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Tips for Creating Effective Ads for Facebook Stories

Facebook declared that over 500 million users are actively using stories. This number should be more than enough to convince you of starting your own social media marketing ad campaign. Below you will find certain tips to elevate everything to even greater heights.

Stories allow you to share and interact with users in a straightforward way. Since Facebook stories exist for just 24 hours, people fear of missing out and they try to keep up with as much as they can.

There are quite a few choices if you are looking for a Facebook stories guide, including the one from Oberlo. However, because the ads for stories have been around for less than a year, you cannot really find a lot of information about it.

As for the ads, they appear in full-screen mode whenever you switch between stories. Video story ads run between 1 to 15 seconds, whereas image ads are up to 6 seconds. The ads are akin to other social media, such as Instagram or Snapchat. 

Quality Visuals

It is all about catching the attention of users. And nothing will work as great as high-quality images. Like already mentioned, the stories appear in full screen. Neglecting this in any way will lead to losses. After all, a lot of entrepreneurs argue that social media marketing is all about the visuals.

Time-Sensitive Content

Time Sensitive Content

There are more reasons to use social media than just chatting with your friends and family. It seems that a lot of news and trends start on Facebook, and a big chunk of internet surfers are compelled to keep up with it no matter what.

Stories disappear after 24 hours. The fact that they exist for such a short time is one of the main reasons why everyone is so eager to check them out. 

Time-sensitive content encourages users to act instead of thinking. How does one exploit such a behavior? Run contests and giveaways offer special discounts and sales, etc. In other words, reward the most loyal of your fanbase.

Short and Sweet

The stories to bring you the best results are usually the ones which are straightforward and short. We are talking shorter than 10 seconds.

Of course, putting everything that you want to show off in such a short period of time is extremely difficult. But that is the whole purpose of such ads, and why people dedicate their careers to creating the most effective ads. 

There are a lot of opinions about the length. And while arguments exist for and against in both cases, Facebook Stories simply have no room for those who like to stretch things out.


If you have dipped your feet in internet marketing, you should be aware of call-to-action. It is a phrase to encourage users to do something – subscribe, download, buy, submit, read, check out, enter. These phrases are among the most popular.

Coming up with a decent call-to-action should not be a big problem if you have a clear goal with your ad campaign. For instance, if you are a developer of a video game, you can ask the readers to download a demo version for free now or enter a raffle to win a free copy of the game when it releases. 

The more specific you are, the higher your chances of converting users to actually clicking on the ad. Also, be sure to make adjustments if things are not working out. Even the smallest change could make the world of a difference.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Media Optimization

It is one thing when they are browsing on a computer, and quite another when they are on a smartphone or tablet. 

Vertical dimension ratios in the settings exist for a reason. They allow you to optimize ads for mobile devices. Be sure not to neglect this part.

Be on the Lookout for Updates

Facebook Story ads are still relatively new in the market so changes are bound to happen in the future. Especially if more internet entrepreneurs decide to invest in running campaigns using them.

Learn from Competition

Learn from Competition

There has to be someone who is already heavily interested in this and has seen success. If you see an opportunity, research the competition and figure out what makes their ads effective, and which parts should not be there in the first place.

In summary, the world of internet marketing is changing every year, and Facebook Story ads are one of the most recent inclusions in the mix. 

Striking the iron while it’s hot is the perfect approach for this one. If you are looking to make an impact and move your brand to the next level, start running those campaigns right now.

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