service providers while other would follow strictly the multiple Instagram tactics to gain huge amount of followers and like. Ultimately it depends on the choice of the business.