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Affiliate Marketing: Actionable Tips to Generate More Income in 2019

With almost half of 2019 passed, you may need to get into more work in the second half to ensure you meet your goals for your affiliate marketing business. So it makes perfect sense to provide you with actionable tips on how you can make more money online with your affiliate business in 2019.

Affiliate Marketing statistics 2019

Affiliate marketers have increased year by year and this number keeps increasing each day with thousands of people joining the field. As you can see how hard it is to rank on Google for many of your targeted keywords

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to the process of earning a commission for promoting or marketing someone’s products. The affiliate marketers choose from a wide range of products on the internet and thus promote them on their respective channels. These people get a share of the profit and thus get to earn. The marketers track the sales via affiliate links on one website to another. The entire earning is dependent on how you prepare the marketing strategy. To earn more, you will need to sell more and more. 

Why become an affiliate marketer?

What is Affiliate Marketing

Often people don’t understand the benefits of affiliate marketing and how they can earn. Well, it is very simple. But, becoming an affiliate marketer isn’t limited to one reason. There are several reasons why you may look forward to becoming an affiliate marketer. These may include the following:

Passive Income

Your regular work may get you to earn some money, but you can always try your hands-on pass-time income. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money by investing only some time and money. 


Affiliate marketing is one of the most prominent types of business you can start at an affordable rate. If you do not have a huge sum of money to invest in start-up, affiliate marketing can have the way for you. 

Work from home

Work From Home

Unlike other jobs, if you become an affiliate marketer, you don’t need to visit any office. If you aren’t comfortable with an office job, affiliate marketing may be the right career choice for you. 

Convenient and flexible 

As an affiliate marketer, you are a freelancer who works according to your will. The work schedule is flexible, and you can choose what you are interested in. Thus, making it one of the most convenient jobs. Any restrictions or regulations won’t bind you. 

No customer support

As you are not an individual seller or company, you do not need to be worried about customer satisfaction. As an affiliate marketer, you need to link the seller to consumer. If the consumer has any complaints, the seller will deal with it. 

Tips to boost up sales and generate more income through affiliate marketing in 2019

Affiliate Marketing Tips

If you have selected affiliate marketing as your profession, you need to look out for ways that can help you in boosting up sales. Since it is 2019, you can already adopt several ways and earn more than you’ve ever imagined. 

Don’t promote anything Know that in today’s world you cannot be perfect in everything. Out of so many things, there will be one thing you will constantly suck at and no matter how much you love it, you will need to ignore that. 

So, if you have forced yourself in that decision, you need to promote the valuable things. Make sure to promote things that are useful and worth it. But before promoting it, you should conduct proper research about it. You can check a few reviews and use it on yourself to determine the benefits. 

You should be promoting the product based on authenticity. Make sure to put up genuine revenues so that people can be attracted to it. 

Promote products from different merchants


You don’t need to stick to a particular merchant or product. If you are interested, you can promote different merchants. If you are promoting one merchant, you will need to depend on their sales, conversion rates and so solely. 

But, if you want to develop a career out of it and want to earn more, you need to research about other merchants as well. You can proceed by trying out different products and niches. This is one of the most popular strategies that you can imply for affiliate marketing. It will help you enjoy the diversity and better revenue. 

Use link shorteners

If you are fond of affiliate marketing on your blogs, you can proceed to use link shorteners. If you want your link to stand out from others and draw customer attention, nothing can be better than link shorteners. 

Usually, you may have longer links, and if you do not want that, you can always opt for link shorteners. They can turn the longer links to shorter ones in no time. This will help to track the backend links as well. There are various premium plugins over the market that can help you draw a positive impact. 

Promote the best product on the sidebar of the blog

If you check the websites of different affiliate marketers, you will get to notice that most of them have some specific products enlisted on the sidebar of their blogs. Well, this is because they can be of great benefit in boosting the business. These can play an important role to bring about stronger income for your online business. You can download some images or banners regarding the product from their website or prepare one on your own. They can help you earn money through the blog posts on your website. 

Keep updating blogs

Affiliate Marketing Blogs

We per reports, to grow online, one needs to review things on their blog and post about them constantly. If you have a blog, you should constantly update it with the things you have reviewed. Your blog can be an ideal place for promotion. You can keep updating the blog posts about different trend and benefits. You can keep on adding tips, screenshots, and others to bring about the change in business. 

