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Top 10 Best WordPress Themes for Business

What is the most important aspect of a website? You will get multiple answers, but the most common response is ‘User Experience (UX)’. What defines the UX? Again you will different answers but there will be a common answer in all the answers, which is ‘theme’. 

The website theme is an important aspect of a UX is the website’s theme or layout. Your website’s theme is essential for several reasons, but the top reason is that how much ease a website is providing to the visitors is highly dependent upon the theme.

If the theme is poorly designed, the visitor is unlikely to browse through the other pages or recommend it to others. Therefore, it affects your website traffic and ultimately the performance of your business. Visitors are your prospective customers. If you have a lower number of visitors, then your actual customers will be even fewer.

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Hence, businesses must invest in selecting an appropriate theme for their website which meets the modern day requirements. A better theme provides an excellent navigation experience. If the navigation is better, it increases the probability of users browsing through more than one page on the website.

Therefore, whenever you buy web design and development services in Dubai or elsewhere, the staff is likely to stress the importance of selecting the right theme. While some web development companies offer their clients customized web designing, others do not. Usually, web development companies offer their clients a list of already available top-end themes to select for their website.

Keeping this practice in mind, this article discusses the Top 10 WordPress Themes that businesses can use for their websites to enhance their profitability and reach. These themes are not selected on the basis of design alone. These themes have been selected after considering multiple factors including usability, user-friendliness, customization, etc.

1.     Avada[

Top 10 Best WordPress Themes - Avada

With more than 511K sales, it is the top selling theme on ThemeForest website for a reason. Moreover, the total value of the sales generated was $25,000,000 in 2018. The reason behind mentioning these figures is that it shows how much trust customers have put into this theme.

Instead of hoarding the money generated from the sales, it is continuously updated with the latest features, making it a truly sought after theme for businesses and individuals alike. With the launch of the WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg, the theme was made compatible with the latest version in minimal amount of time, showcasing its ability to stay up-to-date.

Another reason behind its popularity is that the multi-purpose design of the theme can be used for any website. Furthermore, the theme is highly customizable and can be easily customized without the need for editing the code. Keeping in mind the requirements of modern websites, it also features jQuery Enhancements, a requirement of many businesses, designers, and developers.

Moreover, the theme includes a one-page parallax for any page and includes a variety of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  tools already built into it. As SEO has become critical to business success, these tools are a much needed and welcome feature.

Apart from the above features, users can also import numerous demos with just a single click. Avada allows users to import a single demo from the list of numerous demos offered by it. Also, whether you are a Chinese or an American, you do not need to worry about the theme’s language. The theme is available in 30+ different languages and supports the WPML plugin.

2.     BeTheme[

Best WordPress Themes - Be

This theme is WooCommerce 5.0 ready and also up-to-date with the European Union directive on the General Data Protection Regulation. Moreover, the latest version is only 6 MB and comes with one-click updates. BeTheme offers 4 different grid layouts to meet the needs of different user and includes a ‘widgetized’ top area. The user can select an unlimited number of menus for the various pages on the website.

It also supports one-page websites, bringing them to life with truly distinctive features. Like various other themes, BeTheme is also WooCommerce ready. It includes the renowned Contact Form 7 plugin and has a built-in translator which allows for websites to be created in different languages. Moreover, it is compatible with multiple top-end SEO tools.

3.     Enfold[

Top WordPress Themes for Business - Enfold

It is rated as the 3rd best selling theme for businesses on the ThemeForest website. With the latest update, Enfold can easily be ranked as the best-optimized theme. It can be used on multiple WordPress websites and includes 20+ demos that the users can easily modify and edit.Instead of loading all the features, it only loads the features that users use the most, thereby, increasing its loading speed.

The theme stands out for its various features among which users highly regard customer support. If the user runs into an issue, a dedicated support team is available 24/7 to ensure that the issue is resolved promptly. Apart from this, the theme features an admin area that is user-friendly for professionals and beginners.

Another reason the theme stands out is that it includes video tutorials about the various features. It helps users quickly understand the numerous features of the theme. It allows for easy WooCommerce integration, and a unique ‘drag and drop’ template builder. Lastly, the theme is available in 20+ different languages.

4.     Divi[

Best WordPress Theme

It is powered by the Divi builder, a cutting-edge and innovative front-end editor that enables users to create uniquely designed websites. Each element of the theme is editable, and users can even apply their custom CSS. Users can use 20+ premade layout and even customize it according to their preferences.

Unlike other themes, Divi can be used for unlimited websites. This makes it very popular with businesses that are working with a limited budget as Divi is one of the best value-for-money themes available right now.

The theme has a built-in feature which allows users to conduct ‘Split Testing’, also known as A/B testing. The Split Testing is backed up with a ‘conversion rate optimization system’. Together, they allow users to experiment with different theme combinations to know which feature works best for visitors.

