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Why Franklin Hatchett is the #1 Ecommerce Expert and Youtuber

Ecommerce is something that more and more of us are looking to get involved with. This is especially true now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, with many people facing redundancies and job losses and looking for a new way to support themselves and their families from home. And working from home with your own Ecommerce drop shipping store could be the solution that you’ve always dreamed of!

eCommerce Expert - Franklin Hatchett

Getting started with Ecommerce can be an easy and highly rewarding activity, but it is advisable that people look to first get support for their new venture, and there are many online courses that can provide the level of support needed to help with starting your own Ecommerce website. Among these, Youtube can be an excellent source of knowledge and ideas from other successful online entrepreneurs, and of these, one individual stands out from the crowd as being one of the best Ecommerce Youtubers for new online business owners to follow and learn from – Franklin Hatchett.

Who is Franklin Hatchett?

eCommerce Expert

Franklin Hatchett is one of the originals in the world of Ecommerce and dropshipping. Since getting involved with dropshipping and Ecommerce, he has developed a name for himself for being one of the best people to learn about dropshipping and Ecommerce from thanks to his highly successful Ecommerce course – Ecom Elites – which has been designed to help Franklin share his knowledge and success with the world (find out more). But who actually is Franklin Hatchett anyway? Does he have the skills to make him the number 1 Ecommerce Youtuber out there in 2020?

Hatchett started off small, as every new entrepreneur does – making websites. During the early days of his career, he would create websites to sell on or otherwise use these websites for the advertising revenue which they would bring in. However, advertising revenue alone often is not enough to help give someone the stay at home, full time income that they desire. This was when he thought to try a slightly different approach and looked into affiliate marketing instead.

Affiliate Marketing

For those who don’t know, affiliate marketing is a business model whereby you sell other people’s products and earn a small commission on every sale that is made. Again, this is a great way of earning some cash on the side for many people – however, is it good enough to make that full time income? Well, in the majority of cases, not really, no. Franklin’s time with affiliate marketing was then ended when the affiliate company with which he was working closed down – and so once again, in his dream of making a full time income from home, he had to return to the drawing board.

Well, as they say, third time lucky – and this certainly was the case for Franklin, whose next discovery was dropshipping. And, just like that, he was able to start down the path to online money making success! Of course, this was still a path; he didn’t get rich overnight, and anyone that claims to be able to make you rich overnight either has the winning lottery numbers or is otherwise lying! Developing a successful online Ecommerce platform takes time and effort – but Franklin was able to achieve this, and decided after doing so that he could share his knowledge with other wanna-be Ecommerce entrepreneurs too.

What Makes Franklin Hatchett the #1 Ecommerce Youtuber?

Franklin_Hatchett-eCommerce Expert

When it comes to making money online, it’s important that you get advice from the best – and for Ecommerce and dropshipping, the best place to get great knowledge and advice is from Franklin Hatchett. But what makes him the best Ecommerce Youtuber to follow in 2020?

Well, lets start at the basics here – 175,000 other subscribers can’t be wrong, really, and this makes Franklin one of the most watched Ecommerce Youtubers out there. His channel gets a huge amount of monthly traffic and views with people flocking his way to learn about how they, too, can start their own Ecommerce site and make money from home!

But just being popular doesn’t necessarily make someone a good Ecommerce Youtuber – they could just be charismatic and would still get a lot of attention, even if they didn’t know what they were talking about! Well, in the case of Franklin, it’s his knowledge of Ecommerce and his experience in the real world of dropshipping that make him the #1 Ecommerce Youtuber to follow.

Oftentimes, when you head to an Ecommerce channel on Youtube, you’ll be promised the world but actually see very little. In the case of Franklin, this isn’t the case at all. By contrast, he knows what it takes to create your own successful six figure Ecommerce store, and isn’t afraid to say it either. You need passion, energy, and time; it won’t happen on its own if you aren’t willing to put in the work, just as Franklin had to when he got started with dropshipping too. This realism is a key part of what makes his channel one of the must-watch channels for anyone looking to get into Ecommerce.

Finally, the amount of content that is available on Franklin Hatchett’s channel is also one of the reasons that makes him the top Youtuber for Ecommerce. Franklin’s channel and course cover a huge number of different important things that you’ll need to make your Ecommerce dreams a success, including a beginning to end Shopify store setup guide, how to carry out market research to select the best products for your drop shipping store, email marketing strategies and Google traffic and SEO tips, and more.

In short, the sheer amount of information available on his channel is staggering – and this, coupled with his experience, great following and realistic approach to starting your own Ecommerce store make him one of the best Youtubers for Ecommerce and dropshipping ever.

Start your Ecommerce Store with Franklin!

Franklin Hatchett, founder of the eCom Elites course, is one of the best Youtubers for people looking to get into or improve their own Ecommerce stores. Check out his Youtube channel today for lots of useful, realistic and relevant information and tips on how you can make your online business thrive and succeed!

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