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TOP 5 Guest Blogging Services

Top 5 Best Guest Blogging Services

Best Guest Blogging Services

If you are a blogger or a business, you may want to consider guest blogging as a way to increase your audience, brand yourself and create a few quality and safe backlinks. As a guest blogger, people will be curious about you. This will lead them to clicking on your links in order to learn more about you.

For instance, say you run a website that discusses recipes or cooking techniques. If you want to draw more attention to your website, you can find a website that sells items like cookware or other kitchen items and write a guest blog on their site. You will want to make sure that the relationship is one of mutual benefit, ensuring that you will get the visitors that you want to increase your traffic and revenue while discussing items that can be found for sale on their website.

Not only can this increase your traffic, but it can also establish your authority in that particular field that you are writing in, offers social networking benefits, and helps raise awareness for your brand.

Guest Blogging Services SEO

You can go about this on your own and take the time to find places to guest blog by searching through Google, but there are also websites that are able to help you through the guest blogging process. They can help to connect you to blogs that are looking for guest bloggers in order to help you find the perfect site or sites to post on. The costs and services of these services very depending on the website, therefore you will want to carefully consider each of these websites before choosing them to help find your guest blogging sites.

While guest blogging isn’t for everyone or every website owner, it is still considered the “Whitehat” method of gaining high quality powerful backlinks.  Some would perhaps call it the “Greyhat” area, but that is open for debate.  Many large companies curate their content and guest blogging is not a far step from that.

First, there are a few guidelines you might want to be familiar with before going down the guest posting path.  These tips will help your chances of success when requesting a guest post on an authority blog.

Tips For Guest Blogging Success

  • Review the proposed blog and discover what the readers are interested in. Provide content in the manner the owner or owners expect and useful engaging unique content that will benefit the readers.  Understand the style of the current and previous guest bloggers.
  • Be prepared to reply to any and all comments.
  • Blog owners will generally promote your content for you.  Check out their activity in the social arenas.  Ensure they have a solid following and are currently active.  (This tip is more for your promotional success than acceptance.)
  • Comment on their blog! Follow them on their social media and Tweet and Like their previous posts.  They will notice you!
  • Introduce yourself in one of their comments and mention what you like about their site and their previous articles or content marketing.

These are the top 5 guest blogging services that you can consider:

1. Blogger LinkUp


This is one of the free services that you can find guest blogging opportunities on. It connects bloggers who are in need of content with different people who are looking to place content in exchange for links. The different contracts will have various payment and other information on it, so just read them carefully to make sure that you know what you are signing up for. After signing up for the website, you can submit your offer. This can be about a guest post, product for bloggers to review, or even announcements for contests. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, an email will be sent out to anyone on the list. The bloggers can contact each other through the contact information found within the email. If you find a request that you are able to fulfill or if a blogger likes your request, you can go ahead and make contact here. The downside to this site is that it currently does not have much content on it and it can be difficult to find anything relevant to your needs. However, it is a free service so that makes it worth a chance to sign up and see what is out there.

2. GroupHigh


GroupHigh is a guest blogging service that offers their services at high end pricing, sometimes upwards towards $3,000. This particular service is made especially for bigger brands that are looking to incorporate blogging into their marketing strategy. From their site, you can find millions of blogs by keyword that may fit with your specific niche. This search will also let you know if the blogs allow for videos, guest posts, sponsored posts, ad networks and even giveaways. GroupHigh also can offer important information on social media profiles, SEO metrics and other useful information when searching for a blog. This service has some high powered clients such as Billboard and Home Depot. This may not be for everyone, considering the high price tag associated with it, but it does have the backing of several larger and more familiar brands that let you know that they offer high quality services.

3. BlogDash

Guest Blogging Service

This website refers to themselves as a “blogger outreach dashboard”. You are able to join this site for free in order to browse through their library for bloggers so that they can easily connect with those blogs within their niche. A business can have a free account, but in order to actually connect and pitch bloggers, it is a $49.99 a month fee. This is a great site where businesses can find bloggers to review products or to share blog posts. BlogDash has a free guide to blogger outreach available to members to help them through this process and give important tips for success. There are several agencies that currently use BlogDash, and they have been very happy with the services that were received.

4. MyBlogGuest

Guest Posting Services

This is one of the more popular communities of its kind. You are able to sign up to this website for free to list yourself as either a blogger or someone looking for a guest blog in specific categories in the guest blogging forum. There is also a section with forums dedicated to people who are looking for help with promoting blogs to increase traffic. If you are looking for a way to submit your articles directly on this website, you can pay for an account for this and to submit posts directly to a blog’s admin dashboard. The basic premium account will run around $30 per month or you can choose the Advanced Premium account for a monthly fee of $70. This can be a bit more difficult than other sites to maneuver around.

5. Guestr

Guestr Guest Blogs

Guestr is a cute little marketplace for website owners and bloggers alike. Guestr brings these two entities together allowing website owners find quality content and media for their websites and further develop their content marketing strategies while cohesively allowing bloggers to produce rich engaging articles to further their branding and showcase their expertise. Currently, the service is free and there are about 1000 websites listed thus far.  They do have a couple of minor coding issues with their site, from our investigation and why they came in last place, but are far better than dozens of others we reviewed.

In this day and age customer and client engagement has become a critical part of content marketing.  Guest blogging allows us to reach more of our targeted audience and when executed correctly is still a huge method for relationship building, authority and branding – eventually, website traffic and increased revenue.

Much like article marketing was once a powerhouse for building website traffic and branding, guest posts or guest blogging can do the same today.  Engaging unique content with a killer headline and a trending topic can take your website to the next level.  There are certain guidelines to follow to ensure maximum exposure and acceptance.  Stay tuned for most facets of successful Guest Blogging Services and how to make the best of this experience.



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