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Which Type of Instagram Marketing Is the Most Effective?

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. It’s no surprise why so many companies, both small and large, are racing to market their brands and products on this site. However, simply having the opportunity to market to millions of people is not enough to be successful. The following list includes a variety of types of Instagram marketing that will allow you to determine which is the most effective for your business.

Photographic Content

watch for content

Instagram was built on the visual rather than based on what’s written. So, if you have the skills for it, this is a fantastic place to start. However, your Instagram feed shouldn’t be a copy-and-paste representation of your company website. This is your chance to be transparent and engaging with your customers. After all, nobody wants to follow an account that only shows products. In addition, photography is much easier to share with friends and family, thus providing you with more potential customers.

Video Production

Video Marketing for Social Media

Although photography is what helps Instagram grow, there is no doubt that video is the current trend. This is especially important for companies that tend to be seen as simply a company. Instagram video provides you with the ability to have a real face on your company. Data has shown that people are more likely to visit a location if they know what to expect. It should be noted that these videos must be high quality to gain attention. Learn the technical components of video production in order to create professional-quality content. Make sure that your videos are not filled with cursing, are not too risque content, and do not contain copyrighted music. Doing any of these things will lead to a blocking of your account by Instagram.

Instagram Stories


Posting Instagram stories is quickly becoming the go-to option for companies. In fact, Instagram states that over one-third of the stories being viewed are business accounts. This is because stories allow you to quickly communicate with your customer base, but it also allows them to receive additional information. Utilizing the swipe-up feature, companies are now able to send customers directly to their websites without having to leave Instagram. This has been a massive benefit for smaller companies.

Social media usage has become a part of everyday life. It’s a place where people share their lives but it’s quickly becoming a place where people decide where to give their business. Make sure your business is an active part of this platform and watch your customer-base grow.

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