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WordPress And Dropshipping: Is It Possible?

The WordPress Development Company have made a superb platform for all of us to develop our websites for our personal or professional use very easily and quickly. The business model of dropshipping is very much used by the business owners these days.

When a third-party service provider ships your products to the customers, it is called dropshipping. With the Custom WordPress Development, you can develop the dropshipping business with ease. You can even add plugins and tools to make your website better.

Today, we are going to see what exactly is dropshipping and see the tools like WooCommerce and Shopify that can be used with your business website.

What is Dropshipping?



With the help of Dropshipping, there is no need to create an e-commerce store for selling the products. Even there is no need to store the physical products and also you don’t have to ship those products yourself. It is a kind of business model where it takes some effort and time from your side to make it successful. It takes very much low cost and also it doesn’t require that much time to be invested in it. Here are some pros and cons of dropshipping.

The major benefit is that you can do the business from almost anywhere and that’s why this business faces very much competition too. It is easy to get into the business but the control that you have over the shipping time and quality of the product is less. So, the satisfaction of the customer is much less in your hands.

Your customers may have complaints with the delay in delivery time and this is a major disadvantage that you can only scold the third-party company who is delivering your products but you can’t have full control on them.

If the quality of the product gets degraded at the time of delivery then the brand name of your company will get affected and not the name of the third-party delivery service provider. So, you have to decide the third-party who will take the orders and directly ship them to your customers and that decision has to be made very wisely based on trust and seeing the previous business deals if done any with the third-party.

But, every business has the advantages and disadvantages and there are risks also which have to be taken to be more successful. This business model is also rewarding and at the same time challenging so you have to take the call whether you will be comfortable with it or not.

It is very easy to start with the dropshipping  business. You have to make an online store where the users can see the products and buy them as per their wish. You have to contact any third-party who is ready to take the orders and directly ship those products to the address of the customer. If the contract with the third-party provider is done properly and your customers are also happy with the product quality and service then there will be no problem in proliferating the business to the heights.

Tools for Site development



Now, when you are starting with the dropshipping business, it is also important to keep that in mind that you are actually developing an e-commerce site so it has to be good enough for your customers to use it. It must look professional and it should be user-friendly for the users to use them very smoothly and easily.

WooCommerce and Shopify are used to develop your e-commerce site. They both provide an excellent platform to seamlessly develop the best online store to attract more and more potential customers to the business. In the case of Shopify, it is not offering any plugin for WordPress integration but the embedded codes can be used on the site for driving more and more traffic to the store.

You can extend the existing site of WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin. There are plenty of themes available which you can use to make the store look elegant, attractive and professional. There are various extensions also available to make the store completely effective.

These both tools are perfect for developing the best store to start your dropshipping business. Both the platforms have their own advantages so it is up to you which one to choose for developing the e-commerce site.

Now, you will require an account to start working with Shopify. It is good that it provides free first fourteen days so you can check out the performance and see if you like it or not. The embed codes of Shopify can be easily added to the menus and posts and there is no need to be an expert of WordPress development to do it.

You have to enter inside the Shopify account and start creating a Shopify Buy Button. Now, copy the embed code that is provided to you and then get inside the dashboard of WordPress. Now, it is time to make a new post. Switch the view to Text mode from Visual.

Now, decide where the button should be and accordingly paste the code into the post that you created. Now, you will have the purchase button that will direct the customer to the cart and page of payment.

A very important thing is to take the backup of your complete website before actually making any new changes in the development of your website. If anything goes wrong, then you can easily switch over to the previous one. Now, install WooCommerce on the store to see how it exactly works.

Once you have installed the plugin, there will come a setup wizard on the WordPress dashboard. There will be a button named “Run the Setup Wizard”, you have to run it so that the required pages will get set up on its own.

Now, review the shipping settings. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping and edit or add the different shipping settings.

Now, you have to decide which tool to use for developing the complete store and go for anyone of it. After the online store has been set up with anyone tool from above, you can still use the free and premium plugins for making the site more useful. See the below-given plugins to enhance your site.

eCommerce Product Catalog Free Plugin for WordPress

eCommerce product catalog 


 It is very important to display the products in a proper way so that the customers can easily access them. The product pages can be customized completely by using this eCommerce Product Catalog plugin. See the features of this plugin.

  • The products can be displayed beautifully and complete description of them can be listed with high-quality images. The custom parameters can also be added with the help of this plugin.
  • The products can be divided into categories with the help of this plugin.
  • The plugin is responsive and so the products can be viewed on the mobiles, pc, laptop, and even the tablet in a perfect manner.

This is just a brief about the plugin. For a more detailed view, you can check out the documentation and learn about the different ways of enhancing the site. 

YouDroop Dropshipping Add-on for WooCommerce

 WooCommerce and YouDrop


This plugin is a premium one and it provides a convenient method of connecting with the suppliers. For a number of industries, this plugin helps to connect the suppliers with the retailers.

Sign up for the account of this plugin and see what you can do with it. The monthly membership for retailers is of 59 eros and the suppliers can start it for free. You can sync the e-commerce site with the products available and you can add 500 items daily to it. Have a quick look at the summary of the working of the plugin.

  1. The products available with the suppliers are being uploaded by them to YouDroop
  2. Retailers have to log in to their own account and start exporting and syncing the products that are available on their site.
  3. The customers can search the products and purchase them on the store.
  4. The price is paid by the retailers to the suppliers for the number of sold items and also the shipping information is provided.
  5. The goods are shipped to the customers by the suppliers.

This is how the plugin works. There are other plugins also available that you can use to enhance your site for making it more user-friendly and more professional.

Thus, this is how you can start your own dropshipping business with the help of the different Custom WordPress Development services provided by the WordPress Development Company.

Start the dropshipping business and get free from the tension of product shipping. You can plan to grow your business in other ways as now you don’t have to worry about the orders of the customers and their on-time delivery. Simply, you have to send the order details to the third-party and it is now their responsibility to deliver the products to the right doorstep!

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