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8 Best Side Hustles for IT Professionals

IT Professional is always a demanding profession. And as an IT professional, you can earn extra cash very quickly. There are many ways to make extra cash with little effort with a side hustle.

How to Side hustle

In simple words, side hustles are additional side jobs to your primary job (full-time job). Nowadays, it’s straightforward to earn extra income with many side hustles.

This post will share seven best side hustles that you can start as an IT Professionals. And the good part is you can begin to these side hustles without considerable investment and in your own time.

Education Blog

You can use an education blog to share your knowledge. To be honest, it’s always good to share your experience with others. It will give your talents more exposure.

As an IT professional, you can explain complex concepts of programming in simple words to your users. 

Make Money with WordPress Blogging

Nowadays, the demand for education blogs is increasing, and several blogs have become quite well known.

You can charge users for your few lessons in many ways, like setting up a dedicated member’s area or delivering courses via emails to paid users.

Create an Online Course

In this information age, it’s not hard to create a course. You can do a course on your favorite technology or subject. 

Basically, to create an online course is a three steps process – (i) select the course topic, (ii) Identify your customers, and finally (iii) structure your course, and that’s it. You are ready to sell.

How to Online Course

There are many online platforms, like Udemy, Teachable, etc. They will host your course and do marketing for you, and you are responsible for creating your course online. You can create text, audio, or video-based courses depending on your area.

Creating a course online will take time, but it will be rewarding at the end. 

Freelance Programmer

You can utilize your IT skills to be a freelancer. There are many well-known websites available to start within 60 seconds, like Upwork, Fiverr.

Website Developers Jobs 2020

So if you want to sell your existing IT skills to make extra money, these platforms can be a good start to the freelancing world. No need to say that you can earn more than $300 per hour. 

You have to build an online portfolio and need good testimonials. And the freelancing world is open for you with endless opportunities.

Write an eBook

Writing an eBook is one of my favorite side-hustle as it does not take much time and pays you in the long run.

And the other good news about an ebook is – there is no set of rules for organizing your content. So you can write like a novel or in a textbook style. 

Side Hustle: How to Write an Ebook

The most important thing you should keep in mind before writing your ebook is your target customers. So you need to choose your topic with your customers in mind. 

Once you are done with your eBook, you can use the most popular marketplace for selling your ebook – Amazon. And With one ebook, you can easily make $500 – $1,000 per month.

Social Media Manager

Social media growth is exponential. There are huge chances that every other person has a social media account.

social media marketing for branding

If you are really a fan of social media, then being a social media manager can be an excellent opportunity for you. At the same time, it can be advantageous.

In simple words, a social media manager is in charge of social channels for a client. He manages campaigns and responses to comments.

As per PayScale research, the earning of a social media manager is $34,432 to $56,571 per year, while working from anywhere.

It might be a really easy side hustle for you if you really like social media.

Online Tutoring

Using your already established IT skills can become a nice sideline for you to make money. Nowadays, online teaching has become high in demand, and you can start it anytime. 

How to Online tutorial

Here you can teach your favorite programming language or teach English as a foreign language. Teaching English has become a sought after skill.

The most significant advantage of online tutoring is that it’s one of the easy ways to generate income with a minimal learning curve. Now here you are just taking the knowledge you already have and then using it as a second option to generate money. It can prove to be quite lucrative.


If you have quite a good experience in IT, then you can make a handsome side income with consulting. 

How to Online Consulting

Simply, if you want to start consulting as a side business, you only need to focus on problems and their solutions. Also, its unique side hustle compared to other side hustle in this is the margins are relatively high from day one.

I have also seen many IT professionals start consulting as a side hustle and then turn into full-time careers more than any other.

Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant, you can help with many tasks like administration, bookkeeping, managing meetings, and more. For a virtual assistant job, you have to be very good at organization skills to manage the work. The demand is growing for virtual assistants who need help on various projects. 

How to Virtual Assistant

When you start this side hustle, you can initially find clients from many sources like Upwork. Also, you can join popular Facebook groups. 

Countless businesses need virtual assistants to assist in their day to day work. As a virtual assistant, you can be paid hourly or monthly. It will depend on work requirements.


For many IT professionals, a side hustle is all about plugging gaps in their day-to-day living costs. As per a survey, more than four IT professionals in 10 are doing a side hustle. 

In this article, as you can see, IT professionals have many easy ways to generate income from another source.

And the good part is these second income sources can be flexible, and you can work home in your own time.

Now it’s your time to share which side hustle sounds best to you?

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