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The Different Pros Of Blogging

If you are passionate about a subject, regardless of whether it is sundresses or superheroes, then you may have considered beginning a blog to express your ideas, showcase photographs, and connect with other like-minded individuals.  However, both launching and maintaining a high-quality blog can be an energy- and time-consuming task.  Taking this into account, many aspiring bloggers often wonder if it is worth all the bother.

While blogging is a large commitment and requires dedication, the good news is that it is a worthwhile activity.  So, if you were about to hit the ‘delete’ button on your digital space, don’t remove all your hard work just yet.  Below are five of the pros of blogging that may change your mind.

  1. Sharpening Your Writing And Technical Skills

According to the Huffington Post, the majority of popular blogs have been started by individuals without any writing experience.  These bloggers merely created daily or weekly content and, with some time, have developed into exceptional writers.  This happened not only because they constantly write, but also because they constantly re-read their blog posts when responding to comments or making post edits.  Huffington Post noted that the public nature of a blog can assist authors in becoming better writers as readers will often indicate inconsistencies with information or grammar.


Blogging is one of the best means of learning and enhancing web skills and these, according to Income Diary, are two of the most important skills required in today’s job market.  The availability of numerous user-friendly blogging platforms means that you can start a blog without needing to learn coding; however, you are bound to learn technical skills as you become involved in the ‘blogosphere’.  Income Diary also indicated that blogging can be a method of teaching yourself elements of web design, HTML, CSS, content marketing, and search engine optimization.

  1. Organizing Your Thoughts

From the first sip of coffee in the morning to the moment when your head hits the pillow at night, one thing remains constant – your brain is always thinking.  While it is impossible to use or store all thoughts passing through your brain, it can be easier to peruse the ideas when you have a place to organize and share them.  According to blogger Sunny Trochaniak, the process of writing one’s thoughts allows you to dig much deeper.  Analysis is needed to convert the thought into text and this makes it more than a thought, it is not a belief or solidified theory.

pros of blogging - thoughts

In addition to publishing your thoughts as they appear, a blog can also act as an online record of all your life moments.  Do you want to know what was happening in your life and what you thought about life last March?  Simply scroll to that specific section of your blog and reflect on the different March posts.

  1. Establishing An Online Community

Needless to say, the blogosphere is a vast area and it is likely that the topics you choose to discuss on your page are already being covered by thousands of websites across the internet.  While this may be an intimidating fact, do not view al other blogs as rivals and rather see them as members of an online community.  The majority of bloggers utilize their platforms as places to interact and befriend like-minded people, so do not be afraid to reach out to these individuals and share your interests.

blogging community

For example, if you run a wellness blog then you should try searching trending hashtags such as #CleanEats or #FitFam and follow the websites that appear.  Leaving comments for other bloggers is a highly beneficial method of establishing friendships online.

  1. Earning An Income

While blogging is not a ‘get rich quick’ method, it can have certain financial benefits for blogs with larger followings.  Nowadays, it is possible to sell advertising space on websites, promote brands using social media, and collaborate with other bloggers for endorsement deals.  It is also possible to leverage your blog into a business by selling products or services or like this post from nPower shows, communicate with the masses.  For example, a yoga teacher could begin a yoga blog and use it as a resource to market classes, sell merchandise, and gain new clients.

  1. Controlling Your Digital ID

It is no secret that most companies will check out an applicant’s online presence before making any job offers.  This can be a ‘make or break’ moment for candidates who display professionalism on paper, but appear irresponsible and out of control on their digital platforms.  This means that regardless of how impressive you were during a telephone interview, the Facebook or Twitter status about hating customer support could eliminate your chances.

The good news is that running a blog allows you to place your best foot forward when honing an online ID.  By enhancing the blog’s SEO ranking, you can ensure that the carefully designed blog will appear first when people Google search your name – a far better option over the questionable social media accounts.


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