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5 Ways in Which Web Design can Help Generate Leads

A person who is conscious of his clothes will lookout for the appropriate design, color, stuff, style, and shape. A website visitor looks for the design, appropriate colors, content, and easy-to-access call to action buttons. 

For successful lead generation, you will need to improvise your design. From user experience, call to action buttons, testimonials to design and size of the font in content, each thing plays an important role in generating leads. 

To compete in this highly saturated market, you need accuracy and appropriation in your design. I have a list of factors that can improve your web design. It will surely help you generate leads. Let us have a look. 

Better Web Design

User Experience

To be a successful seller in the digital market, build a user-friendly design. User experience must be the priority. After all, they are the ones who are browsing and making orders. With a bad user experience, your website will go down. 

For the success and growth of your digital business, help your audience find the information, services real quick and easy. Let us embark on a journey of building a user-friendly website. 

  • Optimize Speed: People do not wait. People are hasty. It is in their nature. Users want information quickly in front of their eyes. A few seconds of delay and you may lose a potential customer. The look of your website will not matter if it will not run smoothly and fast. Optimize your website and content so that every page may load quickly. It will generate leads for sure.
  • White Space: Do not stuff up white spaces in your website with texts, images, and buttons. It will confuse and frustrate your users. Users prefer a cleaner and simple design that makes it easier for them to find things and information. Break up a busy page into sections to make browsing easier. 
  • Simple Navigation: Enhance the user experience with simple and organized navigation. A user must not go through or redirect back a hundred pages to find the desired information. All categories and subcategories must be aligned and organized. Such an enhanced user experience will generate you leads. 
  • Live-Chat Service: Live chat assistance has helped merchants to catalyze the leads. Analyze the pages which your users visit the most. Install a live chat service on the pages where the information and assistance are more required.
    It will help you collect data on their needs no matter where the conservation goes. Such data will help you adapt accordingly. 


Once you have improvised the user experience, now it is time to focus on the design. Look at nature, how organized and beautifully designed it is. It attracts, soothes, and bewitches us that we want to explore more. In the same way, the design of your website plays an important role in captivating your audience. What do you need to improvise in your design? Here are some ideas:

  • Reflective Design: Branding is vital. Your design must reflect your business as it has a massive influence on the audience. Regardless of the type of store, consistent branding will engage your audience to your website. Connect with your audience through relevant content and stories.
    For the authenticity of the brand, your design must match the narrative of your business. Your website must display a logo strategically all over the site for the standardization of your business. Present your products in the best way and provide standard information about them. Visual identity will make visitors understand your brand value. 
  • Contrasting Colors: Right colors will generate leads more than expectations. Colors can influence and impress the audience. You can implore the audience to act on Call-to-Action buttons by applying right and contrasting colors. Colors help in stirring emotions in your prospects, setting the moods, and conveying a message. Resonance and coherence of the color, idea, and message is an important factor. 

Contrasting colors can help people with visual impairment to interact with your digital store. Such an application will help your website to run for a long time. 

  • Custom Design: If you do not have enough bucks in your pocket, you can have thousands of templates from the internet for your website. But a custom-designed website makes more sense and delivers a sense of authenticity to your audience. It will help you stand out in the competition. It will also provide a unique and memorable experience to your audience. 
  • Avoid Black Hat Tactics: Do not display irritating and frustrating ads and pop up on your website. Be patient with your growth. Avoid stuff like content automation, doorway pages, hidden links, sneaky redirects for a few bucks. 
  • Content Layout: Before we turn towards the content section, we need to discuss content layout. The layout must not be disturbing. The layout should be the same throughout the page. The color and size of the font must be singular throughout. You must not use a stylish and ambiguous font where it is not needed. 
Content Marketing Strategies 2021


People have developed the habit of consuming content in recent days. Consumers love to have gripping content, aesthetic and authentic images. You should focus on: 

  • Engaging Videos: Make videos that provide information about the products or your services. Displaying the physical appearance of your services will generate more leads. You can also answer frequently asked questions through videos. Be aesthetic and creative while you make a video so that you can engage the audience in your video.
  • Authentic Photos: Develop pictures related to your services for better information delivery. Value your business and services by presenting authentic images. Snap genuine pictures of your stuff and create a personal experience for your audience. 3D images help the audience to have an in-person experience of the product these days. It has comprehensively boosted the leads. 
  • Use Infographics: For the complex data and facts about your services and products, infographics functions as a great visual option for showcasing the information. Infographics help in catching the attention of the audience. They will love to pull out information through infographics. 
  • Blogs: Websites that also provide blogs and written content for their products generate more leads comparatively. Start writing blogs and provide significant information about your stuff. 
  • SEO: Keep your content search engine optimized. With the regular optimization of your content, you will get more audience on your site which will result in generating you leads. Without SEO, you are going to face failure. 

Call to Action Buttons

The laziness of users can hurt your back. The appropriate placement of the call to action buttons helps the users to process further. Call-to-Action buttons play an important part in creating a successful generation lead. To improve these buttons, follow these tips: 

  • Pop-Ups: For a successful web design, you must make your CTA pop up on your page. Users must not find any difficulty in finding CTAs, you may lose potential customers or conversion otherwise. With the right colors and CTA, you can improve your leads rate. 
  • Avoid Plain CTAs: A compelling and enticing CTA can guide your customer to take the next step. Do not follow the crowd. Do not generate CTAs like “download now” or “click here.” Be creative. 
  • Right Shape: Companies use typical rectangular buttons, rounded rectangular buttons, or extended oval buttons. There is no evil in using such buttons, but make sure that your CTAs are appropriate to your business philosophy. 
  • Contact Forms: Offer contact forms to collect the information of your users in CTAs. Keep it as simple, smooth and easy as possible. Avoid consistent popping up of these forms as it will frustrate them. With contact forms, you will be able to engage with your customers through emails and phone numbers. 


To turn visitors into customers and leads of your business, you need to build their trust in you. One of the best ways is to display the users’ reviews and experiences with you. There are some ways you can build their trust in you:

  • Testimonials: Some people enjoy and some people dislike your brand. Showcase their experiences with you on your website. The experiences of your old customers will help visitors make a quick decision. Convincing them that you are improving your services. It will also help you build their trust. 
  • Google Reviews: By integrating Google Reviews on your website, you can showcase others’ experiences with you. Google is considered an authentic source by the people. It will help them know if your services are fit for their needs. 

Final Words 

Not perfection but appropriation is required. The appropriate design, contrasting colors, smooth user experience, compelling content and CTAs can help you convert visitors into leads. You will not miss out on success and potential sales.

Improve and improvise. Work hard and be patient. The success will come to your threshold. Good luck. 

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