Builderall Affiliate Program Review

Name: Builderall Affiliate Program
Price: $0 for One Week, $29 plan and $69 Per Month for Affiliate Membership with $50 annual fee.
Owners: Erick Salgado
Overall Rank: 9.5 out of 10 points.

What is Builderall All About?

Builderall began almost 10 years years ago by digital marketing and entreprenuer genius Erick Salgado. Originally from Brazil, where he did very well as a digital marketer, his vision was to “transform the world” of entreprenuers by implementing digital marketing.

While this idea of using digital marketing to create an online business is common-place today, 10 years ago it was something totally new and definitely not proven. Erick was certainly among the first visionaries.

With many affiliate programs available today for new and seasoned entrepreneurs Builderall takes it to the next level by having to many toolsets in one single platform. Generally, you can join an affiliate marketing program, but still have to have website hosting, an email marketing platform, funnel builder and perhaps more – such as a chatbot platform to help conversions. Each of these tools can cost you hundreds of dollars per month. With Builderall, you get all of these in one simple place.

Builderall Affiliate Program Reviews

What is the Builderall Affiliate Program All About?

There are many facets to the Builderall Affiliate Program and we will delve into each one, but first, let me say this: Builderall Affiliate is a Two-Tier affiliate Program. If you are reading this, the chances are you are not new to affiliate marketing and perhaps already know the power of a two-tier affiliate system. They are not all that common, because the payouts to affiliates are high which can take profits away from the merchant (owners of the promoted product).

How Does the Two-Tiered Affiliate Program Work?

Again, just keeping this simple for now. For each customer/affiliate you personally invite, you will earn 100% of their first payment. Subsequently, you will earn $20 per month on a recurring basis as long as they are a Builderall customer. That’s the first level (tier). Additionally, when these new affiliates (you invited) begin to invite others to join the Builderall Affiliate Program you also earn 30% of their recurring payments.

That’s the basics, which was enough in and of itself to motivate me and many seasoned affiliate marketers to jump on this and do our due diligence and research and begin promoting Builderall. But wait, there’s more!

More Bonuses and the “Unlimited Car Bonus” !

There are also two different “uni-level” bonuses and the new car bonus. YES, I said “new car bonus”. Technically, as of this writing, they call it the “Unlimited Car Bonus”. Generally, what this means is for every 100 active customer/affiliate that opts for the $69 per month plan you will earn a bonus check for $500 each month that could easily pay for a new car of your choice. (You, of course, don’t have to run out and buy a new car, but it’s Your choice). That being said. If you double your 100 active customers/affiliates to 200 – yep, you guessed it, you’ll receive a $1000 per month check.

Builderall Passive Income Affiliate Example:

Obviously, like all stats provided, this is likely not typical, but it is certainly possible and I have met marketers that are earning these numbers. Again, keep in mind, this takes work just like any business, but the Builderall Affiliate Program has been around for nearly 10 years and is going strong!

Personal Passive Residual Income Model
Personal Income
Unilevel 1 Passive Residual Income Bonus
Unilevel 1 Recurring Income Bonus
Unilevel 2 residual income bonus
Unilevel 2 Recurring Income Bonus
Total Personal Passive Residual Income
Total Personal Income with All Bonuses

Builderall Platform Pros and Cons

Obviously, every online business has its Pros and Cons. I did my due diligence and research and began using the Builderall platform prior to promoting it via the Builderall Affiliate Program. But, let’s take a deeper look at the product itself and what’s going on inside…