Don’t join too many affiliate networks

While it is better to try your hands at affiliate marketing for different genres, it may not be an appropriate choice to join more affiliate networks. This is because of the more networks, the more confusion it will create. Before you choose the affiliate marketing network, it is better to do proper research about it. You should prefer researching affiliate marketing tips, the products you want to promote and consult with some experts who have been in the field for long. This will protect you from confusion and save time. This resource recommends no more than 3 affiliate networks. 

Have a SEO friendly theme

No website would function properly without an SEO-friendly theme. Moreover, if you do not have customized SEO, it is sure to bring down your revenue. If you own an affiliate marketing website, it is extremely necessary to have an SEO friendly theme. Such themes can bring the potential market to your businesses. Before downloading the theme, you can prefer checking the reviews. One most important aspect to consider is whether the theme is secure or not. Whatever your choice is, make sure it is a valid one so that your affiliate marketing business can reach success.

Collect Leads

lead generation guide

Irrespective of your needs, you should look forward to collecting leads. Leads are one of the effective ways through which you can have higher conversion rates and eventually earn more. There are several ways through which you can attract reliable leads to your website. The lead magnets such as video tips, course, eBooks for free can bring significant traffic to your website. After providing them with these baits, you can ask them to register themselves. This will help to highlight the email marketing. You can also use different plugins to create a better look. There are different tools for email marketing that can help you collect leads.

Do not add monthly or annual permalink

If you are using WordPress for writing blogs, WordPress itself will set up a default permalink. Such permalinks are long and annoying. Moreover, if you are an affiliate marketing website, such permalinks can be extremely harmful to your website. Thus, if you are writing a blog and are about to post it, make sure to check the link thoroughly. If you want to drive followers, you should use shorter links. As a result, you should edit the long, default permalinks into a shorter one. 

Use retarget pixel


As an affiliate marketer, you need to use Facebook retarget pixel. If you don’t know what a retargeting pixel is, then probably you are living under the rocks. Irrespective of your ads on Facebook, you should have retargeted pixel implemented into your affiliate marketing website. This will enable you to reach out to sufficient audience for your blogs and promote ads in the future. Make sure you create the retargeting pixel and place it on the blog headings. The generated pixel code will help to draw a large number of audiences. 

Implement dynamic date and year in the titles

You can choose to add a dynamic date and year into your website for better benefits. There are various dates and plugins which allow you to choose dynamic dates and plugins. Thus, you can always prefer implementing them into the website. You can use the short codes into your website to ensure proper formatting. 

Email marketing is another prominent tip for earning more. If the seller gets more than 50 sales per month, through your links, you can ask the seller to provide you better sales. Apart from your sales, you can always ask for extra commission. 

Keep an eye on Google Analytics

Once you start blogging, you need to have Google Analytics on your blogs. After posting the articles, you can keep a check on reliable and better functioning articles. Such articles will help you draw traffic, but you might as well insert a few affiliate links into the blogs. At the end of each month, you should prefer auditing the website to check what are the better functioning websites. You should insert the relevant links to draw better traffic. 

Check for 404 errors

404-Error - Broken Link

As an affiliate marketer, you may be using different links. But is it the right thing to do? It is necessary to keep a check on the broken links to avoid the inconvenience. Usually, the plugins check the broken links and fix them. If you have been trying to make your website land in Google, know that Google loathes broken links. If you want your website to rank, you should ensure removing the broken links by unlinking the website from those links. 

Keep up with the latest trends

You can always rely on Google trends to research the latest trends in affiliate marketing; working as an internet marketing consultant I do this with my clients in strategy meetings. Keeping up with the trends will give you an idea about high-functioning products and trendy ones. If you are confused between promoting two products, you can prefer checking online which is the most reliable online. Since the results will be given to you based on Google’s statistics, you can be assured of the fact that you are on the right path. When you find the most searched product, you can expand your market and promote the respective product. 

Summarize your blogs

Make sure to summarize all your blogs at the end. If you do not, it indicates that the blog is in the continuous loophole. If you have written a review for the customers, make sure to add a small opinion or conclusion at the end. This will give the people a clear idea of what exactly you think of it. Moreover, you can also suggest to them where they can find the product and why it is the best. You should add a few lines that will help you gain the trust of customers. 

Although not many may agree affiliate marketing is a business that can help you earn a handful of money. It is a very useful thing if you have properly implemented all the things. All you need to do is brainstorm and find the most reliable products to promote them and thus earn through commission along with money. 

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