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10 Reasons Why WordPress CMS is The Right Choice for Digital Marketer

WordPress is a free and open source content management system that continues to rock the World Wide Web since its incarnation back in 2003. With WordPress, one can easily create all types of websites without requiring any coding knowledge. Currently, nearly 66% of all live websites are powered by WordPress.

WordPress for Digital Marketer

Even a non-technical person (with a little knowledge of computer operation and the Internet) can create their WordPress blog and anticipate success sooner than later. A large number of people all around the world are using CMS to have a solid online presence and make revenues. Digital marketers also require a CMS which has a simple and flexible interface for purpose of content promotion.  Even the most famous brands like TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America and many more use WordPress. So, what are the main reasons behind this rush towards the WordPress CMS? Let’s find out.

1. WordPress is Free and Open Source

Both and are completely free for all. In simple words, is a self-hosting version of your site. It allows you to control the site or blog easily. is helpful for beginners. WordPress was developed by a community of contributors and is an open source project since 2003. Open source projects are usually free with large communities in which one can share his/her problem and get the best possible solution as soon as possible.

WordPress CMS - Digital Marketing

Although WordPress software is free, but still you need to spend some money on good hosting provider and domain registration. The cost of a WordPress website operation may go up to several hundred per month to ensure its ultimate speed and performance.

2. Availability of Themes and Plugins

There are lots of themes and plugins (both free and premium) available on different web forums. Based on your needs, you can choose your favorite theme or plugins for the creation of websites. You can also get dedicated themes and plugins from professional WordPress Development Companies. Everything depends on your own experience and the size of your website. Generally, people like to keep the website creation costs to a minimum.

In general, however, you can keep your WordPress costs to a minimum. Many webmasters are only paying for hosting. When you go to the, it displays basic information about the platform and a single button with a link to download the CMS. Banner ads are absent when you click on the download button.

WordPress Themes

You will see a simple page with some explanations, beta versions, requirements, source code, archives and download counter. Some WordPress Development companies offer managed WordPress hosting services to take care of the setup, maintenance, security and backups.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the foundation of success in digital marketing activities. It’s a process of content production and distribution on different web platforms to achieve highly ambitious business goals. The more you interact with the targeted audience with high-quality & personalized materials, the more business opportunities will come in your way in the short and long-term.

WordPress, without any doubt, is the best platform for content marketing activities. You can write user-friendly content & publish it instantly. You may also schedule the posts to be published on a different time period. There are WordPress plugins that automatically show the related content to visitors (based on their current entries) & help website owners to sell more products and services.

4. Regular Updates

WordPress updates are one of the main reasons why this CMS is popular among website builders and operations. You don’t need to go back to the download page each time a new WordPress version is released. It automatically notifies you about the update on the dashboard. You can update your website, theme, and plugins in a few minutes. Generally, new WordPress updates eliminate the problems in the prevision version of the CMS, themes, and plugins, fix security issues, and add new features and functionalities. All these help in WordPress website management and operation.

5. WordPress is SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly WordPress

WordPress is said to have SEO embedded in the platform. So, WordPress automatically creates title tags and metadata for all your pages and posts, which helps search engines to easily scan your content, add it in their databases, and show them in the top search results. Furthermore, different WordPress SEO plugins help you in website optimisation and increase results in a few days. 

6. Analytics and Tracking

We all know that regular analysis and tracking of promotional activities is essential in digital marketing. Search Engine Optimisation is a subject matter of unpredictable changes from time-to-time. So, what is valid today, may become void tomorrow, making your SEO activities less effective if new changes are not implemented immediately.

Regular Analytics and tracking activities allow you to know your strength and weakness in SEO activities & make the required changes in the plan of action to improve the overall results. WordPress offers Google Analytics Plugins for all digital marketing professionals. You can also add Google Analytics to your website manually. So, it becomes easier for you to be a leader in SEO game and generate tangible business opportunities every day.

7. You Don’t Need to Be Tech-geek To Run WordPress Websites

It’s a fact that WordPress Website development companies generally sell expensive packages to clients and ask them to pay a down payment in advance and a monthly fee for regular maintenance. This can jeopardise the financial well-being of start-up companies and small firms. Generally, it is not difficult to manage WordPress websites if you learn tips and get the proper training. Even non-tech individuals can operate WordPress websites. WordPress website management involves a few things:

  • The selection of a good hosting server,
  • Regular security checks,
  • Regular backups,
  • Update WordPress themes, plugins, and the CMS regularly,
  • Combating Spam,
  • Regular testing of website functionalities and performance,
  • Regular analysis of website SEO.
Easy WordPress CMS

8. Supports Different media types

WordPress claims to support different types of media files, among which images, folders, sound, and video files are prominent ones. You can upload common files, such as .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .doc, .pptx, .mp3, .m4a, .mp4, .mov, .wmv, and .avi. However, you face problems with vague file types such as .odt, .key, .ogg, and .3gp. Always keep in mind that some file formats are not allowed, such as SVGs. You can host documents and presentations on a website without publishing it on a particular page. Never forget that you must comply with the rules and only use media that is legally owned by you and available for download.

9. Automated Social Media Optimization

Due to the increased use of different social media websites, entrepreneurs now advertise their brands on social platforms. They share useful content on social media platforms to seek user’s attention, increase awareness of the brand, generate leads or sales. In today’s highly competitive business environment in the digital landscape, a strong presence in the social world can help you get business opportunities worth millions of dollars. With the help of WordPress plugins, automation of SMO activities is possible. It increases your brand’s interaction with active social media users and cultivates more business opportunities for you.

WordPress and Social Media

10. Easy Learning Curve & Large User Base

Both technical and non-technical persons can use WordPress technical knowledge is not mandatory. With the help of free themes and plugins, you can create general WordPress blogs, forums, online courses, seminars, webinars, websites. There are many resources available on the Internet to learn WordPress or answer quick development questions. You can follow WordPress blogs to get new updates in your email inbox. You can also find instant WordPress solutions on the web. The online WordPress community works as an aid in the learning process of individuals-

  • Organized training for long-term information and
  • Instant solution to common WordPress Errors.

Always keep in mind that the best online courses are well-organized, affordable and full of information that you can use yourself, give to customers or share with your employees. Once you complete your course, WordPress website creation and management becomes an easy task. You can use blogs, forums, Google, and other online communities to get most of your development situations. With the help of the online WordPress community, you can increase your knowledge about the CMS and be an expert WordPress specialist in the future.

Web Security

A safe website is perhaps the most important  factor for a successful online business. All Internet users love to browse safe websites when they need to share their data to purchase products and services. WordPress websites are safe if safe if you follow some essential guidelines. Website security factors reinforce the user’s trust in your brand and let them feel safe when they deal with you. WordPress Security Plugins are a great asset for all digital marketing professionals. With its help, they can automate the website security activities & focus on their attention on core business activities.

Final Words

Every year, a good number of marketers keep joining the bandwagon of WordPress. It helps them to create a solid online presence on low investment & make your online business profitable. So, hope all the reasons mentioned above help you to make the right decision. Best of Luck!

About the Author

Jason Daszkewicz is a web enthusiast who serves as a WordPress developer for WordSuccor Ltd. that provides Custom WordPress plugin development services for businesses. Jason holds exceptional expertise in blogging on WordPress related articles. He also loves to spend his time outdoors exploring the world, people and technology.

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