5.     Uncode

Best Business WordPress Theme - Uncode

It is designed with a special emphasis on details, flexibility and performance. It can be used for a variety of purposes due to its 50+ pre-made designs that users can customize. It includes one of the best page builder plugins, WPBakery Page Builder. It also allows for easy and quick integration of WooCommerce.

The theme has a privacy plugin keeping in line with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. The theme allows its users to create animated headings, a unique feature which many of the other themes do not offer. The ‘Adaptive Images’ features rescale images according to the visitor’s screen size.

6.     X[

Best Business WordPress Theme - X

The ‘Last WordPress Theme You Will Have to Buy’ is how the developers have defined this theme. The marketing strategy really has worked for them as the number of sales indicate how much users are loving this theme.

It has 4 more designs with more on the way, and the developers refer to them as ‘stacks.’ These stacks are unique and highly customizable. Using X also gives you access to Cornerstone, a top-end front page builder which is preferred by many developers today.

If your website features a lot of content, X offers ‘Megamenus’. It helps in organizing your content in a visually engaging way which makes it easier for users to find and read the content. Moreover, the theme features 600+ fonts which help in designing unique content.

The theme is perfect for setting up one-page websites and others too. It is fully integrated with BuddyPress, and users can style it as per the requirements of their website. Considering the consumer reviews, you will not be disappointed.

7.     Exponent[

Top Business WordPress Theme - Exponent

It is a modern day business theme equipped with all the features required to manage a modern day business website. It comes loaded with a fully visual user interface which allows you to create all types of websites.

It is useful for creating professional websites and comes loaded with ‘TATSU’, a revolutionary front-end website tool. TATSU includes 50+ styling modules and a live text editor which enables users to create web pages without much effort. The user is also allowed to edit multiple modules at once. The ‘ColorHub’ feature allows users to edit the colour scheme with just a click.

The theme comes loaded with 1000+ fonts in its ‘TypeHub’ which users can modify according to their preferences. Moreover, it comes with 20+ designs that have been designed by professionals. The theme also offers ‘Undo Redo’ functionality which makes creating websites a hassle-free experience.

8.     The Gem[

Best WordPress Themes - The Gem

This theme allows users to create stunning professional websites in a matter of minutes, with no coding involved. It offers 150+ demos, which is more than any other WordPress theme. Users can install these demos with just one click. It comes with the latest ‘Visual Builder’ which enables users to create pages quickly by using the built-in elements and tools.

TheGem can be applied to a multipage website or a one-page website without compromising any of the performance features. It also allows you to create full-screen slider websites, that keeps visitors focused on the content.

The theme is also optimized for on-page SEO and offers Google Analytics integration, a much needed service for business today. Apart from these, the theme provides numerous navigation and heading layout, each of which are fully customizable.

9.     Massive Dynamic[

Best Theme WordPress - Massive Dynamic

Whether you are a professional or have just started your career on WordPress, Massive Dynamic allows you to create websites without much effort. The ‘Live Website Builder’ enables users to manage all their website features from one place. It offers numerous layouts which users can edit and use in their website.

Just like the smartphone notification centre, the theme utilizes a similar notification panel. The theme is also WooCommerce ready. It also comes loaded with unique shortcodes that allow the design to be integrated into any website. It also offers multiple header styles that can be edited and customized according to user preferences to create a unique website.

10. Jupiter[

Best Themes for WordPress - Jupiter

It offers users unparalleled customizability, relying on a user-friendly design that would make even a beginner WordPress developer look like a professional. The ‘Advanced Theme Options’ allow users to edit every part of the theme. It also allows for creating WooCommerce stores. It comes preloaded with 160+ website templates.

Apart from the above features, the theme is on-page SEO ready and allows for easy integration with several SEO tools, allowing businesses to save substantial time and money. The theme is easy to navigate, fully customizable and will enable users to exhibit their highest level of creativity.


Hosted WordPress WPEngine

WordPress is one of the most renowned content management systems. Its usefulness for creating quick, unique websites has made it famous among the business world. Due to its easiness and flexibility, even new developers are striving to become experts in it. Naturally, web design and development companies in Dubai and around the world has incorporated WordPress into their business models.

As mentioned before, selecting the right theme is critical towards ensuring business success and sustained growth. Therefore, you will easily see many companies selecting one of the themes from the above list for their clients or themselves. The reason is that clients need themes which are a hit with their customers.

The reason for selecting these themes is simple. Instead of investing their own money and resources in developing a new theme, web design companies and businesses can simply use these themes and customize them to suit their needs and that of their clients.

Among the different themes, the above mentioned ten themes are the most prominent choice of businesses which is clear from their sales and consumer reviews.

Therefore, instead of investing time and money into creating new themes, companies usually offer these themes to businesses. However, it does not imply that new themes are not being developed. Every now and then, businesses want a standout theme for which developers and designers have to come with truly unique ideas.

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