Builderall Customizable Back Office

The Builderall Platform Pros

  • Builderall isn’t a bunch of programs that were purchased and “shoe-horned” together.  The owner’s vision of an all-in-one platform was solid and all the tools work well together.
  • Built-in Sales Funnels:  There are several built-in sales funnels that are already coded for you and you can promote them right out of the box.  Zero setup needed.
  • Customizable Dashboard – With so many tools in one place, it was once difficult to locate the stuff you use most.  With the new 3.0 customizable dashboard.  I can set it so I see the tools I use the most.
  • Build-in Email Marketing:  MailingBoss Autoresponder is built-in and ready to go.
  • Drag-and-Drop website builder – Pixel Perfect Builder is easy to use and quite powerful. 
  • Webinar Platform – Sure, it’s not WebEx or GotoMeeting, but it works!
  • Social Proof – there’s a built-in social element you can show on your websites that will reveal social engagements and help your conversions. Very cool. 
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Manger – yep, it’s built-in.
  • AI – Artificial Intelligence chatbot – again…..built-in!
  • Solid Support – almost 10 years of work.  I have already seen improvements in several areas of the platform. And they have a responsive HelpDesk.
  • Traffic management – You can easily run SEO reports.  This helps you but can also help your “clients” if you’re into any web development style business.  There’s also a “click map” – very much like a heat map.
  • Built-in Design Tools: There’s a ton in here, but the highlights are – animated video builder, floating videos, presentation studio, video wrapper, video tag
  • Content Vault – I haven’t fully vetted this one yet, but there’s a way to help shares by locking down content so that access is given if a visitor shares your webpages.  Yep, another useful tool for free!
  • Training – I was able to jump in and start building a website within a matter of hours. So, for the seasoned marketer, it’s cake. But, even for the newbie, there are a surprising number of helpful videos on anything from purchasing a domain to building a new sales funnel with social proof and a chatbot. Very Impressive. Additionally, they have a Builderall Community support area and a Facebook Support Group.
  • Customer Retention – Passive residual income isn’t any good, if customers don’t still around. You don’t want to have to worry about fluctuations in your monthly income due to your partners/team members leaving. Builderall has one of the highest retention percentages (somewhere in the 90s) I have seen.
Builderall Drag and Drop Website Builder
One of my websites in the Drag and Drop Website Builder

The Builderall Platform Cons

  • There is a bit of a learning curve if you’re used to WordPress or another website/blogging platform.
  • Although I have not experienced it, others I have talked to have mentioned small glitches in the drag-and-drop website builder.
  • The only other con about the Builderall platform that is fairly important is that you can’t move or export your websites to another platform.  And, of course, this indicates you can move a WordPress website TO the builderall platform.
10X Your Builderall Sales with Master Traffic Training
10X Your Builderall Sales with Master Traffic Training

Who is the Builderall Platform Best Suited for?

As with many of the products and services we review here on Pure Residuals, this question is a matter of objectivity or experience or frame of reference. On the one hand, if you’re a total newbie to building websites, WordPress might be better suited for you – if simply building a website for your business. But, then again, you’ll need email marketing such as Constant Contact or GetResponse – and, thereby another expense involved.

But, from a seasoned marketers point of view and for building passive residual income, the Builderall Affiliate Program is simply phenomenal. It’s way cheaper than most out there and not only can you market to new business owners by giving them so many tools in one place, you can resell hosting, web development services and more.

Additionally, Builderall is truly a “virtual real estate” investment. Regardless of your goal, you can truly build a business on the Builderall platform and invite others to do the same. Then, down the road, if you choose to sell your business, you can easily transfer it to another Builderall Affiliate OR Builderall will purchase it from you!

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Our Final Opinion on the Builderall Affiliate Program

We have reviewed lots of different affiliate programs out there. Most of them are very short-lived, here and then gone – with all your promotions efforts down the drain. There are a select few such as Wealthy Affiliate and Builderall that have been around for a decade or more and still going strong. This, for us, is one of The biggest, if not THE biggest factors when choosing an affiliate program.

There are other major factors that we use to evaluate a good program as you will see in our review stats below, such as pricing, support, ease of use and duplication. If others can’t duplicate what you’re doing, you’re not going to earn much money as an affiliate marketing.

This Builderall Affiliate Program review was well-researched and while we always recommend you do your own due diligence, we can emphatically state that the Builderall Affiliate Program is NOT a scam. It is, without a doubt, a very powerful player with high potential earnings and huge marketability. There are so many features all in one place that you just can’t get anywhere else.

legit online business opportunity

Name: Builderall Affiliate Program
Price: $0 for One Week, $29 plan and $69 Per Month for Affiliate Membership with $50 annual fee.
Owners: Erick Salgado
Overall Rank: 9.5 out of 10 points.

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Builderall Affiliate Program
  • Ease of Use - 90
  • For Beginners - 85
  • Duplication - 95
  • Product - 100
  • Support - 95
  • Price - 100


In this Builderall Affiliate Program Review, we have covered the major aspects of what makes this affiliate program shine above all the others. It's affordable, very flexible and definitely easy to duplicate. With the amount of tools within this one platform, it blows all others out of the water. For many seasoned marketers, this affiliate program is a no-brainer. It's way cheaper than Click-Funnels, has much more to offer, a proven track record and huge earnings potential. I have just barely touched the surface of the Builderall Affiliate Program, but I am earning money and highly recommend this program.